San Diego-Based Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid Guides Patients In Their Physical Augmentation Journeys

Plastic Surgeon Mark Mofid MD has been helping his patients obtain optimal plastic surgery results at his San Diego office. A graduate of both Harvard and John Hopkins Universities, Dr. Mofid’s techniques have been recognized for their outstanding quality by his colleagues and patients, who describe them pensive, sound and well executed. Prior to performing any surgery, every patient is given a comprehensive, personalized consultation that involves the use of the latest morphing technologies, showing the patients their before and after procedure expected results.

Patients may be unaware of the long term consequences of going with extremely oversized gluteal implants, for instance, and Dr. Mofid’s expertise, resulting from his performance of the procedures, allows him to walk through the technical and time-related aspects to assist his patients with their decision making.

Dr. Mark Mofid stresses the importance of patients’ knowing all of the parameters associated with their medical procedures. He begins with the credentials of the physician, who Dr. Mofid emphasizes, should be board certified, be competent performers of the procedure being performed and perform the procedure in an accredited ambulatory facility for the patients’ safety.

The surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid adds, should be transparent in their dealings able to produce reputable testimonials. The augmentation being performed should be in the top 3 procedures that the plastic surgeon regularly performs. The patient should be confident with the physician and able to speak to her regarding medical issues without reservation. The patient and their doctor have a recovery plan that includes 24 hour access to a doctor or registered nurse in case there is an emergency. Patients should be made aware of what to expect during their recovery from the surgery.

At times Dr. Mofid can find himself at odds with patients who want to exceed reasonable parameters with their requested augmentations. However, to such patients, Dr. Mofid is patient and confident in his medical reasoning and explanations, going over the cons of exceeding the limits of what he will perform on medical and ethical grounds. As a member of both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid’s commitment to the highest standards in his field of practice have produced excellent surgical results.

Life Line Screening – Preventative Health Care Measures

If you’re concerned with some health issues or you just want to check your risk level of certain areas of your health, you can rest assured in finding the right results with Life Line Screening. They have an outstanding line of certified professionals and doctors with years of training. They have dedicated their life to providing services to patients with health concerns. First and foremost, they understand that each patient is different and has different health concerns.

That is why they have a specialized package plan for Screening that is catered to each individual. They will evaluate your past medical history along with your family history to determine the test necessary for your needs. They will not recommend something that you do not need, unless your clarify that you want it. They are committed to helping you prevent health issues from arising so you can live a long life of happiness. If they do find something that needs extra attention, you will receive a detailed report with the findings.

Life Line Screening believes in preventative health measures and strives to improve detection health issues occur. Their three different types of screening methods are key to providing the best preventive measures available on the health care market. Using an ultrasound machine to detect issues using sound waves that are directed towards the problem at hand are one method they use. The ultrasound is used to detect many different diseases that involve heart diseases as well as detection of osteoporosis. It’s a non-invasive procedure that is quick and painless with top grade results. They also can run a full panel health report with a simple blood draw to detect cholesterol levels and glucose levels.

The test is also used to determine the liver enzymes and measure overall health of the liver. An EKG is used for those who need to run tests on the rhythm of their heart and can help detect risk of heart attack, stroke and many other problems. These extensive tests are suggested after a detailed intake process. They will direct you to the testing that is most necessary for your case.

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