Barbara Stokes Helps to Create Environmentally Friendly Homes for Displaced Families through Green Structure Homes

May 11, 2018 @ 3:32 pm

There may be a handful of people who can say that they have never been affected by a natural disaster, while others have experienced multiples. Distress and challenges are always faced when a natural disaster occurs. Some families have lost everything from their home, their jobs, their life investments, and more. Death tolls also accumulate during a natural disaster, which can easily add to the challenges and mental clarity which comes with a natural disaster. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Green Structure Homes, a company based out of Huntsville, Alabama, helps to reduce the stress of families attempting to figure out their next move to obtain the stability that they once had by providing off site manufactured housing solutions that can be easily relocated and set up at any destination. These structures are not trailer-like, or considered a mobile home, they are small homes that are built to the customized needs of the family, which can include one, two, three, or more bedrooms. These solutions came to life from a dream that Barbara Stokes and her husband dove into in 2011. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

As a 2001 Mercer University graduate, Barbara Stokes had concentrated on obtaining a biomedical engineering and physics degrees. However, there were other areas of interest that she studied such as management, thermodynamics, technical communications, and manufacturing. With the information and skills brought about by these studies deeply engraved into her, she held jobs with Boeing and Pisces Corporation that gave her the experience in management, manufacturing, and working side by side on government contracts.

All of Stokes’ experience and expertise with previous positions and studies brought about the idea of creating a solution for a growing, unavoidable, issue – natural disasters. Although it will not prevent future disasters from occurring, Green Structure Homes, or GSH, will be able to provide families who have suffered great losses from such disasters with affordable living arrangements that they once again can call home.

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