When Should I WEN

WEN created by hair stylist and colorist Chaz Dean is a conditioning hair cleanser. Chaz recommends using in place of a traditional shampoo which causes the hair to be stripped of moisture and overall color if a hair colorant is used. Chaz notes that it will promote thicker and longer hair over time.

Wen has a creamy rather than frothy consistency and is said to promote shiny and more manageable hair. It also is very fragrant and comes in various sizes with an easy to use pump top.

The woman in the article took a Wen seven day test. Her hair was thin and tended to be greasy. Day 1 She noted her hair appeared more bouncy and with added shine. Day 2 Her roots were very greasy. She typically cleansed her hair in the evening and decided to switch it up to a morning cleanse. Her thin hair typically got limp and the roots greasy on an everyday basis. She however, noted the apparent shine.

An evening out with facebook friends noticed the definite shine aspect of her hair. The woman was pleased with the product although was disappointed that it always returned to a greasy mess the following day. After using the WEN product her hair returned to its former bouncy,shiney state. Next day greasy,limp and needed another WEN fix.