Why Do We Use FreedomPop Phones At Our Company?

I wanted the cell phones with our company to be a perk that people could enjoy, but I could not pick phones that would cost too much. I had to go with something that we could afford, and that is when I ran across FreedomPop. They have an unlimited phone plan for $20 a month, and that is nothing when we hand out the phones to our employees. We could expand the staff by 50%, and we would still have enough money to spend on the phones we get from FreedomPop, and we want to make sure that everyone has a phone they can use exclusively if that is what they want to do. Learn more: http://gizmodo.com/tag/freedompop

These are incredible phones that we get to choose from, and we actually let everyone choose when they join the staff. That means that they get to have a phone that really works for them, and then they can use it as much as they want. We all have one of these phones, and they work great. I also found the wifi plan that they offer for overseas travel. We have people who are traveling to Spain soon to work with a client, and I got that wifi plan for them so they could work without a problem.

We have made sure that we are saving money and producing the best work of our careers with phones that were provided by the people at FreedomPop. They have made it easy for us to save money, and they made it even easier to pick out phones. We are able to spend a small amount of money on every phone, and then we never worry about how much it costs. This is easily one of the best things we have done for our business, and it benefits everyone. Maybe this FreedomPop review will convince you, too.