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September 3, 2018 @ 1:56 am

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm based in Connecticut, which provides services in financial solutions. The firm offers advice and helps structure finances, often with innovative solutions to problems faced by clients. Southridge Capital has an executive team with a vast amount of experience and understanding of the concerns new and growing companies face. Financing over 250 companies has given Southridge Capital the skills needed to handle a wide range of clients.


The work of Southridge Capital extends to philanthropic causes, as the company exhibits awareness of the social responsibility that comes with successful businesses. Volunteering, providing leadership in community projects, and donating are all seen as ways to positively impact the community. Also, Southridge expands endeavors to support nationwide non-profits and charities. Time and financial resources have been contributed to a long list of charitable organizations, as Southridge Capital seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of the less fortunate.


Based on newswire, founding principal and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Hicks spoke about Southridge Capital in a recent interview. He discusses productivity and his role in planning to make sure time is devoted to both searching for new opportunities and making sure existing investments are performing as they should be. According to Hicks, two decades of time spent on Wall Street has made his company a comfortable and common place to receive financial services.


Hicks provides advice for business people and entrepreneurs. He says that doing fewer deals and focusing on cash is a key piece of wisdom he would offer his younger self, as well as never putting good money after bad. He shares an experience of learning this lesson the hard way by continuing to put money into a floundering company only to see it fail in the end. Hicks sees cryptocurrency as an exciting new trend. Offering readers a free business idea, Hicks believes starting a channel or podcast for cryptocurrency would have a global audience, as he expects an amazing political impact from cryptocurrency. This interview is just another example of how Hicks conducts business at Southridge Capital. He incorporates solid business practices with an eye to the future. You can visit to see more.




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