The teachings of Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre started in the year 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. The leadership of Kabbalah Centre was later on passed down to Rav Brandwein who then passed it down to Rav Berg and Karen together with their sons Michael and Yehuda.

The teachings of Kabbalah Centre is founded on the principles of Zohar, the source of Kabbalistic wisdom. It interprets spiritual mysteries and the existence of humans. It also seeks to explain the creation origin, spiritual and physical rules of the universe. They provide a platform for their students to upgrade their spiritual well-being while at the same time add value to the lives of those who they interact with in their daily lives. Students are encouraged to interact and exchange ideas with others who are of the same religion. The Kabbalah Centre has a presence in over 40 cities globally and a good online following.

Many world-renowned celebrities have been known to have been active followers of the Jewish Kabbalah even though they were not born Jewish. Sandra Bernhard, Marilyn Monroe, the late Sammy Davis were all ardent supporters of the Kabbalistic wisdom. Many of them agree that the Kabbalah Centre helped them solve more than 80% of the issues in their lives. Paris Hilton admits that the centre greatly helped her during the time of her breakup with Nick Carter. She admits that she still frequents the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles.

Madonna admits to being a part of the Kabbalah centre and at one time introduced Britney Spears to the religion. Madonna says that for her it was about identifying how you can help others but Britney later took an interest in Hinduism. The late Sammy Davis told an interviewer that his reason for joining Kabbalah was because he needed something tangible to hold on to and the Kabbalah teachings provided just that and taught him how always to turn the other cheek.

Marilyn Monroe stated that she never felt complete with the Christianity foundation her foster parents had accustomed her to and the Kabbalah teachings helped her embrace the practice of a close-knit family.

Ideally, the Kabbalah centre lessons were meant for people over the age of 40. But over the years this has changed and some of these stringent rules altered to accommodate more followers.