Using The Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Everyone has a hair regimen. Whether you use specific brands, or try new ones each and every month, it can be costly to purchase these items. There is a product available on called the Wen cleansing conditioner that includes shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment in one product, and it is sweeping the nation. Since Chaz Dean became a big deal, Wen products have really taken off. He is a celebrity hair professional, residing in Hollywood, and dealing with some of our favorite A-list actresses. Chaz Dean has been doing hair for over thirty years and is highly trusted by anyone who loves their hair.

One young lady decided to try Wen out, after seeing the YouTube ads and hearing all the great things about it.  She did the experiment with the intentions of getting some volume but, in the end, she gained so much more. Though, you have to use quite a bit of the product, you only need the one Wen cleansing conditioner instead of several. What started out as a little added volume, turned into a whole different head of hair by the end of her week long experiment.

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