Ara Chackerian Contribution towards the Medicine Industry

Human wellness is all it takes for every individual to be productive. Most researchers have proven that when health is lost, all is lost. Having seen several individuals die out of mental challenges that could have been prevented, Ara Chackerian had a second thought. When it came to formulating how to overcome this challenges, he thought of coming up with strategies of work that included tools and practices. In the process of problem-solving, he saw it wise to initiate a medical center whereby he would be able to interact with the clients at a technical level. He is awarded credit for some healthcare institutions such as TMS health as well as ASC holdings.


According to The News Version, Ara Chackerian is not only a medic but also more of a capitalist. He is also a risk lover individual who is always ready to put his funds in various projects for the sake of profits. Additionally, he is also competent in leadership and has managed to lead different committees in various institutions. Whatever ideas he comes with are not meant to benefit him alone but the society as well. Ara Chackerian is very conservative when it comes to the environment. He is behind the strategies that have been put into place to ensure restoration of the forest that had been reduced by fire and cutting. You can visit Medium for more.


Youths should not at any time be forgotten or believed to be unproductive. This is according to the notion that Ara Chackerian holds. Ara has been coming up with activities that will bring the young together and help them grow. He has been in a position to curb the minds of most individuals thus reducing joblessness and high crime levels. Ara Chackerian has a very outstanding character in such a way that whatever he does is always determined by impulse rather than necessity or reason.


When we change our way of thinking, success automatically come in. From a very tender age, Ara Chackerian has had an open mind with a different perspective on life. Most of his concepts are based on what he has gone through and lessons learned from others.



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How GoBuySide Helps Companies That Are Having a Tough Time Finding Candidates

Companies in the finance industry have been having a tough time finding candidates who are fully qualified for the positions that they are looking to fill. A good example of this is in New York, where there are many companies in the investment and finance industries who have been unable to fill positions for a long time. Fortunately, GoBuySide is there to help these companies find the best talent in New York and in other cities around the world. To date, they have been successful in matching clients with job positions in over fifty cities around the globe. Their network includes professionals from hundreds of cities and thousands of firms, including five hundred of the best known firms in the world. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

What makes GoBuySide different from other recruitment agencies in New York is that they do highly specialized research in order to find the best candidates for the companies who work with them. There are many benefits to doing highly specialized research. A company in the finance industry, in particular, will be well advised to use a highly specialized research firm such as GoBuySide as opposed to a regular general recruitment agency. In the finance industry, job positions are highly specific. Just because someone worked in the finance industry in a certain position, that does not necessarily mean that he or she will be qualified for another position, such as managing a large investment agency. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

Arjun Kapur is the founder of GoBuySide. He believes that hiring quality talent should be at the top of the list for any company. After all, he says, if a position goes unfilled, the company will lose revenue. They will be less productive, as they will have to use their existing employees to do some of the work. In addition, they will end up spending a lot of time and energy on trying to find quality candidates for the job. He has an MBA and a Master’s in Economics. Arjun studied at Stanford and John Hopkins and has many years of experience in recruiting talented people for highly specific job positions, especially in the finance industries.


Sheldon Lavin’s Achievements and Success as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group

Sheldon serves as the current chief executive officer and also the chairman of the OSI Group. He has worked with the meat industry for over four decades. In the 1970s, the OSI Group, formerly known as Otto and sons needed someone who would fund the organization, and Mr. Sheldon appeared to be the one. Sheldon Lavin was productively required by the firm when the company was lacking fund to establish a preparation bureau for meat to the McDonald’s meat commodity. From that venture, Sheldon learned how to help the OSI Group to be recognized as a global food supplier with over 80 offices and 20,000 workers.

His Career Background

Sheldon Lavin’s career began at OSI Group where he started as a specialist. He was an accomplice to the institution in 1975 and made it grow its operations to different nations including Asia, Europe, and South America. By the mid of the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin acquired a huge stake as a shareholder after the retirement of Otto, which saw him take control of the company’s management. In addition, he has introduced the unique culture in the OSI Group, where employees are given equal treatment to the worldwide family. Due to that, the firm has a low turnover of staff, as many representatives work in the institution for a period of time. Sheldon Lavin earlier worked in the finance, where he led an account management sector.

His Philanthropic Participation

Sheldon Lavin has always been a dynamism in some fundamentals, which showcases his generosity. For this status, the very outstanding charities are McDonald House Charities, the Jewish United Fund, the Boys and Girls Club in Chicago, the United Negra College Fund, the Inner City Foundation in Chicago and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, just to mention a few.

The Awards Received By Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group

Since Sheldon took over the leadership of OSI Group, he has been awarded numerously. Such awards include the Globe of Honor which was received by OSI Food Solution. The honor took proved his efforts in positioning OSI Group in the global stage, which created jobs globally.