The Chainsmokers Nab Diamond Certificaion for Album

New York based EDM duo the Chainsmokers can now add diamond certification to their ever widening list of accolades. The duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart first appeared on the mainstream in 2014 with hit single “#Selfie”, now four years later they have a diamond certified single to their credit. The single, “Closer” was the duos first smash hit. A catchy song featuring up-and-comer Halsey the single made a huge splash on its initial release. The single first graced the public in 2016, since that time it has sold around 10 million units.

Pall and Taggart revealed the covetous accolade through Instagram, joining pictures of them holding matching plaques. The pictures were joined by images of Halsey holding a plaque of her own. This momentous award comes on the heels of five hit single releases for the group this year, as well as their first album “Memories… Do Not Open” nabbing the third longest-running none-consecutive album slot. “Closer” which collected a huge smattering of awards in its initial debut is also a title holder. It is the fourth longest-running No 1. in the history of the U.S. Now that it has gone diamond, which essentially is ten time platinum, the duo and lead singer can make congratulatory rounds.

The Chainsmokers have always sought to set themselves apart. Never adhering to the standards for typical EDM DJs, Pall and Taggart have created their own niche. Whether it is their live mix performances, self-written lyrics, or Taggart on lead vocals, the Chainsmokers are always pushing EDM boundaries. The success of Closer is indicative of how well this choice has paid off. In an interview Pall decried that one of the biggest hurdles the band faces is staying relevant. Diamond certification is a clear example that they have nothing to worry about.

The track also got the duo nominated for a Grammy, although they did not win that year. As for Halsey the diamond certification is a thrilling feather in the cap. The singer was just making rounds when “Closer” came along, and it proved to be her first real hit.

Alex Pall Discusses His Career with the Chainsmokers

Nobody is quite sure how the Chainsmokers managed to go from obscurity to widespread fame in such a short period of time but they have nevertheless become a staple of pop culture. Now that they’ve permeated the cultural zeitgeist, Alex Pall sat down to discuss the origins of the DJ and production duo and where they plan to go in the future of their career. Mathias Rosenzweig recently asked him how the Chainsmokers came to be and how they’ve handled their fame and fortune over the years. The two first met in the big apple when Taggart was attending the local university and Pall was taking various DJ gigs throughout the city. It was Pall’s manager who first introduced them and, from there on in, they started working together on a daily basis.

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Within a few years, they had released their first hit single, Selfie. One hit single led to another and, before either of them knew what was happening, they had achieved widespread success. What’s unique about them is the fact that Alex Pall actually sings on their own songs but he insists it’s necessary to capture the essence of the mood within the track. He then went on to discuss their collaborations. He was particularly happy collaborating with Halsey, stating she’s a unique artist with a strong sense of individuality. She’s the type of artists with whom they would prefer to work with on future tracks and albums.

He then went on to discuss their audience. While their demographic used to be relegated to college students, it has since widened to include people of all ages and they don’t take a single bit of their fame for granted. As for their live shows, they’re constantly changing and evolving alongside the music industry. He’s also particularly proud of the fact that, unlike some singers, they actually do sing live during their concerts. And, rather than taking a hiatus, they fully intend to continue making music for as long as possible as they realize it wouldn’t be the same otherwise. So we wish them the best of luck in their future.