OSI Group’s Global Success and Unique Product Development

December 26, 2018 @ 12:06 am

It’s no secret that, here in America, we love our food. It’s fun to try new things, and even take pictures of meals to post on social media. Whether we are at a restaurant or picking up great ingredients to cook meals at home, we don’t always consider where it comes from. Well, maybe we should start. It is worthwhile to know about the industry leaders; for example, most people likely don’t realize that they have probably been enjoying OSI Group products for a decade or more.

OSI Group is one of the highest-ranked names in food production, serving us all quality meats and vegetables; not to mention, creating countless jobs all over the globe due to their constant successful expansion. Aurora, Illinois hosts the company’s main headquarters, but OSI Group’s reach is global. David McDonald, President, and Sheldon Lavin, CEO, have led the company through expansion and acquisitions in America and Europe. One example is the acquisition of Dutch food production company Baho Food, which was, at the time, providing food to 18 European countries. Under Lavin’s and McDonald’s leadership, the location’s production, sales, and jobs will increase.

In 2016, OSI Group similarly bought out Flagship Europe to take control of their poultry, condiments, and pie production, with plans for new opportunities. The global expansion of the food production industry leader is quite impressive, but the group has other tasks it focuses on as well, particularly including maintaining a positive domestic presence in the U.S. A Tyson food plant, which was near to being closed down for good, is one example of OSI Group’s domestic reach, as the acquisition of the Chicago plant saved roughly 500 jobs.

Equally as impressive as the group’s rate of growth is its market longevity. McDonald cites an importance in local consumer engagement as one of the keys to their success, which is even more imperative to keep in line with their various locations and local tastes. OSI’s success is largely based on its ability to market and develop products carefully and uniquely, based on location. Of course, a standardized production that ensures safe, quality food items doesn’t hurt either.

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