Using The Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Everyone has a hair regimen. Whether you use specific brands, or try new ones each and every month, it can be costly to purchase these items. There is a product available on called the Wen cleansing conditioner that includes shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment in one product, and it is sweeping the nation. Since Chaz Dean became a big deal, Wen products have really taken off. He is a celebrity hair professional, residing in Hollywood, and dealing with some of our favorite A-list actresses. Chaz Dean has been doing hair for over thirty years and is highly trusted by anyone who loves their hair.

One young lady decided to try Wen out, after seeing the YouTube ads and hearing all the great things about it.  She did the experiment with the intentions of getting some volume but, in the end, she gained so much more. Though, you have to use quite a bit of the product, you only need the one Wen cleansing conditioner instead of several. What started out as a little added volume, turned into a whole different head of hair by the end of her week long experiment.

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Fabletics Fun for Everyone

There are a lot of fun clothing items to wear. You may be wondering what kinds of clothing you can get and how to get started. The good news About Fabletics is that it’s easy to do and more fun than you may think shopping can be.

How Does Fabletics work?

The way it works is you sign up for Fabletics subscription and then you take a survey. This is so they can find out what your tastes are and help you get clothing that will be good for you. Once you have done the survey, then you can get the clothing sent to you without going anywhere or worrying about how to make the clothes look best for you.

Once you have the clothing coming that you like, then you don’t have to worry about what you are going to get to wear every month. You simply wait for your package and open it like it’s Christmas. This makes your fashion experience all the much better.

Why Use Fabletics?

There are several good reasons to use Fabletics for your clothing needs. The biggest is that it’s easy and you can just set it up and then not think about it again.

Another great thing About Fabletics is you can turn your subscription off if you are going to be away for any amount of time. This is helpful if you are taking a vacation or if you just need a break from the clothing for a little bit. You don’t have to pay at this time and it can make things a lot easier for you in the end.

There are many different companies that offer exercise clothing for you to buy, but the Lululemon rival is a great place to get the clothing and the styles you enjoy. You will want to look at what they have and how it will work out for you. This way you will know you are happy with the clothing you are getting. Source:

Helane Morrison Inspires Women Like Me

When I was little I used to live by a slogan that said that girls ruled and boys drooled. I don’t know if saying boys drooled literally meant they drooled but I know that girls rule really did mean girls rule and I was unashamed to pronounce that to the world. I enjoyed haring about the different women who have shaped history and who helped pave the way for me and women like me because I realized had they not done all the good things they had done in the world then perhaps I wouldn’t be who I am today.

One of the pioneers in women that my mom taught me to love and appreciate was Helane Morrison. Helane was a woman who worked hard to make sure she made a difference in the world of women’s empowerment. She was a marketing guru, a financial executive among other things. She was the true definition of what it takes to be a pioneer.

Helane also stood above the rest because she received both her marketing and law degrees. To be able to have the skill sets needed to flourish in both areas are super important and vital to the needs of not only your business but to the needs of the community in which you continue to serve no matter the odds that have been stacked against you.

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Marc Sparks Propels Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks has taken on a new endeavor with the Spark Tank. This is a way for new entrepreneurs that have good ideas to compete against other entrepreneurs for a chance to win some prize money to get their business started. I believe that this is a good idea that has allowed Marc Sparks to find talent that has been overlooked by the mainstream.

This is a good idea because there are businesses that just not do as well without the proper backing. The entrepreneurs may have a great idea, but it helps to have someone that can boost their confidence and push them in the right direction.

I believe that Sparks has been the guy that has pushed a lot of companies in the right direction because he has the business savvy skills that many others lack. He doesn’t believe in the traditional mindset of going to college in order to get a good job. Instead, Marc Sparks believes that people make their own opportunities.

I think that someone like Marc Sparks is a true blessing to the corporate industry. With the Spark Tank he will challenge those that have the ideas that are outside of the box.

As a venture capitalist, Sparks will go that extra step to help those people maximize their potential and build a solid business plan. I think that this is awesome because a lot of business owners that are competing are doing so by building a business that is unconventional. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

I discovered Marc Sparks when I made the decision to start my own business. I knew that it would be a challenge, and I wanted to get some pointers from someone that had done this before.

I was thrilled to find that Marc Sparks had written books and started a blog. He has been very helpful to entrepreneurs long before he started up the Spark Tank. I believe that his blog has been very helpful for people that are trying to start a business because it lets people know the other side of the game.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

As an entrepreneur it is often difficult to see what will be needed to make venture capitalists buy into an idea. I think that a lot of businesses fail because of this. Luckily, Marc Sparks has made it possible to peek into the world of the venture capitalists because he is one. He made it possible to see what these venture capitalists expect when they see a presentation.


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Securus Technologies Exposes Global Tel Link Wrongdoing

Securus Technologies is a big player in the criminal justice and public safety technology industry and has been working alongside other providers for several years. A recent report from PR newswire about wrongdoing by another provider, Global Tel Link, will see Securus Technologies releasing evidence, reports and further findings over the next 6 months. Global Tel Link is responsible for inmate communications at several corrections facilities throughout the country and they have been in business for approximately 18 years. The findings released by Securus Technologies will be issued during press releases at regular intervals. Read story here:
The CEO of Securus Technologies [], Richard A. Smith said in a recent interview that he loves what he does for this industry as well as the community he serves. Global Tel Link has offended not only the CEO of Securus but also the community and industry at large. They have acted below the integrity line and is not the way a provider works in this industry. Richard A. Smith said that the business they are in is not only there to make money but also provide a certain care for the customer.

There is evidence of unlawful and unauthorized programming of telephone clocks to include between 15 and 36 seconds of extra time which has to be paid for by the customer. They have also provided higher call rates than were specified by the rate caps as well as there being evidence of double billing and unlawful overcharging of the Louisiana taxpayers. This overcharge came to a total of $1243000. Visit the Securus company page to gain more info on this developments.

Reputation Management Advice

We seem to live in a world where all kinds of scandals can pop up anywhere. Those involved can be celebrities, well known companies. or just average people caught up in a sticky situation.

There can be a set of steps you can take to deal with such circumstances. A well known individual or a top company can have a crisis management plan. Consider all the possibilities, and have an action plan in place in case something erupts.

When a crisis situation comes about experts advise you to confront the problem as quickly as you can. Do it through social media or even the regular press. Delaying too long only hurts your case.

Darius Fisher, president of the reputation management company, Status Labs, says you should not let someone else tell your story. You should come forward with all the facts you have about the crisis.

If you have made a major mistake, it’s best to own up to it and say you’re sorry. Then you must reveal the steps you are taking to rectify the situation. This will at least put you on the way to repairing your brand.

You should take stock of what went wrong in order to determine how to prevent it from happening again. Was it a one time mistake? Or was it something that has to be corrected within a business or an individual?

Status Labs is one of the leading reputation management firms in the country. They can provide compelling content to help a company improve its sales and brand recognition.

If a company is facing a crisis situation they can manage the problem and use their experience to repair the damage and get the organization back on track.

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Athleisure Makes Leggings Into Pants With Fabletics

Fabletics is the creation of Kate Hudson that has made it much easier for women to get dressed every day, and it is a trend in fashion that is changing everything. She practically created athleisure all by herself with Fabletics, and she has started a new trend that allows leggings to be pants for women. Women and girls are getting more comfortable with their bodies every year, and one of the first things that athleisure did was turn a simple pair of leggings into a pair of pants.

Women are wearing athleisure clothes from Fabletics all the time when they leave the house casually, and it is important that all women feel comfortable just tossing on their leggings when they want to leave the house. A woman who is ready to leave the house should be able to wear any kind of bottom she wants, and the best thing for most women is a pair of tights or leggings. These things are going to go on easily, and they are going to work with all kinds of clothes on

This means that a woman can actually leave her leggings on, and she can change from her sports bra into a top or long dress. She can throw on a skirt, or she can put on a jacket to slightly cover up her sports bra. She has a million options with athleisure, but she will be able to use the options to make sure that she is going to look her best all the time.
Read more: Dressing down: The rise of athleisure

Women who are turning leggings into pants are making it very easy to get dressed up every day. The leggings are going to show off all the work they have done in the gym, and the leggings are going to be more comfortable than other pants because they fit better.  Fabletics makes leggings as pants acceptable, and the trend is taking over fashion.

State of Emergency by Maduro

Nicolas Maduro has declared a state of emergency in the midst of the economic crisis that the state is facing. Jose Manuel Gonzalez, a doctor, thinks that the emergency actions are supposed to last for 60 days. Some leaders in the United States are fearful that the state is on the verge of a meltdown that it won’t be able to get out of, but Maduro claims that he is trying to protect his people. There is a shortage with food and medicine. Some want Maduro to be taken out of office while others want to give him a chance to try to change things in the state. One things that is certain says Gonzalez is that there isn’t a lot of time left to make a difference in the lives of the people who live there as basic needs are going unmet.

North Korea Condemns Yeonmi Park Amidst Park’s Rise.

North Korea has become almost mythical thanks to their disregard for basic human rights and a lack of sensibility in the world of global politics. North Korea is a ticking bomb that broods loudly, fenced behind their need for welfare from other countries and their distaste for anything beyond their border. Nothing regularly escapes this country, not people or news, but when a resident manages to defect they become a target of Pyongyang and the government. Yeonmi Park was a young girl, just 13 years old, when she escaped across the Yalu River before being summarily swept up into a torturous adventure that would test her very ability to survive. Now Pyongyang is coming after Park, according to
When a defector manages to escape North Korea they typically tend to go underground, metaphorically speaking. Once you’ve escaped the oppressive regime you don’t want to drag any more attention to yourself. Vocal defectors have a habit of getting poisoned, killed, or smeared so badly that their own families back home tend to hate them. Park didn’t stay quiet. In fact, the porcelain skinned young woman penned a book detailing her journey from inside the borders of North Korea and throughout here years stuck inside of human trafficking, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.

The Amazon released book is a heartbreaking tale, completely true, that details how Park grew up in complete starvation mode inside of North Korea. Inside of its pages Park talks about how her father was dragged off to a forced labor camp and how her mother was routinely assaulted in front of her own eyes. She tells of a government that was everywhere and nowhere all at once, making you paranoid to ever speak lest you say something that would somehow condemn you in the eyes of the oppressive regime.

Despite all of Park’s reasons to fear Pyongyang she hasn’t backed down. Park is becoming a vocal leader in the movement for human rights across the globe and especially in her home country. Park wants to make her journey the last of its kind and she’s speaking out to make it happen. Pyongyang and the rest of the North Korean government is doing everything they can to discredit her.

Venezuela Wants to Reenter the Diamond Market

One of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro’s initiatives to counter the recent extensive recession in Venezuela, which was triggered by collapse of global oil prices, is to re-enter the diamond market. Environmentalists like Norka Luque are protesting the plan as diamond mining can be hazardous to ecosystems, cause air and water pollution, create hazardous pit mines, and expend enormous amounts of energy.
Venezuela left the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, the system set up in 2003 to stop “blood diamonds,” diamonds produced in war zones and linked to humanitarian abuse, from entering the world market, in 2008 when former president Hugo Chavez declined to participate. This has meant loss of a multibillion dollar diamond trade.

Maduro is taking steps to bring that trade back to Venezuela. Delegates came with Luque and visited the Guaniamo region of the state of Bolivar in Venezuela to certify that Venezuela was complying with legal and environmental conditions, a prerequisite of readmission to the Kimberly Process.

Positive environmental practices would include pollution monitoring, use of energy efficient programs, and conservation of the ecosystem by replacing topsoil, reseeding, and recycling.  Open-pit gold mining is also set to begin in the Orinoco Arc, which comprises approximately 12 percent of national territory in Venezuela. See the full article at

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