Jason Hope Dishes On Improvements To The Airline Industry

Traveling on an airplane is a wonderful opportunity that allows anyone to see new lands, visit distant relatives, and so much more. It can be a fun and exciting experience, or a stressful and painstaking experience. Either way, there are new improvements coming to the airline industry that have to do with the Internet of Things. Jason Hope, entrepreneur, futurist, and technology enthusiast dishes on the benefits of implementing the Internet of Things into the airline industry. This includes, comfort, fuel efficiency, you baggage, safety, and customer service. Check out the cool ways inventors are kicking up your airline experience. Learn more about Jason Hope at gust.com

New technology created by GE Aviation make it possible to optimize fuel efficiency Jason Hope says. Data is collected, then analyzed to help save on fuel cost including several different factors. Since the world is becoming more environmentally-friendly, this is good news for our planet. They analysis terrain conditions, navigation routes, trajectory, and of course weather to save on fuel. When it comes to baggage, they have smart technology that allows passengers to know exactly where their baggage is. This will drastically reduce the amount of lost baggage. From dropping off baggage to receiving it, passengers can track it from their smart phones. There is also new technology that can route your bags to the nearest carousel to you. Often times, people have to get to the airport hours ahead of their flight to stand it line forever to get their ticket. With the Internet of Things, people can print out their ticket from their email 24 hours ahead of their flight, so they can bypass the long lines. They will also receive the seating arrangements at the same time so passengers will know their seat position. That really takes the stress out of flying!

Jason Hope believes this new technology also helps passengers at the airport. A wrist band or smart phone can alert the flyer whether they are walking in the wrong direction of their gate, or to book it so they don’t miss their flight. This can be incredibly helpful when people fly from a new and unfamiliar airport. Technology has created sensors on every part of the aircraft for safety reasons. They let personnel know about routine maintenance, how the airplane is performing, and so much more. They even have smart technology that checks on the safety of their life jackets. Jason Hope believes there are more innovations to come to the airline industry when it comes to the IoT.

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Anthony Petrello’s Path In His Career

Tony Petrello as a student.
He was brought up in Newark, New Jersey. He enrolled in public schools for education. In high school, he was excellent in mathematics. Yale University soon took notice of Tony and offered him a scholarship and an opportunity to have Serge Lang (a Yale math professor) as his mentor. It is at Yale that Tony received his bachelor’s and master’s degree. It is the same place that he met Cynthia, his wife.

Tony Petrello then joined Harvard Law School. It is thought his personality influenced his take on joining a law school. Probably he was not comfortable with a quiet life of study even with his great brilliance in mathematics. He graduated from Harvard in the 1970s.

How Tony infiltrated the business world.
Anthony Petrello joined an American law firm by the name Baker & McKenzie as business law specialist. As he worked in this line, he developed a passion for business. He became a managing partner of the company’s division based in New York.

It was at Baker & McKenzie that Tony Petrello met the Nabors Industries who were one of the law firm’s clients. It is a company that provides equipment for geothermal, natural gas and oil drilling activities. It is the largest land drilling firm globally.

Tony Petrello’s services to the drilling firm did not go unnoticed. The company sought to hire him. He joined them as an executive (Chief Operating Officer). He later took a seat on the board of directors and the board’s executive committee.

Due to his excellence, he later became the firm’s president (1992). His strategic moves in business have placed the company in its current position in the world. For example, with the aim of expansion, Petrello directed the Grace Drilling purchase at $32 million as well as Superior Well Services. Tony is now the CEO of Nabors Industries from October 28, 2011.

Tony’s philanthropic activities.
Apart from carrying out activities in his successful business career, Tony Petrello is also a philanthropist. It came about after he and his wife Cynthia bore a child (Carena) who had a cerebral palsy condition. Carena’s ability to swallow and experience other sensations were affected. She could not eat food till she was seven.

As a result, Tony has engaged in activities to help children with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. He donated $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital and took a seat on its board of trustees.