North Korea Condemns Yeonmi Park Amidst Park’s Rise.

North Korea has become almost mythical thanks to their disregard for basic human rights and a lack of sensibility in the world of global politics. North Korea is a ticking bomb that broods loudly, fenced behind their need for welfare from other countries and their distaste for anything beyond their border. Nothing regularly escapes this country, not people or news, but when a resident manages to defect they become a target of Pyongyang and the government. Yeonmi Park was a young girl, just 13 years old, when she escaped across the Yalu River before being summarily swept up into a torturous adventure that would test her very ability to survive. Now Pyongyang is coming after Park, according to
When a defector manages to escape North Korea they typically tend to go underground, metaphorically speaking. Once you’ve escaped the oppressive regime you don’t want to drag any more attention to yourself. Vocal defectors have a habit of getting poisoned, killed, or smeared so badly that their own families back home tend to hate them. Park didn’t stay quiet. In fact, the porcelain skinned young woman penned a book detailing her journey from inside the borders of North Korea and throughout here years stuck inside of human trafficking, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.

The Amazon released book is a heartbreaking tale, completely true, that details how Park grew up in complete starvation mode inside of North Korea. Inside of its pages Park talks about how her father was dragged off to a forced labor camp and how her mother was routinely assaulted in front of her own eyes. She tells of a government that was everywhere and nowhere all at once, making you paranoid to ever speak lest you say something that would somehow condemn you in the eyes of the oppressive regime.

Despite all of Park’s reasons to fear Pyongyang she hasn’t backed down. Park is becoming a vocal leader in the movement for human rights across the globe and especially in her home country. Park wants to make her journey the last of its kind and she’s speaking out to make it happen. Pyongyang and the rest of the North Korean government is doing everything they can to discredit her.