OSI Group’s Global Success and Unique Product Development

It’s no secret that, here in America, we love our food. It’s fun to try new things, and even take pictures of meals to post on social media. Whether we are at a restaurant or picking up great ingredients to cook meals at home, we don’t always consider where it comes from. Well, maybe we should start. It is worthwhile to know about the industry leaders; for example, most people likely don’t realize that they have probably been enjoying OSI Group products for a decade or more.

OSI Group is one of the highest-ranked names in food production, serving us all quality meats and vegetables; not to mention, creating countless jobs all over the globe due to their constant successful expansion. Aurora, Illinois hosts the company’s main headquarters, but OSI Group’s reach is global. David McDonald, President, and Sheldon Lavin, CEO, have led the company through expansion and acquisitions in America and Europe. One example is the acquisition of Dutch food production company Baho Food, which was, at the time, providing food to 18 European countries. Under Lavin’s and McDonald’s leadership, the location’s production, sales, and jobs will increase.

In 2016, OSI Group similarly bought out Flagship Europe to take control of their poultry, condiments, and pie production, with plans for new opportunities. The global expansion of the food production industry leader is quite impressive, but the group has other tasks it focuses on as well, particularly including maintaining a positive domestic presence in the U.S. A Tyson food plant, which was near to being closed down for good, is one example of OSI Group’s domestic reach, as the acquisition of the Chicago plant saved roughly 500 jobs.

Equally as impressive as the group’s rate of growth is its market longevity. McDonald cites an importance in local consumer engagement as one of the keys to their success, which is even more imperative to keep in line with their various locations and local tastes. OSI’s success is largely based on its ability to market and develop products carefully and uniquely, based on location. Of course, a standardized production that ensures safe, quality food items doesn’t hurt either.

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OSI Group Develops Worldwide

OSI Group is showing a continuous arc of development for the past more than 20 years. David McDonald is on the forefront in ensuring the company grows to become a world class organization. After finishing college, McDonald developed his career working at OSI. At first, the individual served as the project manager for over three decades before becoming the president and chief operating officer. OSI Group is the leading processor in the food industry. The firm started as a butcher shop operated by the German immigrants in the 20th century in Chicago. After some time, the group became one of the major regional meat suppliers for the McDonald’s restaurant chain.

David McDonald grew up in the northeast Iowa farm where he studied at Iowa State University graduating with the bachelor’s degree in animal science. During his study, McDonald acquired the Wallace Barron Outstanding Award. The honor recognizes seniors who play a role in community activities, show academic excellence, and are willing to remain as alumni. Today, McDonald runs the most powerful privately owned food processing company globally. The leader takes part in support of the university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. The leader is a primary financial supporter of the Alpha Gamma Rho for the scholarship programs. Also, the leader established the best internship opportunities for the students of ISU.

Today, OSI Group employs more than 20,000 workers in over 70 facilities located in more than 30 nations globally. As of 2016, the company’s estimated net-worth amounted to $6.1 billion. The group managed the purchase of the Tyson Food Plant. The move ensured an improved service to North America. In 2017, the OSI Group acquired the Flagship Europe that helped the company to be the primary food distributor in the entire region of the United Kingdom. OSI recent achievement is the acquisition of the controlling power in Baho, which has subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands.McDonald’s vision for the company is to maintain its status as the leading food suppliers in the entire world. The firm purposes to provide affordable, value-added, and consistent products to loyal customers. In the last five years, OSI Group received the Global of Honor Award three times from the British Safety Council.

David McDonald: Reshaping OSI Group’s Operational Model

When Otto Kolschowsky and Sons came together and opened a small butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois, at the beginning of the 20th century, they aspired to transform it into a successful business specializing in retailing and wholesaling meat. However, early successes paled in comparison to its current status as a global leader in the supply of frozen meat and processed and value-added products. Moreover, the company has grown into one of the world’s largest private corporations regarding the revenue and operational footprint. One of the leading figures credited for the company’s recent successes is David McDonald: an animal science specialist who joined the company as a project manager and currently serves as its COO and president.

McDonald’s Contribution to OSI Group’s Growth

Over the last thirty years David McDonald has served as the company’s president, he has spearheaded the transformation of the firm’s operational model by partnerships, acquisitions, and expansion of the production capacity of existing processing plants. A visionary with excellent ability to identify and new invest opportunities, Mr. McDonald can be credited with OSI Group’s strong presence in the expansive Chinese food market. Under McDonald’s leadership, OSI Group expanded its presence in the country by increasing its processing capacity in the local Chinese market. OSI Group currently boasts of 10 facilities in the country. The facilities specialize in poultry products. OSI Group’s market leadership in China was exemplified in 2008 when the company became one of the leading suppliers of food products for athletes staying in the Beijing Olympic Village. According to David McDonald, success in such new territories has been achieved through localization of the organizational culture which has helped in gaining the trust of local customers.

Pursuing an Expansion Agenda

Since becoming OSI Group’s president in 1987, David McDonald has pursued an expansion agenda at the food company marked by acquisitions and partnerships to grow the company’s presence domestically and overseas. One of the latest acquisitions by the company is Baho Foods. Acquired in 2016 together with its subsidiaries, Baho Foods will increase OSI product range, operational reach, and production capacity. The company also acquired a new plant in Chicago from Tyson Foods in a deal worth over $7 million.



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Expansion and Global Growth of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is currently at the peak in the world market as food processing and provider. It has over 100 years in the industry, and all through has been offering quality services to the clients. OSI has expanded its services to various countries approximately 17 where more than 20,000 employees have been employed. The beginning of OSI Industries was humble and has been able to grow and develop to its current corporate state. OSI started as a retailer meat store, and as time goes, it scaled to opening larger wholesale for meat production.

It is significant to understand that the current OSI had a different transition from the family business that was wholly managed by family members to be controlled by other people. And it was in 1975 when the management changed since there was a great advancement in technology in OSI to fit the needs and market nature. Since the initial founders of OSI were retiring, Sheldon Lavin joined these industries as a partner because he was working with them as the firm investment consultant.

Lavin was the 1980s appointed to be the CEO and chairman of the firm. The contribution that he had in the OSI industries was attributed to his experience in the executive positions in the banking sector. Therefore, he used the skills and experience he had to transform the company enabling it to be leading in the market. The Forbes listed OSI among top 100 companies in the United States that have recorded sales of over $6.1 billion.

In order for a given company to effectively serve their customers, they need to consider strategies to implement to reach their customers. Therefore, OSI ensured that it is exploring the world market for meat products by opening lots of offices to ensure convenience to customers. That was a grand strategy towards taking the competitive advantage in the industry.

Furthermore, there are lots of food companies that OSI industries have acquired such as Baho Food amongst many more. The acquisition is timely and beneficial to the development and growth of OSI since it explores new markets easily without struggling. Also, there is a record of winning awards such as California Green Business Award that is given by British Safety Council. It is an award that is honored to companies that have better management of their environmental risk. The largest and leading corporate company, OSI, is impacting and challenging other competitors in the meat products industry due to its fast growth.

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The overwhelming growth of the OSI Industries

OSI Industries is food processing company based in Aurora, Illinois, U.S. .it was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky and has over 20,000 employees worldwide. The company has an unwavering dedication to customer service. This has made it the worlds leading premier global food provider. Its clients trust the OSI Industries to deliver the best food solutions for product development and processing needs. These solutions offer quality, quantity and modern processes as it reduces costs. The company has Sheldon Lavin as their CEO and Chairperson and David McDonald as its president.

The OSI Industries started as a joined venture with McDonald’s fast foods. It was first named Otto & Sons company. Ray Krock; the owner of the McDonald’s restaurant had a handshake with Otto’s sons- Arthur and Harry – to be the first franchise supplier of ground beef. This made Otto $ Sons the priority of McDonald’s. Otto & Sons got the pressure of producing consistent, affordable and consumable products that could be carried for a long distance and stay fresh for a longer period. As McDonald’s grew, Otto & Sons did too. The company later changed its name to OSI Industries and became the largest companies in the U.S. It was ranked #58 in 2016’s Forbes magazine list of firms with over $6.1 billion in sales.

The company has outlets in many countries like Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Mexico among others. It partnered with Nation Pizza and Foods and had other clients apart from McDonald’s. These are; Papa John’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Yum, Subway among others. In the 1990s, the OSI Industries expanded to Australia, China, and India. For the past decade, the company has continued to supply products like sausages, pizza, hamburger patties among others.

It has partnered with JC Comsa; a Japanese company dealing with dough products, it also has opened a poultry products line in Weihai, China. The company has also focused on Europe. It has opened a beef production company in Ostroda, Poland. Another joined venture was created with Pickstock and Germany in the U.K. OSI has also acquired companies like Basho foods, Tyson Foods, and several others.

The company has focused on sustainability in food products. It uses new technology in food safety and production. As it partners with clients, the company aims at developing new and best products that ensure good consumer feedback. The OSI Industries has won many awards due to their environmental protection policies. Some other awards are; California Green Business awards, Globe of Honor, Environmental Recognition Award among others.


How Does OSI Group Create Better Food Products Every Day?

OSI Group is one of the largest food producers in the world, and they have grown their company every year using the same principles that are used with other large brands. They are using natural ingredients to create their products, and they are looking for simple ways to help their clients receive the food they want. This article explains how the company does its work, and there is a look at how they have become such a big company.

#1: OSI Group Has Many Facilities Around The World

There are quite a lot of people who are employed by OSI group, and the facilities around the world are the most-advanced in the industry. OSI Group wishes to keep up with the volume they have, and they are picking up new customers every day through their website. They are building a site and company that is quite easy to work with, and online orders are now more common than ever.

#2: They Have Purchased Other Firms And Plants

OSI Group now owns an old Tyson Foods plant, and they have purchased Baho Foods to ensure they may meet the needs of their customers. Baho Foods gives OSI Group more reach, and they will inherit customers who will be happy to continue with the firm. Everyone who orders from the company is expecting the finest foods in the industry, and they will receive them through a sustainability program OSI Group uses.

#3: The Company Uses Sustainable Methods

There are quite a few plants within the OSI Group family, and the group has built a lovely sustainability system that helps the business use less resources every day. They recover water and resources in their plants, and they use the most-sustainable transportation options for every order. The company is looking for ways to ensure it is responsible with what it has, and sustaining better operations makes the company healthier for the planet.

OSI Group customers are given an incredible food product with every order, and they will find it much easier to feed all their eaters in better ways. Someone who is searching for a way to make their life better must ensure they have taken a look at what OSI Group offers. They may serve incredible food to the people in their cafeterias, and they will have the confidence the food was made in a sustainable way that is good for the eater and the planet.

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