Alex Pall and his Role at the Chain Smokers.

December 14, 2018 @ 1:39 am

The DJ is one of the artists that make up the group known as the Chain Smokers. The band was formed in 2014. Alex Pall’s partner is known as Andrew Taggart. The duo rose to fame when they released their first hit song which was titled as Selfie. Other hit songs that Alex Pall has released include Paris and Closer. He was recently interviewed by the Interview Magazine to talk about his career and his experience as a partner at the Chain Smokers band. During that discussion, he highlighted some of the changes and developments that their fans should expect in the future. Mr. Pall disclosed that he has always had the passion to become a professional DJ since his tender age. Before he partnered with Andrew Taggart to form a band, he worked at an art gallery.

Despite having a job at the art gallery, he felt that he could get more satisfaction by joining the music industry. The DJ’s manager at the time introduced him to his current partner. The two were determined to make an impact in the music industry and did not waste time to start utilizing their talents and growing their brand. Over the years, the duo has partnered with several other artists on various projects. Alex Pall revealed that one of the artists that he was pleased to work with was Halsey in making the hit song titled Closer. When asked about how Instagram has helped them to interact with their audience, Mr. Pall pointed that the platform has enabled the group to see their reactions on various projects. According to him, their audience mainly consists of people of the ages of 16-25.

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Alex Pall’s role at the Chain Smokers has been crucial to its growth. He has helped the group to develop interesting lyrics that have become very popular among their fans. Some of the songs that made him rise to fame as a talented music writer include Roses and Don’t Let Me Down. According to Alex Pall, the melody and the lyrics are equally important for every artist when selling songs. He urges musicians not to focus on the beat only to ensure that they make more sales over time.

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