Harry Harrison Career and Business Owner

Harry Harrison worked in the investment banking industry for decades. During his career, he was able to take on additional responsibilities, and he received multiple promotions. However, he decided to leave the corporate workplace to start a company.

Before he left his former company, Harry worked hard on his business idea. His wife is an entrepreneur, and she was able to provide quality advice on how to start and manage a company.


Harry has an impressive educational background. He graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in economics. Although he enjoyed the subject, he decided to broaden his education by earning a degree in philosophy. Some people thought he was crazy for earning a degree in philosophy. However, he firmly believes the degree has helped him use logic in business environments.


Working at an investment bank is an exciting career. However, the profession also requires a lot of long days and high levels of stress. Many people get burned out after spending a few years in the field.

Harry enjoyed working with his clients. He was also able to amass significant wealth through his position.

Starting a Company

Harry believes that the financial services industry will completely change in the coming years. Numerous customers are tired of paying exorbitant fees for minor transactions. Harry’s company provides various services that make the banking and investing process less expensive.

Harry was recently interviewed about his experience as an entrepreneur. Although he says he is excited about his company, he admits that running a company can be stressful. Over the next few months, Harry’s company will launch new services for customers to utilize. He thinks these new services will lead to higher sales and profits for his business. Harry also writes online content about starting companies. Anyone who wants to learn how to start a company should read his articles.

Stocks Investments Titan: Paul Mampilly

Making money doesn’t have to be complicated and hard as you have always thought it should be. Good guidance on wise investments would help turn everything around. Paul Mampilly is among the best person to listen to when it comes to issues concerning stocks. Besides, he was able to generate 76% returns in two years by making $88 million from $50 million. The shocker is that this happened during the 2009 financial crisis. This is not the only success Paul Mampilly has had, his time in Wall Street was great.

Paul Mampilly is currently writing for Banyan Hills Publishing. He is keen on following any changes that happen in the financial markets. He has helped many people understand what investing in cryptocurrency mean in lame man’s language. He understands that not many people understand the financial language.

It is easy to trust our mind and intuition when it comes to decision making. When this is right, Paul Mampilly says that criticizing our decisions can be very helpful. With the motivation to see the glass as half full and not half empty continues, many investors are blind and miss the important points. Mampilly says that before he recommends any stock, he thinks of anything that might be wrong with it. He also thinks of the negative things that people would say about the stock to see that he makes no mistakes.

How we think and how we manage our work can make a big difference in the results we get. Mampilly says that one strategy that he follows is to see that he prioritizes his customers. He adds that prioritizing the income leads to problems in your plan evaluation. He also values teamwork and working with people with beautiful minds and hearts.

Mampilly says that he has encountered multiple failures in his career. However, he says that is the nature of being an investor. There are times that you keep doing something wrong and see you might end up bankrupt if you keep doing the same thing. He advises investors to remember that the market is speculative, and they may fail. It is critical to ask yourself whether the market has changed and whether your services are still relevant to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Speaks About The Success Of Jd.com

Richard Liu was part of the 2018 world economic forum that was held in Dallas. The CEO and founder of JD.com was keen on getting a feel of what investors and business leaders the world over were working on. He gave an interview and told the whole world how he built business from scratch to become a world leader in the online business market.

According to Forbes’ reports, Richard Liu is worth $11billion while his firm is worth $57.6 billion. JD.com raises its revenue through different a host of channels including investments in Fartech, a luxury fashion company. As of mid 2017, JD.com had put in $397 million in the China based firm.

Richard Liu Qiangdong studied sociology and graduated in 1996 from Renmin University. He later enrolled in the International Business School of China where he earned an EMBA. As an undergraduate student he learned how to code and did a couple of freelance jobs with his programming skills. After school, Richard Liu spent two years at Japan Life. He served them in different capacities and at one point, he the directed the business and computer departments.

After gaining considerable experience he started his own business in Beijing. His shop dealt with magneto-optical products and served clients from all walks of life. In five years time, Jingdong had 12 new stores under his name. The outbreak of SARS in 2003 threatened the success of his business empire as clients remained indoors. Rather than lament about his misfortune, Richard Liu began to exploit potential solutions to the new challenge.

He established JD.com the following year as he sought to try his hand in the online market. In 2005, Richard Liu Qiangdong shut down all his physical outlets and focused solely on the e-commerce business. Aside from electronics, clients received numerous other consumer goods from the platform.

JD.com has experienced tremendous success over the years and in 2014 it was publicly traded in the US. A few months prior to this, the firm partnered with WeChat which invested $215 million in JD.com. Thousands of WeChat users got regular updates on the firm’s activities as part of the deal. The exponential growth of the firm allows it to give Alibaba a run for its money. The listing of the firm in the Fortune 500 List underlined its influence and success in the e-commerce industry.

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Ted Bauman Is Helping People Protect Their Assets And Educating Them On Their Financial Future

Ted Bauman has been all over the world, worked with many international governments, and has studies economies worldwide. This includes a 20 plus years in the non-profit sector, helping people get the resources they need especially when it comes to housing. Mr. Bauman also studies the stock market and teaches people about finances and investing.

In 2013, Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He would create three newsletters starting with The Bauman Letter. The next two would follow, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. They specialize on educating subscribers on low-risk investment strategies, privacy, asset protection, and international migration issues. Ted also helps connect people with the resources they need to live a financially abundant life.

One trend popping up right now that interests Ted Bauman is that people are becoming more educated about the economy. No longer are they just trusting what they hear, they are actually doing the research and educating themselves. If each individual can stay educated and make smart financial choices, then the economy can thrive as a whole.

Mr. Bauman starts his day of early in the morning to get a fresh start on the day. Since he is most productive during those first few hours, he focuses on making the most of them. That is he has an office in his basement, so he can skip the dreaded daily commute to work. The first part of his day is dedicated to writing, then the afternoon Ted focuses on the other aspects of his work. He ends each day at 5pm, regardless of the time he starts his day. Ted Bauman recommends other to stay informed about the world around them. The other part of the equation is to find many different forms of information, a good variety. Also, when investing your money, invest in a variety of things. Ted Bauman says investing in both bonds and stocks in a wise game plan. Successful investors not only plan for the short-term, but also the long run. Make a plan, invest wisely, do your research, and trust your gut. All these factors will help you better succeed when building your financial future.

Wes Edens Puts His Money in an English Soccer Team

In July 2018, Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens got himself into the soccer business alongside Nassef Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire. The duo took up a majority stake in Aston Villa Football Club, which was looking to enter into England’s elite league, the Premier League. Sawiris and Wes Edens are joint controlling owners of NSWE, a company that invested an undisclosed amount of money in the English club. At the time, Aston Villa was competing in the EFL Championship, a tier below the Premier League.

However, Aston Villa failed to get the promotion after losing a promotion playoff match at Wembley Stadium. In the aftermath, the club owner Tony Xia became co-chairman and retained his place at the board. The club then approved Wes Eden’s capital injection with the aim of seeing Aston Villa being promoted to the Premier League. Xia described coming so close to a promotion as a humbling experience. He further stated that he looked forward to working with Wes Edens and Sawiris and fight to achieve the success that Aston Villa deserves. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

Wes Edens and his partner released a statement stating that they believe their contribution could strengthen the club. They stressed that their ultimate goal was to see Aston Villa compete at the topmost level in English Football. According to an insider, Sawiris and Edens stated that they are the major stakeholders in the club. The investors went on to say that that they would immediately start focusing on strengthening Aston Villa’s structure and squads.

Besides his investment exploits, Wes Edens is Fortress Investment Group’s co-founder besides being the Chief Investment Officer in the firm. He also holds other positions in the investment firm including co-CEO, co-chairman, president of private equity, and head of private equity. Prior to co-founding Fortress Investment Group, he served as managing director and partner at BlackRock Financial Management.

Edens holds a BS degree in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University. His studies prepared him for a successful finance career. He has since been able to generate millions of dollars in the various investments that he has a hand in. The recent investment in Aston Villa Football Club should not be any different.

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The State of Operations at Papa Johns

The giant in the pizza business, Papa John’s has been having a rough year after some unfortunate events involving racism recently. However the company recognizes completely the weight of their actions and is in full repenting mode as seen in the latest video posted by the company all over social media in which the company admits that they recognize the mistakes they have made and are just as disappointed in themselves as their customers and also put in a message at the end which made it clear that they will do all they can to make things right, change, and win back the hearts of their customers.

Employees, franchisees, and customers of the pizza company have received an open letter by the CEO of the company Steve Ritchie in which he discusses the efforts that need to be made and are being made at Papa John’s to correct their wrongs. The letter also explains the unconscious bias training that the people at the forefront of Papa John have already gone through and Steve Ritchie plans to implement for all employees of Papa John nationwide.

Sales have not been looking very well for the company as shown by the reports coming in in the month of July, as by the end of the second quarter the North American same stores sales for the pizza company dropped by a worrisome 6.1 percent. It has been evident that the damage the company has sustained will not be easy and certainly not a quick fix. The rebuilding of their reputation could take a long time however that is not dampening the company’s spirits at all as their extensive initiatives continue with two significant efforts being highlighted. The first one being a developmental program which involves a completely minority-owned Papa John’s franchise. The second initiative includes the creation of a new foundation the purpose of which will be to make efforts for the betterment of the areas where the employees of Papa John’s live. CEO Steve Ritchie highlighted his own mind state for this endeavor by sharing that equity, diversity, and inclusion became his top priorities when he became CEO of the company. A passionate team further spread this as a culture of the entire organization.