Betsy Devos in Washington: School Safety & Education Reform

You may have seen that Betsy Devos has been in the news recently. The 11th US Secretary of Education has polarized Americans with her beliefs, but so far, they seem to be helping students select better schools and get a higher education where they would have been forced to go to failing schools instead. This is the goal of her programs, according to Devos, who spoke candidly in an interview with Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” earlier this year.


Much of the interview revolved around the success of new programs that Devos had placed in certain states. Much of education is still controlled at the state level, but Devos has had some success in changing school policies throughout the nation in regards to educational choice. Mostly, she wants to make it easier for students to pick where they go to school or at least how they receive their education.


The changes have caused an uproar in public school teachers’ unions, where they feel that they are losing funding because it is going to private schools. However, Devos says that is not the case. She has shown that philanthropy and not public funding has helped change the face of America’s education system.


In the beginning, Devos wanted to reform education because she had been an activist for so long. She was the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and worked hard to change the education system in her home state. She even proposed the “Kids First!” Coalition bill in the early 2000s. However, she was unsuccessful. Now she has had some success with her latest run in Florida and Louisiana.


She hasn’t been given much time to change things, but she has been appointed to handle much more than just education reform. She has also been in charge of school safety reform. After the school shootings in 2018, President Trump appointed Betsy Devos to head up the school safety reform movement. Over the summer of 2018, many schools made updates to their policies and evacuation routes in order to have more security on campus without more firepower. So far, there haven’t been any school shootings in the 2018-2019 school season.


Devos is also trying to work with student aid programs and helped create the FSA student aid app, which makes it easier for students to apply and get funding for college. This has been in the works for awhile, so it’s important to see that Devos has been keeping her word on supplying more access to student aid for everyone.


Betsy has just two more years to make changes in other states, but much of education is still controlled at the state level. She will have to work hard in the next few years to ensure that schools are easily accessed by students and that she continues to use philanthropy to support educational choice programs in the United States.


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End Citizens United and the Big Money 20

End Citizens United, an organization dedicated to pushing out Big money from politics after the supreme court ruling in 2010 declaring corporations as having the same rights as individual citizens when it came to donating. Since then, many candidates, particularly those in the GOP have used this ruling to collect millions of dollars for campaigns without having to actually talk to their constituents.

The biggest offenders of this are what End Citizens United calls the “Big Money 20″, “These are the worst of the worst in Congress,” said Tiffany Muller, the group’s executive director. These are mostly composed of incumbents in their respective states. Each one favoring PACS and special interest over their constituents. Therefore End Citizens United is working towards removing these officials out of office in the 2018 midterms, a year which does not look good for the GOP. View their financial information on Open Secrets.

End Citizens United is working hard to raise enough funds to contribute and endorse candidates who pledge not to accept PAC money. In line with their message, End Citizens United only accepts donations as high as $3,000 with any other donations being made directly coming from over 3 million of their everyday citizen members. The increase in membership has shown that this worrying issue of big money in politics has crossed party lines with many of their members consisting of both Democrats and Republicans along with independent alike.

A recent study to find a winning method, the organization tested both conventional messaging and campaign finance reform messaging. The most effective of these two was ultimately campaign finance reform messaging which resonated with independents and voters who do not normally participate. Favorability towards the organization and candidates being backed by them were up in the polls. This is what the organization is ready to implement during the 2018 midterms to finally remove the “Big Money 20” from power and put it back into the hands of the American people.



End Citizens United Looks to Reform Campaign Financing

For over ten years, campaign finance laws and political contributions have been a source of controversy. In 2008, the conservative group Citizens United presented a documentary attacking Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president of the United States. The Federal Election Commission viewed this documentary as a political ad, which meant that Citizens United had to disclose the names of the donors who helped to finance this film according to federal law. Citizens United filed a lawsuit to prevent this from happening. They lost in federal court but was successful in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The 2010 Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission was a 5-4 decision. The majority ruled that free speech rights that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees to individuals also extend to corporations. This basically did away with the limitations that were put in place to prevent corporations from having too much influence on political candidates and elections. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

There are two main concerns that came about due to this decision. First, many U.S. corporations are multinational entities. Because of this, people are concerned that foreign money would be used to influence the outcome of U.S. elections. Second, anonymous corporate donors could donate an unlimited amount of money. So far, the Supreme Court decision has largely benefited the Republican party, but the Democrat party has also benefited from this decision.

The PAC End Citizens United began in 2015 with the purpose of reversing the Citizens United decision. According to an article on titled “End Citizens United: Fighting Against ‘Anything Goes’ Campaign Finance,” the PAC wants to accomplish two things. They want to support candidates that want to reform campaign finance laws and to establish a constitutional amendment that defines the free speech rights of individuals, not corporations.

End Citizens United is a strong advocate of grassroots political fundraising that can be used to offset the flood of corporate cash into the election process. Even though some Republican politicians have come out against Citizens United and its effects on the political process, End Citizens United primarily supports Democrat politicians who want to reform or reverse the Citizens United decision. People on both sides recognize that reform is needed in the campaign finance laws.



Launching the political campaign by the use of NGP VPN

Before the launch of any campaign, they need to be the process of preparation so that to make sure that the campaign will have a strong start because launching something is a huge thing. The whole process of the campaign is important but the most vital one is the launch day, and it should be the biggest part. So many companies have a plan of winning big in 2018, and to win big then the democratic and progressive fundraising campaigns have to be the strongest. The preparation of the launch day will depend upon the foundation that someone will create.

Create a commutation plan

On the day of the launch day, compared with other days will be the day that you will get the free press, so make good use of it. If the local news requests that they interview you make sure that you have time for them because most likely that chance will not come up again. So before the day be prepared to answer any questions that they may have.

Get the website

Create the website so that to get the word out about you’re fundraising. People will be happy to sign up and make the payment you should make it easy for them by linking the sign-up email by use of NGP VPN with the website. Don’t wait until the launch day to get the website up. Have the website working few days before the announcement. NGP VAN has tools that will help in tracking the online activities that will give you the chance of knowing what is happening n the website.

Hire the CRM to manage the data

There is no place that you can afford to lose the information on the day of the launch. That’s why you will need the help of NGP VAN’s Digital 8. So many companies have trusted NGP VAN over the years. They will have all the tools that will make the work easy on the launch day.

Have a brand identity

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