The State of Operations at Papa Johns

January 1, 2019 @ 8:39 am

The giant in the pizza business, Papa John’s has been having a rough year after some unfortunate events involving racism recently. However the company recognizes completely the weight of their actions and is in full repenting mode as seen in the latest video posted by the company all over social media in which the company admits that they recognize the mistakes they have made and are just as disappointed in themselves as their customers and also put in a message at the end which made it clear that they will do all they can to make things right, change, and win back the hearts of their customers.

Employees, franchisees, and customers of the pizza company have received an open letter by the CEO of the company Steve Ritchie in which he discusses the efforts that need to be made and are being made at Papa John’s to correct their wrongs. The letter also explains the unconscious bias training that the people at the forefront of Papa John have already gone through and Steve Ritchie plans to implement for all employees of Papa John nationwide.

Sales have not been looking very well for the company as shown by the reports coming in in the month of July, as by the end of the second quarter the North American same stores sales for the pizza company dropped by a worrisome 6.1 percent. It has been evident that the damage the company has sustained will not be easy and certainly not a quick fix. The rebuilding of their reputation could take a long time however that is not dampening the company’s spirits at all as their extensive initiatives continue with two significant efforts being highlighted. The first one being a developmental program which involves a completely minority-owned Papa John’s franchise. The second initiative includes the creation of a new foundation the purpose of which will be to make efforts for the betterment of the areas where the employees of Papa John’s live. CEO Steve Ritchie highlighted his own mind state for this endeavor by sharing that equity, diversity, and inclusion became his top priorities when he became CEO of the company. A passionate team further spread this as a culture of the entire organization.

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