Onboarding, Handy’s Path to Greatness

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are the two founder of the start up cleaning company Handy. Handy is an on demand cleaning service the two started while living together. In early 2016 they were in a bit of a financial crisis one could say. They were looking for more funding but with their new business plan not proving to be successful they were having issues.It seemed as if the big investors were worried they would invest millions in these companies to only see them go under.

Looking for funding they decided to roll out their idea of onboarding across all of their markets. This did not prove to be as successful as they hopped and their fears became true. There was a higher demand for cleaning pros than they could provide so they ended up with many unsatisfied customers, as they had to cancel their request because they couldn’t find anyone to fill them. Handy had seen many of its competitors drop out of the game which brought them a sense of relief but also worried them. They were in a market where there was little competition but they also realized their biggest competitors had lost everything in a short time.

If you look you will see that Handy.com started off with many complaints. This is common in businesses when first starting as mistakes are made, but with a spending of 1.5 million per month Handy’s CEO’s realized this was not something their company could afford and knew they needed to turn their customers into long term profits. They went through many trials eventually leading them to onboarding. Within the first two quarters they had seen a rise in the completion rate by 10 percent compared to the old rate. They have come to terms with knowing it is in the company’s benefit to have humans where they are going to be of the most use. With all that Handy has been through they have proven that they are here to stay. Continually working to improve themselves and become extremely profitable will lead this company to great success.