Jason Hope Dishes On Improvements To The Airline Industry

Traveling on an airplane is a wonderful opportunity that allows anyone to see new lands, visit distant relatives, and so much more. It can be a fun and exciting experience, or a stressful and painstaking experience. Either way, there are new improvements coming to the airline industry that have to do with the Internet of Things. Jason Hope, entrepreneur, futurist, and technology enthusiast dishes on the benefits of implementing the Internet of Things into the airline industry. This includes, comfort, fuel efficiency, you baggage, safety, and customer service. Check out the cool ways inventors are kicking up your airline experience. Learn more about Jason Hope at gust.com

New technology created by GE Aviation make it possible to optimize fuel efficiency Jason Hope says. Data is collected, then analyzed to help save on fuel cost including several different factors. Since the world is becoming more environmentally-friendly, this is good news for our planet. They analysis terrain conditions, navigation routes, trajectory, and of course weather to save on fuel. When it comes to baggage, they have smart technology that allows passengers to know exactly where their baggage is. This will drastically reduce the amount of lost baggage. From dropping off baggage to receiving it, passengers can track it from their smart phones. There is also new technology that can route your bags to the nearest carousel to you. Often times, people have to get to the airport hours ahead of their flight to stand it line forever to get their ticket. With the Internet of Things, people can print out their ticket from their email 24 hours ahead of their flight, so they can bypass the long lines. They will also receive the seating arrangements at the same time so passengers will know their seat position. That really takes the stress out of flying!

Jason Hope believes this new technology also helps passengers at the airport. A wrist band or smart phone can alert the flyer whether they are walking in the wrong direction of their gate, or to book it so they don’t miss their flight. This can be incredibly helpful when people fly from a new and unfamiliar airport. Technology has created sensors on every part of the aircraft for safety reasons. They let personnel know about routine maintenance, how the airplane is performing, and so much more. They even have smart technology that checks on the safety of their life jackets. Jason Hope believes there are more innovations to come to the airline industry when it comes to the IoT.

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Shervin Pishevar’s Tweetstorm Continues To Gain Traction In Reality

Bitcoin may be experiencing some issues, but according to financial experts like early Uber investor Shervin Pishevar, it may be headed for an upswing soon. While he predicts that the United States economy will fall a drastic amount, he still holds hope for the global economy. According to Shervin Pishevar, the United States’ tradition of isolationism will be largely responsible for the economic collapse.

Inflation is running rampant according to Pishevar. While the US may have been able to conceal just how bad it is becoming by essentially exporting the inflation elsewhere, the truth will soon be revealed. These predictions were released to the public by Shervin Pishevar during 50 consecutive Tweets. The 21-hour marathon that took place in February was the first that he had been seen on social media since December 2017. Truly a man of many words, these Tweets surprised even his closest followers.

While Bitcoin has been in the news lately for its substantial drop in price, Shervin Pishevar sees this turning around once the economy crashes. He believes that they will stay stable between the $2k and $5k mark before starting to rise steadily over 2 years. He also sees good things for the price of gold and expects it to rise as well. So while the Uber investor does have predictions indicating that the market will drop by thousands of points, he does see opportunities to see returns even before the economy rebounds.

In the case of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg admitted to using the data collected from users in an inappropriate way that was not agreed to. These types of abuses of power are quickly causing users to start losing their trust and potentially discontinuing the use of their services. Apple has also been in hot water over allegedly slowing down iPhones to encourage the purchase of newer models.

Since Shervin Pishevar released his Tweetstorm, his predictions have begun getting second looks by experts in the financial industry. Only weeks after his posting, the stock market did see a significant drop. With all of the similarities between reality and his predictions, his Tweetstoem may not be that far off from the truth.


Benefits of incorporating NGP VAN in your campaign

NGP VAN, Inc. previously known as Voter Activation Network, Inc., is the leading web hosting service provider for the democratic and progressive campaign and organization. This technology integrated platform gives organizations an opportunity to fundraise, campaign finance, and field organizing, digital organizing, and social networking products at an affordable price.


No one can win an election all by himself, no matter how strong and the charismatic candidate you are. During the political campaign, there are so many responsibilities with limited time and resources to accomplish it all. However, with a group of passionate volunteers and platform such as NGP VAN, it could be a gratifying season.

The following are some of the two ways to considerations worth noting to make this a total success.


  • Have realistic fundraising goals.

Having a plan is like a roadmap for all the efforts carried out by the whole campaign team. Having in in mind the necessary funds required to win the campaign is very vital. Consequently, one needs to be aware of how much other campaigners with same interest have been able to raise in the past years.


There ought to be a deep relationship between fundraising goal of an event and the fundraising needs since donors desire to be knowledgeable on how their funds are utilized. Moreover, it is advisable to ensure that the campaign is carried out in full compliance with the laws of the state.


Having fundraising tactics gives a broader aspect on how much to spend on each tactic and what is expected to be generated out of it. Common tactics include direct mail, online fundraising, fundraiser events telemarketing, call time financing committees a financing network. Additionally before choosing any tactics one ought to stipulate fundraising goal thus how much time, and resources are required to be deployed, and this is where NGP VAN comes in handy.


Before embarking on asking strangers to be donors for your campaign funding, map your network and identify those individuals who are in the candidate’s professional and personal contact. Moreover planning your system enables you to determine their different needs and intentions hence the best possible way to engage them extensively.


  • Monitor your campaign plans diligently.


Having deadlines for particular activities creates a sense of urgency among the campaign team. Therefore, having a fundraising calendar entailing the list of activities to be done within a certain period makes it easier to track the progress of the fundraising tactics and financial goals.


Ensure that you create an RSVP database and follow up on the phone to know how many individuals to expect, follow up on them as well as logistics and planning purposes. Details such as background on the candidate, brief bio on their major manifesto, where and when this event will take place to encourage a significant number of turnout for potential donors. Make sure you send reminders the day before the game as well as inform them what you expect them to carry such as checkbooks or contributing in advance. NGP VAN technology is vital in ensuring that correct emails and eases.


Get a host to fundraise for you who is well-known in the community and is passionate about your campaign as well as zealous to work with you. Moreover, it is advisable to get a host committee who are influencers and have high profile networks to supplement the host efforts. Before the events also reconfirm with host whether all are going according to the plans, regarding food, parking, and seating arrangements. Properly preparing the team of volunteers so that each is aware of their responsibilities aids in alleviating confusion and maintains order.


During the events ensure that the candidate is well acquainted with the attendee short bio, names as well as the format of games.


Additionally, do not forget to thank and acknowledge attendees and anyone who facilitated in making the event as a success either verbally vial a phone call or by sending thank you note cards.



NGP VAN their clients leverage over their competitors since this software and technology used enable them to track and achieve the already stipulated goals. Through managing campaign, secure connection with voters once reached. Moreover, it aids in monitoring voters contacts, acquires volunteers and access fundraising information especially if one needs to cover greater geographical ranges.





Talk Fusion: This Is An Easy Choice

Talk Fusion is making things easier for customers and who doesn’t like things to be easier in life? I know I do. It is not that people are lazy or unmotivated. It is just that life can be hard enough as it is, and people don’t need things to be even more difficult. Like most of the world, people have heard of Talk Fusion. Because they have heard of Talk Fusion, they know all about the video newsletters, video conferences, video chats, and video emails. They know it is a product that won two awards in 2016 including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It was a magical and special award for a company that is very deserving.

As with all great companies, there needs to be a leader and that leader here is Bob Reina, a former police officer. He started the company in 2007 and ten years later, it is thriving. They have not hit a wall and they have not reached a point where they have gotten stale or bored. It is just the opposite in fact. They are growing in popularity and getting bigger and better. That is why all of the guess work and all of the question marks are out of the equation with Talk Fusion. Now, thanks to the 30-day free trials, they are ready to be seen by more eyes (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/video-marketing-leader-talk-fusion-launches-30-day-free-trials-300249666.html). The more eyes that see them, the better off they will be in the long run. New customers will view them for the first time.

Even successful companies, they need more customers and they need to grow. Bob Reina keeps his pulse on this and he keeps it moving. He never rests and he never takes it easy with this company because he knows the importance it has in the eyes of so many people. They are counting on this product to deliver the goods for them.

His staff is great from top to bottom, although there really is no bottom at Talk Fusion. Everyone is important and Bob Reina lets them know that as he truly values them and expresses it.