How The Brown Modeling Agency Put Dallas Fashion on the Map

December 11, 2017 @ 2:20 am

The Brown Modeling Agency is a company that is bringing a highly niche and very specific brand of talent to the global fashion industry. The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin, Texas and has a satellite office in Los Angeles but also has a true global reach. Their talent have been seen on walking the runways of every major fashion week as well as jet setting the world to work with every major brand in the fashion industry.

The Brown Agency is unique because of the fact that they see the incredible potential of Texas based women and men in a variety of friends. This includes not only models and actors, but talented individuals that work in media, market networking, photography, entertainment and beyond. Dallas and the Southern region of the United States has long been known for having some of the most successful actors and models and overall just beautiful men and women that come with some top talents.

The Brown Agency came to fruition in 2015 after modeling company Wilhelmina Austin’s leader Justin Brown acquired the already successful and well known Heyman Talent South agency. The acquisition was part of his specific vision to bring a Texas based agency that could truly call itself a full service agency.

The terminology “full service” is often a buzz word in the world of modeling and the agencies that represent their talent. However, a multitude of these agencies are not truly full service, but work with a wheel house of outside freelancers or other agencies, causing communication that is often not streamlined and not in the best needs of the clients these agencies serve.

With the acquisition of Heyman Talent South and the re branding of Wilhelmina Austion as The Brown Modeling Agency, Justin Brown sought to change all that. He wanted to put the incredible talent located in Texas on the global map and over the last two years the company has done just that.

Prior to the acquisition, Wilhelmina was already successful. Yet by growing their service offerings they have become the most well known and respected agencies in Texas. They are best known for providing top modeling and acting talent in a streamlined and efficient manner to their clients. They also build on these relationships by representing more niche services like photographers, designers, artists and more.

While Justin Brown still holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at the Brown Modeling Agency, he kept on the well known Michael Bonnee (formerly with the Heyman Talent South agency as its founder and leader). Bonnee now focuses his time on pushing the Brown Agency’s actors to greater heights in their careers and continuing to help them land top roles for some of the largest studios in the world. Visit their Instagram page to see more.

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