Why Thor Halvorrsen Dislikes Socialism

As an expert in government, with a degree in Political Science Theory from the University of Pennsylvania, Thor Halvorrsen has always opposed democratic socialism. But many of his reasons for opposing it are far more personal than the effects that it could have on a society. It is not an idea or a concept. It is something that has directly impacted his family. Halvorrsen has seen both of his parents murdered. His father was convicted and tortured for a bank fraud, a crime that would put him in a minimum security prison in the United States. But of course, all of these reflect a deeper problem with socialism as an economic and governmental policy. Through his years of research and personal experience, Halvorrsen has discerned several reasons to oppose socialism.

Socialism Does Not Produce Fast Growth

It can be easy for citizens of the United States to advocate for socialism. After all, they are living in the fruit of capitalism. A middle class person or even the person who is below the poverty line has amenities that exceed even the greatest rulers of generations past. With vehicles, ovens, microwaves, an abundance of food, computers, the Internet, high-quality phones, and much more, technology testifies to the power of capitalism. Socialism does not produce nearly as effectively.

Diligence Does Not Pay Off

One of the great virtues of the United States is that if an individual works hard, she will be rewarded for her effort. She will live in prosperity and enjoy her life. But if the government controls the amount of money that she makes, then there is no reason for the exceptionally skilled person to work hard. In fact, there is no reason for anybody to work hard because there is nothing to aspire to. It is the old cliche of a dead end job, every every career is a dead end job.

Seeing these problems first hand in the nation of Venezuela, Thor has been very discouraged by the enthusiasm for socialism in the United States. This has prompted him to educate the masses about the effect that it can have.


Philanthropist Bruce Levenson Takes Insurance Claim To Court

Forbes.com has posted several news articles following the sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise in June 2015 the former controlling partner in the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium, Bruce Levenson has been eager to push forward his philanthropic career. However, in September 2016 an unpaid insurance claim made by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks with AIG through a workplace based policy has led the Maryland based business leader to the Superior Court of Fulton County. Levenson and his fellow consortium members will now begin a legal claim for breach of contract against AIG after the insurance company failed to respond to communications about the policy following the mutual termination of the $18 million contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson has become an important figure in the philanthropic community from 2015 through to 2016 as his role with the University of Maryland has expanded. Former journalist Levenson began working with the university in 2012 as The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership was created with the aid of the Levenson family; by pledging more than $5 million to the center the work of students from the University of Maryland in nonprofit organizations has reached global levels.

Lawyers acting on behalf of UCG founding chair Bruce Levenson’s consortium have not made public the financial settlement being sought over the breach of contract claim and will look to prove in court the policy was triggered prior to Danny Ferry’s contract being mutually terminated. The contract of Danny Ferry was only signed in 2012 and led to the Hawks climbing to the number one position in the NBA standings; despite the success achieved with Ferry, Bruce Levenson agreed to the termination of the contract just two days before the sale of the Hawks franchise was announced in June 2015 and believes events surrounding the sale of the team triggered the constructive dismissal aspects of the AIG held insurance policy.
Read more: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks

IAP Worldwide, the Pride of United States

One can never talk about solving the problems in the US without mentioning IAP Worldwide, a company founded in Irmo, a town in Richland and Lexington counties. The company has a mission to eradicate many problems encountered on a daily basis. They may range from natural calamities to wars. It does this through a series of inventions such as airspace launch and management and maintenance of commercial and military properties. Through hard work, it has grown to become a global company winning contracts in different continents.

The company raised its capital through the help of Kaye Scholer who acted on behalf of IAP Worldwide’s lenders as he had the experience required to restructure the capital which they successfully achieved.

One of the greatest achievements of IAP Worldwide was on 2016 when the US Army selected it to provide their services to them because of their outstanding efforts in satisfying clients. The contract, valued at over $900million, was for providing the framework and maintenance of the services they offered in the military base.

It has also acquired Logistics Business and DRS Technologies in Oklahoma with the aim of tapping the skills from these companies to provide its long-term future. Also, it will increase its efficiency to deliver the services to the targeted customers.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.
IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

The Significance of IAP Worldwide

– Emergency response

IAP Worldwide has become an integral part in case of accidents as its emergency response is unmatched. Take for instance the Hurricane Mathews; the company responded in a greater manner offering the iapws.com assistance in the affected regions. The result was calming the intensity of the disaster. They achieve this by use of social media such Facebook whereby they could be reached quickly in case of emergency.

– Job opportunities

IAP Worldwide, with its growth globally, hires a large workforce. These are both skilled and unskilled personnel who are required to provide the services. This model has made it one of the biggest global employers. The result is an improvement of the livelihood where the company works. The jobs are available throughout the year as the company embarks on searching for the right candidates for the job. The job seekers apply for the jobs online on the company’s LinkedIn page where they post their resumes. The jobs available are in the fields of Engineering Operations, Accounting, and Logistics.

The impact of the company is something to watch and emulate. The future certainly looks bright with the efforts in place ensuring that the corporation achieves greater heights.

Find IAP Worldwide jobs on CareerCast

Onboarding, Handy’s Path to Greatness

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are the two founder of the start up cleaning company Handy. Handy is an on demand cleaning service the two started while living together. In early 2016 they were in a bit of a financial crisis one could say. They were looking for more funding but with their new business plan not proving to be successful they were having issues.It seemed as if the big investors were worried they would invest millions in these companies to only see them go under.

Looking for funding they decided to roll out their idea of onboarding across all of their markets. This did not prove to be as successful as they hopped and their fears became true. There was a higher demand for cleaning pros than they could provide so they ended up with many unsatisfied customers, as they had to cancel their request because they couldn’t find anyone to fill them. Handy had seen many of its competitors drop out of the game which brought them a sense of relief but also worried them. They were in a market where there was little competition but they also realized their biggest competitors had lost everything in a short time.

If you look you will see that Handy.com started off with many complaints. This is common in businesses when first starting as mistakes are made, but with a spending of 1.5 million per month Handy’s CEO’s realized this was not something their company could afford and knew they needed to turn their customers into long term profits. They went through many trials eventually leading them to onboarding. Within the first two quarters they had seen a rise in the completion rate by 10 percent compared to the old rate. They have come to terms with knowing it is in the company’s benefit to have humans where they are going to be of the most use. With all that Handy has been through they have proven that they are here to stay. Continually working to improve themselves and become extremely profitable will lead this company to great success.


DEVCO’s Heldrich Hotel Project to Pay Its Outstanding Debts in Due Time

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority defaulted on a 1 million dollar worth of principal and interest on a 20 million dollar loan it got from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, (CRDA). In a report by pressofatlanticcity.com, the loan was made in 2005 and bankrolled the construction of the Heldrich Hotel. The Heldrich Hotel is a state of the art hotel and conference Centre developed by New Brunswick Development Corp, (DEVCO). Christopher Paladino is the lawyer who arranged the 20 million dollar loan. Christopher said that the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority would get its money back; it is just going to take a little longer.

The lawyer said that that the project is so cash strapped that they had to input its extra money to fund the necessary capital. The Middlesex County Improvement Authority, the official borrower of the 20 million dollar loan, DEVCO just arranged for the financing of the DEVCO. Maria Prato said in a press release that as the economics of the project and the overall economy continue to improve, the project will fulfill its unsettled dues. Maria is the spokesperson of Improvement Authority.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation DEVCO is a private nonprofit real estate company focused on urban development. The company was founded in the mid-70s and has grown to be a powerful engine for economic growth. The privately run organization has great alliances, innovative projects financing, and profound public-private partnerships. These are the just some of the factors that have propelled the firm to create award-winning projects contributing to their incredible portfolio.

The company has overseen investments worth almost 1.6 billion dollars in Brunswick. Its Heldrich Hotel project was termed as a model of what public funds can do when channeled through private firms to fund large-scale projects. DEVCO has shaped city redevelopment with a unique approach, and their visionary ideas for future projects. They have a proven track record of success in reconstruction, maintaining Brunswick redevelopments even in challenging times of in the nation.

Helane Morrison Contributions in the Finance Industry

Helane Morrison is a very influential woman in the country. She is working as the managing director, chief compliance officer and general counsel for a company known as Hall Capital Partners. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. The company is believed to be one the most successful investment firms in California. The people running the institution are all women.


Morrison started working for the Hall Capital Partners in 2007, and since then, she has brought a lot of success in the company. Before getting the current position, Helane was working as the head of Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. In this institution, she was in charge of the securities law enforcement, regulatory and fraud litigation issues in several states. She worked for the institution for more than seven years.


Helane did not start her career in the finance industry. She was a journalist, and she had graduated with a degree in journalism from a university in Chicago. After completing her education, she worked as the chief editor in the California law review. Later, she studied law at one of the best law universities in the country. She has worked in several law firms since then. Most of her appointments were focused on defense of the private securities and business litigations.


Helane was appointed to her current position because of several reasons. The institution’s diverse leadership was the primary reason for the appointment. After the financial crisis that hit the world in 2008, Helane realized that most of the financial institutions still had confidence issues. She decided to take on the new position so that she could help the company restore its public confidence, especially in the financial markets. While in this position, Helane believes that she can accomplish a lot in the finance industry.


In her new position, Helane biggest responsibility is to bring fairness and enhance ethical practices in business practices. Due to this role, she has become a famous fighter for industrial justice. This has actually been her objective for the last thirty years. She wants to ensure that people who take advantage of others in the finance industry are taken to court.



After the financial crisis, most of the financial institutions in the country were left with no one to turn to. They had to ask for the support of the government for survival. The economic circumstances leading to this crisis left many people with no confidence in the financial institutions.


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Waiakea Water Embraces Nature and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Many people have been shying away from bottled water due to the excessive waste and pollution associated with plastic bottles. Most water suppliers also package filtered water from the city taps as opposed to natural spring water from the source. That beat the logic on why one should spend extra money on bottled water. Waiakea Water is an exception. It is packed from pure, natural and alkaline source and bottled in eco-conscious packs that meet the global philosophy.

WaiakeaWater Provides a Sustainable Alternative

Waiakea water was founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012 as bottled Hawaiian volcanic water. He was motivated by the purity and quality of water that he enjoyed in Hawaii when he visited with his family. The water was naturally healthy, pure, and sustainable.

The single pristine source located on the southwest of Hilo town within the main Hawaii Island provides the high-quality water that filters through several feet of Mauna Loa volcano. Waiakea water is rich in unique minerals and perfect PH. The electrolyte composition includes sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, in addition to ideal levels of silica, 30mg. The silica is responsible for the soft and silky feeling in the mouth as you enjoy the water.

The PH ranges from7.8 to 8.8, making the water naturally alkaline. Purified waters will usually have PHS of 7. This can never be achieved even with artificially ionized waters. However, there are high health risks when taking artificially salty waters, making this spring the healthier alternative.

Waiakea Spring for Eco-Friendly Packaging

The water is a natural, sustainable resource bottled from the source, which is an aquifer producing over 1.4 billion gallons.

The company has been certified CarbonNeutral® and is among the first beverage companies to acquire such license, the world over. The packaging is done on a high-grade, 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate. This utilizes 85% less energy to manufacture as compared to regular plastic bottles. Carbon emission during the manufacture is also minimized by up to 90%.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Waiakea has a partnership with Pump Aid, which is a charity organization championing the direct-to-community implementation of clean water supply and donates 650 liters of fresh water to less privileged communities in rural Africa. The fund has enabled over 1.35 million people to access clean water and established over 3,200 elephant pumps, a Chinese-designed water pump that has provided over 500 million liters of clean water to this date.

According to a Crunchbase article, if you are looking for healthy, naturally alkaline water with eco-friendly packaging, look no further. Waiakea Spring provides a world class and sustainable drinking water solution!

Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/waiakea-brings-clean-water-to-six-communities-in-rural-malawi-this-year-300311312.html

Returning to One’s Roots With Help from the Kabbalah Centre

Jews live in many places around the world. There are Jewish communities all over the globe. Jews live in countries as diverse as China, Russia, The United States and Brazil. Despite this scattering, many Jews still wish to do all they can to return to their roots and to be part of the much larger Jewish community. One of the best ways to do accomplish this goal is by studying Jewish texts of all kinds. This is why so many Jews around the world and in the United States have chosen to study the ancient texts of kabbalah. The texts that constitute the kabbalah have much to show modern Jews about how to be a Jew in the world in front of them.

Learning Closely

Learning closely is possible with the help of skilled spirituality such as those at the Kabbalah Centre who know the texts and know how to help people gleam meaning from them. They know that Jews today want to find meaning in their lives. This is why they help them discover the ancient texts and what they mean. They also know that Jews today also feel called to learn in old ways such as that of the torah and other ancient texts. Studying kabbalah can be very much like learning the torah, something that Jews around the globe have done for centuries. Such religion learning can help people connect with the world of their ancestors.

Ancient Jewish Wisdom

At the Kabbalah Centre, they want to help many of their fellow Jews connect with Jewish communities in the past. In doing so, they know that Jews today can find their place in the world and find the kind of peace that comes from knowing they are part of something greater than themselves. They also know that studying such ancient texts means that people today can realize they are part of a culture that has thrived despite setbacks for many years. In this way, they can learn just how much life has to offer them today just as life had to offer much for their own ancient Jewish ancestors.

Up-close with Stephen Murray, CCMP Capital’s Former President

Steve Murray is the former CEO and the President of CCMP Capital, a private equity company based in New York. The firm focuses on acquisition and growth of equity transactions. He worked for the enterprise for 16 years. Under his management, the company raised $3.6 billion. Stephen Murray had been with CCMP since 1999, and at that time, the firm was known as Chase Capital Partners. CCP later became JPMorgan Partners before spinning out independently as CCMP in the year 2006.

CCMP Capital has invested across many regions of North America and Europe. They have invested in three industries including the consumers, healthcare and manufacturing sectors. Their investment team is comprised of the current CEO paired with long-term entrepreneurship professionals on LinkedIn. They partner with talented management teams to drive growth. CCMP focuses on converting public companies into private, helping businesses grow and collaborating with upcoming enterprises.

Before joining CCMP Capital, Murray had served in other organizations. He became part of the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984.

Murray had several board seats which included the Crestcom International, Jetro JMDH Holdings and Octagon Credit Investors. Apart from this, his last records show on nypost.com that he also had other board seats in Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and LHP Hospital Group.

Murray played a significant role in offering charitable works. He supported the Boston College and was a member of the chairman’s council of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. He also made great contributions to support the Stamford Museum, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield and Columbia Business School. Steve Murray was the vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College.

The Death of Stephen Murray

Murray passed away on 13th March 2015 due to health related problems. He died at the age of 52. However, Greg Brenneman succeeded Steve and became the CEO of CCMP Capital. Greg said that they were saddened to learn of the death of Murray who was a prominent investor in the company.

CCMP Capital is grateful for Murray’s positive contributions to the success of the business. He was a Bachelor’s degree holder in economics from Boston College. In 1989, he received his Master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School.

Reference: http://www.wsj.com/articles/ccmp-capital-advisors-gets-backing-to-resume-investing-from-fund-1430946145

The Insurance Claim and Lawsuit Bruce Levenson Initiated Draws Attention

Bruce Levenson achieved a level of fame in the sports world through his previous ownership of the Atlanta Hawks. The entrepreneur is now making news on ESPN again, but this time due to the publicity surrounding a civil suit. Levenson has initiated litigation against an insurance company in the aftermath of a settlement.

The settlement claim centered on one many by the Hawks’ previous general manager Danny Ferry. The New Hampshire Insurance Company, a company connected to AIG, is being sued for “breach of contract” and “bad faith”. The lawsuit contends that the insurance provider was to cover “losses related to employment practices”. Coming out of the Ferry settlement, Levenson contends “wrongful termination” and “workplace torts” should be covered under the policy. The filing of a lawsuit indicates the insurer and the insured are not on the proverbial same page with the claim.

Leveson, a well-known philanthropist, made a great deal of news when negotiating a sale deal that would transfer ownership of the team to Antony Ressler, a billionaire fund manager. The figures surrounding the sale was in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

UCG founder Bruce Levenson invests a great deal of his time with charitable endeavors. He contributes and raises money for the I Have A Dream Foundation. He probably would prefer to invest more time in pursuits such as these instead of being involved with a lawsuit, but business circumstances dictate taking legal action.

How the lawsuit will eventually play out will be settled in the coming months or years.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson