Robert Ivy Is Awarded The Prestigious Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

December 19, 2018 @ 2:50 am

On June 2018, Robert Ivy stepped onto the podium at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters to receive the prestigious Noel Polk Lifetime Award. This would make him the first architect to be fêted with such an honor in the 21st century. The Mississippi native’s name would go up in the institute’s hall of fame among equally impactful Statesmen and women who excelled in their chosen career paths. These include actor Morgan Freeman and writer Eudora Welty. Ivy made it to this list due to his contributions to the field of architecture that include:

Spreading the architectural message internationally

You cannot mention Robert Ivy’s contribution to architecture without mentioning his architectural biography ‘Fay Jones: Architect.’ The book details the achievements, architectural designs and craftsmanship of an American architect and Frank Lloyd Wright’s protégé. His role in spreading architectural awareness would, however, peak during his time with McGraw hill publishers.

He not only propelled the Publishers architectural journal to the spot of most read architectural publication in the world, but also spearheaded its translation into foreign languages. Robert was particularly interested in the Chinese market and therefore led its first translation into Mandarin. This effectively made it the most read foreign architectural publication in the leading Asian country.

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Revamping AIA’s role in the industry

Before Robert Ivy joined American Institute of Architecture (AIA) in 2011, the national association had faltered in numerous ways. Registration of new members was dwindling and so were the relations with the local state chapters. He has however launched a unification and popularization campaign that aims at bringing these chapters under a more unified national charter and boosting their membership. This campaign has since taken effect as AIA currently boasts of the largest membership base since its establishment a century ago

Criticism of retrogressive opinions and policies

McGraw-Hill media became aware of Robert Ivy by following his criticism or flawed representation of architecture at the national level and named him editor in chief for their journal. He would use this position and later as the CEO of AIA to voice his opinion against retrogressive and inaccurate representation of architecture at the national or state level. He is particularly vocal about policies and piece of legislature that he believes would hurt architecture.

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