OSI Group Develops Worldwide

OSI Group is showing a continuous arc of development for the past more than 20 years. David McDonald is on the forefront in ensuring the company grows to become a world class organization. After finishing college, McDonald developed his career working at OSI. At first, the individual served as the project manager for over three decades before becoming the president and chief operating officer. OSI Group is the leading processor in the food industry. The firm started as a butcher shop operated by the German immigrants in the 20th century in Chicago. After some time, the group became one of the major regional meat suppliers for the McDonald’s restaurant chain.

David McDonald grew up in the northeast Iowa farm where he studied at Iowa State University graduating with the bachelor’s degree in animal science. During his study, McDonald acquired the Wallace Barron Outstanding Award. The honor recognizes seniors who play a role in community activities, show academic excellence, and are willing to remain as alumni. Today, McDonald runs the most powerful privately owned food processing company globally. The leader takes part in support of the university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. The leader is a primary financial supporter of the Alpha Gamma Rho for the scholarship programs. Also, the leader established the best internship opportunities for the students of ISU.

Today, OSI Group employs more than 20,000 workers in over 70 facilities located in more than 30 nations globally. As of 2016, the company’s estimated net-worth amounted to $6.1 billion. The group managed the purchase of the Tyson Food Plant. The move ensured an improved service to North America. In 2017, the OSI Group acquired the Flagship Europe that helped the company to be the primary food distributor in the entire region of the United Kingdom. OSI recent achievement is the acquisition of the controlling power in Baho, which has subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands.McDonald’s vision for the company is to maintain its status as the leading food suppliers in the entire world. The firm purposes to provide affordable, value-added, and consistent products to loyal customers. In the last five years, OSI Group received the Global of Honor Award three times from the British Safety Council.