David McDonald: Reshaping OSI Group’s Operational Model

When Otto Kolschowsky and Sons came together and opened a small butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois, at the beginning of the 20th century, they aspired to transform it into a successful business specializing in retailing and wholesaling meat. However, early successes paled in comparison to its current status as a global leader in the supply of frozen meat and processed and value-added products. Moreover, the company has grown into one of the world’s largest private corporations regarding the revenue and operational footprint. One of the leading figures credited for the company’s recent successes is David McDonald: an animal science specialist who joined the company as a project manager and currently serves as its COO and president.

McDonald’s Contribution to OSI Group’s Growth

Over the last thirty years David McDonald has served as the company’s president, he has spearheaded the transformation of the firm’s operational model by partnerships, acquisitions, and expansion of the production capacity of existing processing plants. A visionary with excellent ability to identify and new invest opportunities, Mr. McDonald can be credited with OSI Group’s strong presence in the expansive Chinese food market. Under McDonald’s leadership, OSI Group expanded its presence in the country by increasing its processing capacity in the local Chinese market. OSI Group currently boasts of 10 facilities in the country. The facilities specialize in poultry products. OSI Group’s market leadership in China was exemplified in 2008 when the company became one of the leading suppliers of food products for athletes staying in the Beijing Olympic Village. According to David McDonald, success in such new territories has been achieved through localization of the organizational culture which has helped in gaining the trust of local customers.

Pursuing an Expansion Agenda

Since becoming OSI Group’s president in 1987, David McDonald has pursued an expansion agenda at the food company marked by acquisitions and partnerships to grow the company’s presence domestically and overseas. One of the latest acquisitions by the company is Baho Foods. Acquired in 2016 together with its subsidiaries, Baho Foods will increase OSI product range, operational reach, and production capacity. The company also acquired a new plant in Chicago from Tyson Foods in a deal worth over $7 million.