Robert Ivy and Tools for Professional Architects

AIA Membership Growth

With the ever-growing number of associations, both trade and professional, in the United States of America, there is no wonder why a struggling number of professionals run to these associations for support. The American Society of Association Executives reported in 2010 that more professionals are becoming associated with these trade and professional associations. Robert Ivy, who heads the American Institute of Architects, has made it part of his tenure as CEO and Vice President, to increase the number of AIA memberships in his tenure. Since 2011, when Robert Ivy began his leadership role in AIA, the number of groups at AIA has increased to 90,000. With a strong internet presence, a plethora of tools and relevant professional knowledge, AIA is making a strong statement about the way a professional organization can make its way in the age of the internet. According to Robert Ivy, the main reason why those seeking to grow in their profession become associated with a Professional organization is identity by association. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Professional Growth and Support Tools

A landmark difference between a trade and professional association is the amount of time given to providing professional data to its members which helps them to grow in their professional career. Trade association generally spend more time attracting more members, while a professional association uses its resources, finances from subscriptions, donations, grants, and gifts, to increase the careers of its members. Professional organizations use several tools to bring professional information and skills to its members. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter. First, there is usually a professional journal and newsletters run by its members with a budget for both attracting authors and writers. Second, a professional organization like Robert Ivy and the AIA offers free newsletters and a website to keep its members abreast of update and vital information, as well as news about developments in its professional field. Lastly, a professional organization has monthly, quarterly and yearly conference and conferences where members can come together to share their expert knowledge. Often these professional organizations, like AIA have awards ceremonies which distinguish the leaders in its field or those who have contributed to the organization in specific ways and notably served society.