Organo Gold The Winning Beverage Company

Organo Gold is a global network marketing company, which is a leading producer and seller of premium coffee and tea. Their products are aimed to change people’s lives through helping them achieve a new level of freedom, balance, and well-being. Organo was started by Richmond, B.C. in Canada in the year 2008. At the beginning, the small coffee shop only had three employees, while today it has hundreds of employees and their products being enjoyed in more than 50 countries, by independent distributors. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Their products are available through ORGANO™, through which customers can receive samples, automated shipping options, individual product sales and discounted sales from the Organo Gold distributors, using the preferred Customers program.

The company is known for its commitment to promoting health and well-being, through the ingredients added in their products that boost the immune system, fight harmful free radicals and increase antioxidants levels.

Organo Gold products

Other than beverages, Organo Gold offers body management and personal care products. This company responsible for the manufacturing of organic coffee has quite a number of beverage varieties, with a touch of different ingredients from Ganoderma, arabica coffee, green tea, grape seed oil and others.

ORGANO™ products are considered special because of the presence of Ganoderma lucidum, “the Gold behind Organo”. This is a type of a mushroom that grows in the tropical regions of Asia, and for years have been used as a herb by the Asian communities, especially for its health benefits.

ORGANO™ sources its fine and natural Ganoderma from China’s Wuyi Mountains, found in the Fuzhuo region.


They transform the product to powder and incorporate it in their diverse products such as some varieties of coffee and the organic green tea, as well as on their personal care products and also in their Nutraceutical products as vegetable supplements.

ORGANO™ business opportunities and promotions

Organo Gold company has distributors of their products in different countries in which they operate and there are always open chances to become one in any of the 50 countries. As a distributor, making an extra income is not a hard task, and the company gives payouts to those in business with them in seven different ways.

These ways include:

  • Retail profit, a 50% profit gotten from making sales to retail customers, paid daily or weekly.
  • Fast track bonus, for selling any of their promotional product pack.
  • Dual team bonus
  • unilevel bonus, earned from a group’s generated product orders and reorders.
  • Unilevel matching bonus
  • generational bonus and
  • global bonus pool.

They also offer discounted monthly shipments to their customers in the Preferred Customers Program which is available in Africa, Europe, Oceania, America and Asia. Watch this video on Youtube.

San Diego-Based Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid Guides Patients In Their Physical Augmentation Journeys

Plastic Surgeon Mark Mofid MD has been helping his patients obtain optimal plastic surgery results at his San Diego office. A graduate of both Harvard and John Hopkins Universities, Dr. Mofid’s techniques have been recognized for their outstanding quality by his colleagues and patients, who describe them pensive, sound and well executed. Prior to performing any surgery, every patient is given a comprehensive, personalized consultation that involves the use of the latest morphing technologies, showing the patients their before and after procedure expected results.

Patients may be unaware of the long term consequences of going with extremely oversized gluteal implants, for instance, and Dr. Mofid’s expertise, resulting from his performance of the procedures, allows him to walk through the technical and time-related aspects to assist his patients with their decision making.

Dr. Mark Mofid stresses the importance of patients’ knowing all of the parameters associated with their medical procedures. He begins with the credentials of the physician, who Dr. Mofid emphasizes, should be board certified, be competent performers of the procedure being performed and perform the procedure in an accredited ambulatory facility for the patients’ safety.

The surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid adds, should be transparent in their dealings able to produce reputable testimonials. The augmentation being performed should be in the top 3 procedures that the plastic surgeon regularly performs. The patient should be confident with the physician and able to speak to her regarding medical issues without reservation. The patient and their doctor have a recovery plan that includes 24 hour access to a doctor or registered nurse in case there is an emergency. Patients should be made aware of what to expect during their recovery from the surgery.

At times Dr. Mofid can find himself at odds with patients who want to exceed reasonable parameters with their requested augmentations. However, to such patients, Dr. Mofid is patient and confident in his medical reasoning and explanations, going over the cons of exceeding the limits of what he will perform on medical and ethical grounds. As a member of both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid’s commitment to the highest standards in his field of practice have produced excellent surgical results.

A Better Solution For Custom-Food Products: OSI Group

Did you know that many of today’s most popular food retailors use the same foodservice provider? For example, Burger King and McDonald’s have used the same food provider for their beef products, but these two hamburger shops have completely different tastes. This is the beauty of custom-foods as you can manipulate the foods’ ingredients to get a completely different end-product. One of the leading companies in the world that specializes in this field of work is OSI Group. This American-born food provider has been around since 1909, and it was actually started by a German Immigrant. Lets take a closer look at to why this food-giant dominates the competition.

OSI Group was once known as Otto & Sons back in the day. The Midwest region of the United States had the best meat market in the area. The company’s name comes from its actual owner Otto Kolschowki. This extraordinary guy has built a lasting legacy thanks to his fresh beef and great service. McDonald’s was one of its first high-profile clients. As cryogenics came unto the scene, this hamburger restaurant retained its close business-friendship with Otto & Sons by naming the company as one of its four major, meat suppliers. As of today, OSI Group has contracts with many popular restaurant-chains such as Burger King, Subway, Yum, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza. Foods, foods and more foods. OSI Group produces items such as:

• Flatbread
• Chicken Wings
• Pulled Pork
• Onions
• Cucumbers
• Panini
• Beans
• Desserts
• Cheese
• Cooked Sausage Links
• Meatballs
• Cookies
• Pork Roast
• Tofu
• And more

This only scratches the surface to what OSI can produce. Consumers are delighted by these concept-to-table solutions. The foods are made of high-quality ingredients, and they are very diverse. The company is always striving to improve on weaknesses. It would be very hard trying to find another food provider with this much class, experience and clout. All in all, OSI Group is simply exceeding its hype and there is a long list of clients that will backup all claims.

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James Dondero; A Committed donor

James Dondero is Co-organizer and President of Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero has more than 30 years of involvement in the equity and credit markets, concentrated to a great extent on high return and troubled contributing. Under Mr. Dondero’s guidance, Highland has been an innovator in both building the collateralized loan obligation showcase and propelling credit-based solutions for retail financial specialists around the world.

Mr. Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia where he achieved the top honors Beta Gamma Sigma, from the McIntire School of Commerce, with double majors in finance and accounting. He has acquired accreditation as Certified Public Accountant, as well as Certified Managerial Accountant and has earned the privilege to utilize the Chartered Financial Analyst assignment. Read this article at

James Dondero just recently announced that the firm has granted a one million dollar grant to benefit The Family Place. The Family Place is Dallas’ top organization that offers assistance to victims of domestic violence. This grant allowed The Family Place to reach it’s goal of $2.8 million for it’s campaign within six months.

The declaration was made amid The Family Place’s 21st Annual Awards Luncheon at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas. This outstanding grant, which is managed through Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., will duplicate 50 percent of any assets raised for the financial campaign, up to $1 million from now until the spring of 2017.


Since the announcement was made in October, The Family Place has also raised an extra $200,000 toward the Legacy Campaign fund. With $2.8 million expected to achieve the fundraising target of $16.5 million, Highland’s grant guarantees The Family Place completes the campaign with success.

The building will accommodate more than 2,000 people each year, offering significant emergency shelter, since The Family Place’s current shelter is operating at maximum capacity. The office will have an animal shelter for families who need a safe environment for their pets. The building will also provide an on-site child care center.

A committed donor, Mr. Dondero effectively bolsters activities in instruction, veterans issues, and public policies. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

How Rocketship Charter Schools Can Change Your Child’s Life

Rocketship Public Schools believes every child has the right to develop and discover their individual potential. They are a non-profit organization of public elementary schools that help young students excel. Families that live in low-income households should never have to sacrifice their children’s education. Rocketship strives to take meaningful risks that help students reach ambitious goals. They provide personalized learning plans that encourage each child to meet or exceed their true potential. The charter schools work with parents to assist with their children’s education within the home. Rocketship rotates between four different content blocks each day, unlike other elementary schools. The learning programs are: Enrichment, STEM, Humanities and Learning Lab. Each content block is taught by a teacher who specializes in that particular program.

The teachers at Rocketship Education collaborate together to come up with lesson plans, classroom strategies and ways to engage the parents. Rocketship uses a combination of methods when it comes to teaching such as: small group tutoring, independent learning and online learning tools led by teacher instruction.

Each Rocketship charter school offers a variety of classes like gardening, nutrition, art, music and dance. They call their students “Rocketeers” and pride themselves on helping them thrive in life by teaching them character and critical thinking skills. Once a year, the teachers at Rocketship visit the homes of their students to better understand their family life and outside experiences. Each campus has a business operations manager, an office manager, a principal and two assistant principals. The grade levels are from Kindergarten through fifth grade. Unfortunately, those less fortunate in our country are at a disadvantage when it comes to education. Rocketship charter schools are doing everything they can to change all of that. Currently, you can find a Rocketship school in the Bay Area, CA., Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington D.C.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Success Story as an Entrepreneur

Whitney Wolfe Herd has taken her work and her life seriously. She has shown herself to love the idea of relationships. Whitney has built her dating app by the name of Bumble. With her app, she was able to help women and men match with one another in a way that is more efficient than with the other apps. Whitney Wolfe has sent the message that it is possible to find some really good relationships. She has also made it a point to demonstrate that when she has gotten married to her current husband, Michael Herd. Michael gives her his full support.

When people use Bumble, they see that a lot of thought has been put into this app. Of course it is important for people to make sure that the app is completely filled out. Among the different pieces of information that users need are their name, and birth date. Also, the users will make things easier for them as they fill out information on the app. Among the pieces of information that users can fill out are their beliefs, their passions, and what they like to do in their free time. This can help them find the right type of person to be in a relationship with.

One of the reasons that Bumble is such an effective app is that it empowers women to take the initiative and go for the men they do want. They get to choose through the available profiles and take the initiative. This has turned out to be one of the most powerful formats for a dating app to have. The other apps had the issue of spamming which has caused women to be very hesitant on who they can choose. This has added to the frustration of online dating for both men and women.

Right Wing Extremists Are Demonizing George Soros for His Philanthropy

George Soros is the busiest person on the planet, according to right wing extremists. According to people who love right wing conspiracy theories, George Soros has been hard at work pulling the strings of various organizations and marches. They blame him for a lot of things. They blame him for the Women’s March and for Black Lives Matter. They blame him for the white nationalist rally in North Carolina, wildly accusing him of setting it up in order to make people think that there are more white nationalists than there really are so that more people will support the Black Lives Matter movement. The reason people hate George Soros is that he stands by his principles and continues to donate money to the causes that he sees just. Ever since George Soros decided that he will give away billions of dollars to help the world advance, people have been demonizing him for no reason at all. Many people on the right hate him, because he has been supporting various candidates on the Democratic side of the aisle. In fact, he donated twenty seven million dollars to help the effort to stop President Bush from getting reelected, because he thought that President Bush would have a detrimental effect on the country.

The truth is that people on the right hate him because of his philanthropic donations, not just his political support for Democratic candidates. George Soros has been donating money to various causes that are pro-democracy and which promote freedom in the United States and around the world. Some of these causes are opposed by people on the right, especially by right-wing extremists. He is giving more money now than ever. In fact, he just donated 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations. He will donate billions more in the years to come. People on the right wing side are getting very scared. Perhaps they do not want to see our freedom to bloom. That is sad. Breitbart, an extreme right-wing news site, realizing that the Open Society Foundations are now the second largest charitable network in the world, has called the Open Society Foundations the death star.

According to the Atlantic, this characterization, that of George Soros as the ultimate boogie man, is a result of the vast political division in our country. People on both sides of the aisle regard people on the other side as suspicious, especially if they are so called Elites, in which case they start blaming those few individuals for everything that they think is going wrong. It is a terrible path to go down, because it only leads to more division in the country. It will make it harder for people to work together.

It is important for us to unite behind people like Soros who donate money to philanthropy and support them in their efforts. George, who was born in Hungary, has donated billions of dollars in his lifetime to various charitable organizations.

Sentient AI and Its Role in Personalized Merchandising

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has steadily been making more of an impact in marketing for the last several years. Sentient AI has proven especially useful to businesses for the area of personalized merchandising. The technology uses algorithms to read and anticipate what a given customer, or demographic of customers, enjoys looking at and buying. This technology can then bring to the forefront simplified lists of products that the customer may wish to purchase, and therefore drives sales by showing consumers what they want.

The advantages of AI in personalization manifest in multiple ways. Companies often employ some form of AI to streamline their operations where it comes to the customer’s experience. A frequent use of AI is in the often-clicked “More Like This” bar. Nearly every online retailer has some form of this personalization method. Amazon, the world’s current largest e-commerce retailer, lists both personalized recommendations as well as “top” and “trending” sellers on the home page. The goal of these personalized ads is to show the consumer items similar to what they seem to like, and encourage them to purchase more by bringing up their favorite styles and trends. Many AI systems have been developed to send automated emails to customers who sign up for the service. These emails often market trending, seasonal, sales, and especially “More Like This” items that the customer has previously purchased online. Retailers such as Ebay often use emails to call to customer’s attention items that they may wish to buy. These methods are proven to be effective in leading consumers to the products that they want.

Another increasingly popular use for AI in personalized merchandising is in customer service bots. Automated customer service representatives are growing ever more intelligent, some even seeming to be sentient as they are developed to sound more and more human-like. ShopDirect, a major online retailer based in Liverpool, England, is in the process of developing an automated customer service system that uses an extraordinarily intelligent chat bot. Their work with IBM aims to develop an AI system that can understand customers’ emotions and react accordingly.

As technology grows more advanced, AI systems grow more refined and their algorithms more streamlined. It becomes ever easier for retailers to sort out which items their individual customers want. Personalized merchandizing is a big step towards bringing e-commerce into the limelight as online shopping gets easier and smarter. Visit to know more about Sentient.


Depression has become one of the fasted growing mental disease in America and before we continue, depression is a disease. It is not merely feeling sad at an extreme level. Depression affects not only the emotions but the mind and the physical body as well.

Depression can make you feel sick and can drive many people insane. Depression is very much a disease. But lucky because depression is a feeling that is amplified by the way that a person thinks its a condition that we can ultimately cure ourselves of.

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Depression although a disease of the mind is still a creation of the brain and therefore it is something that we can control.

Neurocare Brain Performance Centers know that the brain can become stronger, which makes anything possible. Neuroscientists have discovered that the physical brain is not hard wired, like was once thought. The brain is actually something that can be trained.

Self Talk

It is no secret that many of us have negative self-talks and this is the reason that anxiety has become so prevalent over the years. However, it is possible to change our self-talk. Certain tricks and techniques that will shift one’s mindset to a positive direction os a great way to combat depression.

It is recommended by many that focus on neurology to place positive affirmations around your home. Instill these thoughts into your life as much as you can. Changing your self ta is a great way to combat negative self-talk.

Instead of telling yourself when you don’t understand something that “you are stupid,” you tell yourself ‘I don’t understand this now but in time I will.” Follow Neurocore on


The mind is plastic, meaning that it can change. The way that we think and perceive the world and ultimately feel about the world is all a product of how we feel. Changing the way we think is a complicated process but constantly challenging your mind will give you the resilience you will need to change your life.

The mind is a muscle, and those who fall prey to depression are those who have not the mental resilience to combat the hard times. Challenge your mind you will strength your ming.

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How The Brown Modeling Agency Put Dallas Fashion on the Map

The Brown Modeling Agency is a company that is bringing a highly niche and very specific brand of talent to the global fashion industry. The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin, Texas and has a satellite office in Los Angeles but also has a true global reach. Their talent have been seen on walking the runways of every major fashion week as well as jet setting the world to work with every major brand in the fashion industry.

The Brown Agency is unique because of the fact that they see the incredible potential of Texas based women and men in a variety of friends. This includes not only models and actors, but talented individuals that work in media, market networking, photography, entertainment and beyond. Dallas and the Southern region of the United States has long been known for having some of the most successful actors and models and overall just beautiful men and women that come with some top talents.

The Brown Agency came to fruition in 2015 after modeling company Wilhelmina Austin’s leader Justin Brown acquired the already successful and well known Heyman Talent South agency. The acquisition was part of his specific vision to bring a Texas based agency that could truly call itself a full service agency.

The terminology “full service” is often a buzz word in the world of modeling and the agencies that represent their talent. However, a multitude of these agencies are not truly full service, but work with a wheel house of outside freelancers or other agencies, causing communication that is often not streamlined and not in the best needs of the clients these agencies serve.

With the acquisition of Heyman Talent South and the re branding of Wilhelmina Austion as The Brown Modeling Agency, Justin Brown sought to change all that. He wanted to put the incredible talent located in Texas on the global map and over the last two years the company has done just that.

Prior to the acquisition, Wilhelmina was already successful. Yet by growing their service offerings they have become the most well known and respected agencies in Texas. They are best known for providing top modeling and acting talent in a streamlined and efficient manner to their clients. They also build on these relationships by representing more niche services like photographers, designers, artists and more.

While Justin Brown still holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at the Brown Modeling Agency, he kept on the well known Michael Bonnee (formerly with the Heyman Talent South agency as its founder and leader). Bonnee now focuses his time on pushing the Brown Agency’s actors to greater heights in their careers and continuing to help them land top roles for some of the largest studios in the world. Visit their Instagram page to see more.