Goettl’s Offers Tips to Keep Cool During Another Long, Hot Summer

Goettl’s company has some tips for staying cool as the sweltering summer heat comes down across the US. These tips help keep the bills in control and help keep the temperature in your house to a bearable temperature. Ensure you are practicing good AC maintenance to ensure that you are able to keep cool all summer long. You can also keep ceiling fans on low or medium settings through the hottest part of the day throughout the summer to keep airflow moving and to help reduce how hard your AC has to work to keep the house at a livable temperature. Get a thermostat that reads the temperature very accurately, also known as a “smart thermometer”. Upgrade to a thermometer that regulates itself, and is able to keep the temperature in the house steady throughout the day especially when you are not there such as when you are out at work or with your family on the weekend. Ensure your AC unit outside is kept in the shade so it doesn’t overheat, work harder, cost more money, or even quit working altogether. Goettl’s may be located in Central Arizona, but at the same time plenty of parts of the US will be that hot this summer, and that will not be any different in the future.

Goettl’s is an HVAC Industry Leading air conditioning and heating company that has been serving the community in Arizona for years, and have come to provide service that is unmatched by any other company in the area. This company began in Mansfield, Ohio in 1926 during the Great Depression, and several years later the brothers running the company including Adam, John, and Bill moved out West to Central Arizona. Hence, the Phoenix-based Goettl Air Conditioning company was moved with them. Goettl has received over 100 patents in the last year on various heating and cooling products, and currently, the company is being run by both of the Goettl’s grandsons Adam and Ted.

Goettl services provide comfort for thousands of families during sweltering Arizona summers where people would otherwise be completely miserable, and possibly even suffer from heat exhaustion or stroke without quality AC systems that can help keep them cool. Goettl’s service has become one of the bigger AC companies in the Northern and Central Arizona area, and customers cite their excellent compassion and genuine care for every customer as to why they love using this company to keep them cool and comfortable all year around.

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