Andrew Rocklage: a Law Man Turned Business Man

August 6, 2017 @ 5:44 am

About Andrew Rocklage

Andrew Rocklage is both a businessman and a lawyer. He graduated from Suffolk University Law School and the Isenberg School of Management. His name is well recognized in the law industry. While attending law school, Andrew was involved in the Transnational Law Review.

Andrew Rocklage’s Career

Andrew has had a successful career both in law and in business. He is the owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. The park is considered one of the most well known indoor trampoline park. However, Andrew did not start his career at the top. He might have gone to some of the most prestigious schools in the country, but at the beginning of his career, Andrew Rocklage started off by doing internships.

He was an intern at the Major League Lacrosse. After this internship, he acquired a position as a law clerk and a legal consultant. He later started working as a corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals.

However, the law industry did not excite Andrew Rocklage as much. He wanted to explore the business world and hence, when he got the chance to work with Sky Zone, he quickly took it. He is now the owner of the Sky Zone in Tampa Bay.

Though his main center of business is the Sky Zone Trampoline, Andrew is considered an innovator. He is highly respected in the Boston area due to his good business skills. He loves to research and has a good eye when it comes to business.

He uses his knowledge of the law to help him become successful in his business. He has in depth knowledge in corporate litigation and has been able to assist a number of businesses.


Andrew Rocklage’s success story is a clear indication that age does not really matter when it comes to success. Anyone can succeed if only they work a little harder and think smart.

Andrew’s major accomplishment is the successful management of Sky Zone Trampoline. He ensures that the people he hires are professional and can relate with the customers.

In recent news, Andrew Rocklage has revealed that he plans on opening another indoor trampoline park in Daytona Beach. The park will cost approximately $1.8 million. According to Rocklage, the park will hire three managers and 70 crew members. Currently, Andrew is in still in negotiation as he seeks a potential site for this park.

Andrew Rocklage loves traveling and his favorite book is How to Win Friend and Influence People. He is creating a name for himself in the business industry. Though he mainly operates in Boston, Andrew is slowly venturing out of Boston area to other states within the nation. His competence and brilliance have made him a force to reckon with.

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