George Street Photo & Video NYC Is The Only Real Option For Wedding Photos

Handing the camera off to a family member to take your wedding photos may seem like a good idea, but you are putting precious memories at risk. Only experienced photographers know how to present a wedding in the proper light so that you have to shame looking back at the in your photo album.

As the most popular wedding photography service in New York, they know exactly how to make a wedding look stylish. They will take photos, adjust backgrounds and suggest clothing to make your wedding into a professional photo shoot. If you are unsure what style you need, you may take their quiz so that they will make the proper suggestions.

The Knot had recently rated the company as the number one choice for wedding photos. Over 1,600 customers had left positive reviews, leaving them with 4.5 stars. It is the obvious choice to hire George Street Photo and Video Address for your special day.