Lovaganza Announcement for the much awaited World Wide Cinerama

About Lovaganza
The Lovaganza Cinerama is organized into two well-defined protocols. One entity is a profit making foundation known as Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise offers worldwide recreation to encourage and excite its fans by integrating diverse cultures from around the world in its entertainment events.

The second entity is a not for profit organization known as the Lovaganza Foundation. Its principal goals are to utilize the prosperity of Lovaganza entertainment Franchise to create a definite influence in the event of reinforcing worldwide and regional creativity.

The 2020 Global Celebration
Lovaganza, an epitome Cinerama, is looking forward to host a four-month international celebration that will take place across the world from May 2020.

The event of Lovaganza is intended to feature cultures from around the world through entertainment, portraits, expositions, and live events. The primary aim of this event is to promote a spirit of unity and peace.

The event was earlier planned to happen in 2015 but was postponed to May 2020 on consideration of various issues. The event incorporates a plan that aims to assimilate the newest entertainment technologies and the most advanced ideas in the creativity industry. The assimilation was geared to make the experience from the event unforgettable.

Lovaganza Traveling Show
Before the event, the Lovaganza has organized a Traveling Show set to happen in 2017. The show will raise awareness of the 2020 commemoration. The 2017 Traveling Show will feature a representative of Lovaganza’s cinematic glass-less 3D output. In addition, major motion pictures that will be featured in the 2020 event will be publicized in the shows. The pictures will be observed through the glass- free 3D technology alongside the standard 3D and 2D auditoriums.

The initial footage of a series of three tragedies has been released in countries such as France, Spain, and United States. Later on, the trilogy is expected to be shot in Africa, India and the rest of the world. The film will also be launched in the course of the Lovaganza Traveling expedition. It will be televised on Interscope screens with the aim to give viewers an unprecedented experience.

The Lovaganza 2020 Global celebration displays the future of entertainment. Besides the fun, it will promote unity and peace.

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Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.