Organo Gold The Winning Beverage Company

Organo Gold is a global network marketing company, which is a leading producer and seller of premium coffee and tea. Their products are aimed to change people’s lives through helping them achieve a new level of freedom, balance, and well-being. Organo was started by Richmond, B.C. in Canada in the year 2008. At the beginning, the small coffee shop only had three employees, while today it has hundreds of employees and their products being enjoyed in more than 50 countries, by independent distributors. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Their products are available through ORGANO™, through which customers can receive samples, automated shipping options, individual product sales and discounted sales from the Organo Gold distributors, using the preferred Customers program.

The company is known for its commitment to promoting health and well-being, through the ingredients added in their products that boost the immune system, fight harmful free radicals and increase antioxidants levels.

Organo Gold products

Other than beverages, Organo Gold offers body management and personal care products. This company responsible for the manufacturing of organic coffee has quite a number of beverage varieties, with a touch of different ingredients from Ganoderma, arabica coffee, green tea, grape seed oil and others.

ORGANO™ products are considered special because of the presence of Ganoderma lucidum, “the Gold behind Organo”. This is a type of a mushroom that grows in the tropical regions of Asia, and for years have been used as a herb by the Asian communities, especially for its health benefits.

ORGANO™ sources its fine and natural Ganoderma from China’s Wuyi Mountains, found in the Fuzhuo region.


They transform the product to powder and incorporate it in their diverse products such as some varieties of coffee and the organic green tea, as well as on their personal care products and also in their Nutraceutical products as vegetable supplements.

ORGANO™ business opportunities and promotions

Organo Gold company has distributors of their products in different countries in which they operate and there are always open chances to become one in any of the 50 countries. As a distributor, making an extra income is not a hard task, and the company gives payouts to those in business with them in seven different ways.

These ways include:

  • Retail profit, a 50% profit gotten from making sales to retail customers, paid daily or weekly.
  • Fast track bonus, for selling any of their promotional product pack.
  • Dual team bonus
  • unilevel bonus, earned from a group’s generated product orders and reorders.
  • Unilevel matching bonus
  • generational bonus and
  • global bonus pool.

They also offer discounted monthly shipments to their customers in the Preferred Customers Program which is available in Africa, Europe, Oceania, America and Asia. Watch this video on Youtube.