How Rocketship Charter Schools Can Change Your Child’s Life

Rocketship Public Schools believes every child has the right to develop and discover their individual potential. They are a non-profit organization of public elementary schools that help young students excel. Families that live in low-income households should never have to sacrifice their children’s education. Rocketship strives to take meaningful risks that help students reach ambitious goals. They provide personalized learning plans that encourage each child to meet or exceed their true potential. The charter schools work with parents to assist with their children’s education within the home. Rocketship rotates between four different content blocks each day, unlike other elementary schools. The learning programs are: Enrichment, STEM, Humanities and Learning Lab. Each content block is taught by a teacher who specializes in that particular program.

The teachers at Rocketship Education collaborate together to come up with lesson plans, classroom strategies and ways to engage the parents. Rocketship uses a combination of methods when it comes to teaching such as: small group tutoring, independent learning and online learning tools led by teacher instruction.

Each Rocketship charter school offers a variety of classes like gardening, nutrition, art, music and dance. They call their students “Rocketeers” and pride themselves on helping them thrive in life by teaching them character and critical thinking skills. Once a year, the teachers at Rocketship visit the homes of their students to better understand their family life and outside experiences. Each campus has a business operations manager, an office manager, a principal and two assistant principals. The grade levels are from Kindergarten through fifth grade. Unfortunately, those less fortunate in our country are at a disadvantage when it comes to education. Rocketship charter schools are doing everything they can to change all of that. Currently, you can find a Rocketship school in the Bay Area, CA., Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington D.C.