Sanjay Shah Rocking Autism

Sanjay Shah is a UK-based billionaire whose parents immigrated from East Africa in the early 1960s. He has been in the financial investment sector for about 23 years now. Sanjay Shah studied medicine at the Kings College but was not able to work as a doctor. He joined the many medical student deserters to work for an investment bank. The first investment bank that employed Shah was Meryl Lynch. Shah was to work with a series of banks and financial investment companies until 2009 when the economic crisis impacted on his career. The economic crisis made him redundant and, therefore, had to quit employment. He started Solo Capital investment which is now a big company in the United Kingdom’s stock market.
Shah was passive in charity issues and had been supporting ongoing programs through monthly funding. He earned more focus and determination to venture into charity after doctors diagnosed his son with autism in the year 2011. It was ten that Shah thought of doing something that would help other children who were suffering from autism. His son had been lucky to have a billionaire parent. Autism medication and therapies are expensive. It needs one to have a lot of money for them to be able to get the appropriate type of drugs for autism.
Sanjay Shah attributes many factors to his self-employment. He says that he was uncomfortable working for other brokerage companies while he had what it takes to start and manage his business. The commuting from home to work was one stressing factor to him. During his days as an employee, he longed for that moment in time when he could have his company where Shah controlled the organization from wherever he could be,
Shah founded Autism Rocks five years ago and thanks to his management, it has been able to support autism research. The organization is hoping to invite more donors to support the organization finically. Autism Rocks will continue to raise awareness and funds for autism programs through the concerts staged in different parts of the world.