When Should I WEN

WEN created by hair stylist and colorist Chaz Dean is a conditioning hair cleanser. Chaz recommends using in place of a traditional shampoo which causes the hair to be stripped of moisture and overall color if a hair colorant is used. Chaz notes that it will promote thicker and longer hair over time.

Wen has a creamy rather than frothy consistency and is said to promote shiny and more manageable hair. It also is very fragrant and comes in various sizes with an easy to use pump top.

The woman in the article took a Wen seven day test. Her hair was thin and tended to be greasy. Day 1 She noted her hair appeared more bouncy and with added shine. Day 2 Her roots were very greasy. She typically cleansed her hair in the evening and decided to switch it up to a morning cleanse. Her thin hair typically got limp and the roots greasy on an everyday basis. She however, noted the apparent shine.

An evening out with facebook friends noticed the definite shine aspect of her hair. The woman was pleased with the product although was disappointed that it always returned to a greasy mess the following day. After using the WEN product her hair returned to its former bouncy,shiney state. Next day greasy,limp and needed another WEN fix.

How Martin Lustgarten is Shaping Investment Banking Arena

Investment banking is a monetary plan designed to assist individuals, government, and companies to access capital from alternative sources and use it in the expansion of businesses as well as investment portfolios. This program is popular with stock exchange, bond options, investment funds, retail, and wholesale business products.

Investment banking is broad and incorporates marketing, underwriting, stock and bond exchange, and advertising. Investment banks are equipped with knowledge and industrial experience necessary to offer both economic and financial advice. The advice offered ranges from asset management, expert advice on mergers and acquisition, to buying of stocks or bond.

Importance of investment banking

Investment banks employ highly trained professionals equipped with skills of underwriting and issuing of securities. These services are vital for organizations and wealthy individuals since investment banks can operate as agents for the securities.

Primary services offered by investment banks

Trading and marketing securities: securities and cash are marketed in transaction commonly referred to as market making or transactions facilitation. The bank conducts intensive research and comes up with marketing strategies to improve the sales of securities.

Factual details on Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten has managed to cement a significant position in the investment-banking arena. He is one of the most successful investor in Miami and across the United States. He is tasked with duties of overseeing the overall strategic plan for the Lustgarten, Martin firm, which is headquartered in Miami. He offers advice to both individual and institutional investors to help them in making an informed investment decision. Lustgarten has established himself as a brand in the investment-banking world.

Martin Lustgarten origin can be traced to Venezuela and Austria, but current he is a resident of Ponte Vedra, Florida. His investment bank is reputable for closing big financial deal and transactions. He has managed to remain loyal to the Lustgarten bank that has grown from regional level to the global status. He has used his long-term experience to assist high net worth individuals in accessing international markets and realizing satisfying returns.

Sanjay Shah Rocking Autism

Sanjay Shah is a UK-based billionaire whose parents immigrated from East Africa in the early 1960s. He has been in the financial investment sector for about 23 years now. Sanjay Shah studied medicine at the Kings College but was not able to work as a doctor. He joined the many medical student deserters to work for an investment bank. The first investment bank that employed Shah was Meryl Lynch. Shah was to work with a series of banks and financial investment companies until 2009 when the economic crisis impacted on his career. The economic crisis made him redundant and, therefore, had to quit employment. He started Solo Capital investment which is now a big company in the United Kingdom’s stock market.
Shah was passive in charity issues and had been supporting ongoing programs through monthly funding. He earned more focus and determination to venture into charity after doctors diagnosed his son with autism in the year 2011. It was ten that Shah thought of doing something that would help other children who were suffering from autism. His son had been lucky to have a billionaire parent. Autism medication and therapies are expensive. It needs one to have a lot of money for them to be able to get the appropriate type of drugs for autism.
Sanjay Shah attributes many factors to his self-employment. He says that he was uncomfortable working for other brokerage companies while he had what it takes to start and manage his business. The commuting from home to work was one stressing factor to him. During his days as an employee, he longed for that moment in time when he could have his company where Shah controlled the organization from wherever he could be,
Shah founded Autism Rocks five years ago and thanks to his management, it has been able to support autism research. The organization is hoping to invite more donors to support the organization finically. Autism Rocks will continue to raise awareness and funds for autism programs through the concerts staged in different parts of the world.

Igor Cornelsen Says $1 Million Is Easier Than You Think

According to Brazilian finance expert, Igor Cornelsen, the single most important element to know about amassing wealth is that investors are better off being a tenacious saver and a mediocre investor rather than being a below-average saver who plays in the stock market. “It’s like exercising,” says Igor Cornelsen. “If you strategize an efficient plan for cardio and weight training you’re more likely to keep in shape, but going to the gym for five minutes won’t help you out in the least.”

When you think about getting rich the first thought that comes to mind is the stock market, but amassing wealth is more about allowing your money to work harder for you. While savings may be the safer way to build a nest egg, it’s not exactly the easy way to approach wealth. Igor Cornelsen advises clients to bump up their savings systematically. Each year, ratchet the amount you save a little more. “I think the most simplistic approach to saving is living below your means, especially during those early years. You’ll come out ahead 25 years from now,” advises Cornelsen.

For investors, instead of banking on optimistic returns, invest in a balanced mix of stocks and bonds. And look for those funds that can be expected to beat inflation by a modest amount of points each year. For young investors just starting out, invest aggressively. Of course, the strategies that often promise the biggest potential on returns can also present the greatest potential for loss, so avoid long shots. Wondering if you could achieve great results by simply picking better funds? “Good luck consistently picking funds that outperform the market. It’s not impossible but it’s surely a gamble,” says Cornelsen.

Lastly, live on last year’s budget. Cornelsen points out on disqus that as pay climbs, many people increase their spending on discretionary items. “Forego spending and place those additional funds in a savings account, or increase your 401k savings.” Using other people’s money, like a handout from your employer to build wealth is the best case scenario. Tax-advantage accounts like a 401k and IRA allow you to build wealth quicker, and at the same time you can reduce your income taxes.

Igor Cornelsen has been advising clients on brandyourself.co of hitting that seven-figure mark for more than two decades. The Bainbridge Investments founder has had a front row seat to helping working class people amass wealth. Cornelsen says “the secret formula for reaching $1 million is manipulating and managing your money,” and “most households will miss the mark, but not for lack of desire. You just have to understand how to operate with what you have.”

Securus Technologies New Remote Visitation App Reaches 65,000+ Downloads!

Visitation restrictions limit the time inmates spend with friends, loved ones, and families. Luckily, there’s an alternative communication method to reach them. Securus Technologies create the best criminal and civil justice innovations for corrections, public safety, inmate communication monitoring, investigation, etc. It’s recently released a multipurpose video visitation software for smart devices. Recently, PRNewswire revealed that the newly developed application by Securus Technologies runs on Apple and Android OS. So, for those with iPod Touch devices, iPhones, or iPads by Apple or multiple generations of Android gadgets, Securus inmate visitation app promises convenient interaction channels to reach inmates. Download the Google Play app here.

The Apple version has already received 5,000 downloads since Securus Technologies released it. Meanwhile, its Android OS counterpart received 60,000+ downloads. It’s already difficult for inmates to cope while incarcerated. With this awesome video visitation app, Securus Technologies has created, families, friends and loved ones can reach those incarcerated easily. It’s the best alternative to expensive inmate phone calls, daunting visitation process, and exhausting out-of-town road trips. The app comes with agreeable perks and it’s the least expensive option. In-person inmate visitation and phone calls haven’t always been a convenient communication channel for relatives.Securus newest mobile app takes away these frustrations, allowing both parties to enjoy the maximum convenience. A missed birthday or another sacred event weighs on an inmate. The disappointment is usually immense, but it’s not always avoidable. Federal prison and correction visitation laws are sometimes behind this misfortune. Securus Technologies revolutionary video visitation software features advanced settings to sync upcoming appointments and notifications. In addition, it scans for the best cellular or Wi-Fi connection to improve video quality.

The Dallas, Texas-based company, Securus Technologies provides intelligent solutions for 1,200,000 inmates and 3,400 corrections, law enforcement and public safety units. Scheduling visitation with an inmate is a breeze as Securus newest Apple and Android remote app allow visitors organize everything virtually. Securus Technologies extend its service throughout North America across all channels, including biometric analysis, investigation, incident management, inmate self-service, communication, etc.

The for-profit American prison technology giant began serving different facilities across the region in 1986. It’s vastly expanded its network in recent decades, opening a regional branch in Atlanta. Additionally, it launched offices in Allen and Carrollton, Texas as well. Lastly, it’s team of trained professionals provide superb customer service.

Helane L Morrison Dedicated to Fighting Corporate Corruption

Helane Morrison has been the compliance officer of Executive Committee at Hall Capital Partners LLC since she joined the establishment in 2007. Prior to joining Capital Partners, Ms Morrison spent eight years as the Regional Director at Securities and Exchange Commission and her absence thereafter was felt wholeheartedly according to this WSJ report. During the 1980s, Helane L Morrison practiced law at the San Francisco law firm, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Falk & Rabin, where she practiced business ligation and defense of private security actions, made Morrison a partner in 1991 until she left in 1996. In the 1980s, Helane L Morrison was a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry A Blackmun.

Brooklyn born Helane L Morrison has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She went on to earn her JD in 1984 at Berkley School of Law in California. In 1987, Ms. Morrison was accepted to be a member of the California State Law Bar.For the past 30 years, Morrison has been breaking the glass ceiling by being one of the most effective women in the field of corporate law today. She owes it to Justice Harry A Blackmun who was a liberal judge, championing women’s causes, and changing outdated abortion laws. He inspired Morrison to be a legal champion, herself in that one year she worked as his law clerk. Helane L Morrison decided to transition into private practice.

The Hall Capital president is Sarah Stein. The Co-Chief investment officer is Kathryn Hall. The team of Morrison, Stein, and Hall believe that flexibility and resiliency are the two most important qualities for a successful woman. Morrison is committed to making sure their clients are treated ethically and investments aren’t corrupt. Each and every financial advisor is thoroughly examined to make sure they have a clean record.

Helane Morrison is a member of the board of the hedge fund sub committee of the American Bar Association. She volunteers her time making sure all hedge fund managers are treated equally and have the same amount of information needed to make proper decisions when investing.

An animal lover, Helane Morrison is on the board of the Regional Parks Commission. She is committed to preserving the wooded areas and making them safe for people and animals.

Learn more about Helane’s resume here >> https://www.linkedin.com/in/helane-morrison-739aa1110

Skout Survey Reveals All About Online Global Friendships

Skout is one of the top dating apps in the online friendship community. Sometimes, the word dating overtakes the word friendship. The truth is a lot of people look to meet others strictly for friendship, conversation, and online interactions. Millions upon millions of people have fairly good friends they know through the internet. Amazingly, three out of four people with really good online friends have never met each other in person.

Skout produces an amazing global app that allows people from all over the world to meet one another. Skout recently promoted an “International Online Friendship Day” survey, and it is this survey that reveals 75% of people with online friends never met in person. The survey shows 76% of Americans with online friends in other parts of the world have never met their internet buddies in real life. The survey also shows 80+% of people with online friends do want to meet those persons one day. A bit of traveling may be required to do so, but that is part of the fun.

People do love to meet others from around the world. When someone is unable to travel, access via the internet brings everyone a lot closer together. One reason Skout is so popular is the app is perfect for people who want to meet others in different regions of the globe. Skout’s community comprises 180+ countries. The service can be accessed in 16 languages further expanding the ability to meet people. Upon looking at how easy it is to met others online, no one should be surprised that global friendships are growing the way they are.

Another things that should not be considered surprising is the contribution of mobile devices to the grand world of online friendships. Mobile phones are always within arm’s reach. Global communications requires doing nothing more than just talking a smartphone out of one’s pocket and connecting to the internet. Ten years of so ago, a person would have to wait until arriving at home to log onto the internet. These days, conversing with people in France and China can be done on a group chat initiated from a taxi cab.

Accessing the right platform is important to the process. The size of the community, the ease of navigating the platform, and other traits contribute to the overall positive experience. Skout is popular for a reason. The app serves up a near-perfect user experience.