The dating application industry is a booming market bringing innovation and newfound strategies to an age-old practice. Whitney Wolfe, CEO of the dating application Bumble, directed primarily towards women, is no stranger to innovation. The most recent change with the application is the implementation of a snooze feature allowing users to pause their activity. This sets Bumble aside from other dating applications as it focuses more on the user, and their ability to freely control their activity.

Whitney Wolfe, leading a company with a workforce consisting of 85 percent female employees, has begun helping similar companies by establishing the Bumble Fund, a venture capital fund. As a means of driving the success of female led businesses, Bumble will commit more than $1 million to the fund, making individual investments in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $250,000.

The focus of Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Fund will be to help businesses managed by women of color as well as women from underrepresented groups. Venture funding numbers for startups in 2017 were not impressive. Women of color received 0.2 percent; despite the fact, black women are the country’s most educated group. For more latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

Another part of Whitney Wolfe’s progressive move is to assist companies led and founded by females with valuable information and consultation. Bumble has shown that competition does not surpass the element of empowerment in business; rather it enhances the drive to be successful as a collaborative, synergistic collective led by females not afraid to rise above the old, archaic perceptions of females in business. Not only are they breaking the glass ceiling, they are shattering it.

The application, Bumble, founded in 2014, has received enormous success with 37 million users allowing only women to start a conversation with a match. The reason behind this method is to allow for empowerment of the female, therefore not waiting for the male to make initial contact. Through innovation and expertise, Bumble and the Bumble Fund are driving the future of female led businesses.

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Barbara Stokes Helps to Create Environmentally Friendly Homes for Displaced Families through Green Structure Homes

There may be a handful of people who can say that they have never been affected by a natural disaster, while others have experienced multiples. Distress and challenges are always faced when a natural disaster occurs. Some families have lost everything from their home, their jobs, their life investments, and more. Death tolls also accumulate during a natural disaster, which can easily add to the challenges and mental clarity which comes with a natural disaster. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Green Structure Homes, a company based out of Huntsville, Alabama, helps to reduce the stress of families attempting to figure out their next move to obtain the stability that they once had by providing off site manufactured housing solutions that can be easily relocated and set up at any destination. These structures are not trailer-like, or considered a mobile home, they are small homes that are built to the customized needs of the family, which can include one, two, three, or more bedrooms. These solutions came to life from a dream that Barbara Stokes and her husband dove into in 2011. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

As a 2001 Mercer University graduate, Barbara Stokes had concentrated on obtaining a biomedical engineering and physics degrees. However, there were other areas of interest that she studied such as management, thermodynamics, technical communications, and manufacturing. With the information and skills brought about by these studies deeply engraved into her, she held jobs with Boeing and Pisces Corporation that gave her the experience in management, manufacturing, and working side by side on government contracts.

All of Stokes’ experience and expertise with previous positions and studies brought about the idea of creating a solution for a growing, unavoidable, issue – natural disasters. Although it will not prevent future disasters from occurring, Green Structure Homes, or GSH, will be able to provide families who have suffered great losses from such disasters with affordable living arrangements that they once again can call home.

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