Andrew Rolfe’s Contribution Towards Supporting The Needy Children In The Society

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a respected organization that is dedicated to helping the disadvantaged children in the society. Since its inception in 1999, the Fund has supported more than 400,000 children from different families in Africa. Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula and Jacob Lief are the founders of the corporation. Jacob and Banks have continued to work hard to ensure that they provide needy children with their basic needs. To this end, they established a school campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. At first, they provided the children with education. However, they realized that the children were not interested in education.

Together, they decided to conduct research with the objective of unearthing the underlying problems. The final report indicated that HIV and hunger were preventing them from realizing their dreams in the classroom. This way, Malizole and Jacob decided to establish a clinic that would cater for the children’s healthcare needs. They also provided the children with food. This way, children started concentrating in class and excelling in their exams.

Recently, the Ubuntu Fund organized a funds drive in London. The objective of the gala dinner was to raise funds for purposes of enhancing the Fund’s operations. Andrew Rolfe played an instrumental role in organizing for entertainment and food. All the 300 guests enjoyed the event. This way, they raised over £603,000. Notably, the occasion attracted renowned entrepreneurs and philanthropists. In addition, Jacob Lief was among the people who graced the invitation-only event.

According to the Fund, this money shall be used for developing a modern and a large pediatric clinic. Moreover, some resources would go towards expanding the capacity of the campus. Once these undertakings have been successfully completed, the management of the Fund would allow many other needy children to join the institution.

About Andrew Rolfe

As the chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew has played a pivotal role in offering transformative leadership. His insights have enabled the Fund to raise resources from different quotas with the sole purpose of helping many needy children in the society.

The graduate of the esteemed University of Oxford has vast experience in management and leadership. This is because he has rendered his services for various companies, including the Gap, PepsiCo Restaurants International and Pret A. Manger.