Securus Technologies Exposes Global Tel Link Wrongdoing

June 23, 2016 @ 6:38 am

Securus Technologies is a big player in the criminal justice and public safety technology industry and has been working alongside other providers for several years. A recent report from PR newswire about wrongdoing by another provider, Global Tel Link, will see Securus Technologies releasing evidence, reports and further findings over the next 6 months. Global Tel Link is responsible for inmate communications at several corrections facilities throughout the country and they have been in business for approximately 18 years. The findings released by Securus Technologies will be issued during press releases at regular intervals. Read story here:
The CEO of Securus Technologies [], Richard A. Smith said in a recent interview that he loves what he does for this industry as well as the community he serves. Global Tel Link has offended not only the CEO of Securus but also the community and industry at large. They have acted below the integrity line and is not the way a provider works in this industry. Richard A. Smith said that the business they are in is not only there to make money but also provide a certain care for the customer.

There is evidence of unlawful and unauthorized programming of telephone clocks to include between 15 and 36 seconds of extra time which has to be paid for by the customer. They have also provided higher call rates than were specified by the rate caps as well as there being evidence of double billing and unlawful overcharging of the Louisiana taxpayers. This overcharge came to a total of $1243000. Visit the Securus company page to gain more info on this developments.

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  1. Amelia Daniel

    The wrongdoings and integrity breaches are many and do not shed a good light on the actions of Global Tel Link. The findings are evidence to be released during the press release that provide evidence of integrity breaches as well as wrongdoing. I am also delighted that the best paper writing services can have everything need for them find what went wrong at the project day.

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