Kamil Idris Weighs In on The Issue of Current Trade Relations Among States

More nations and individuals are now acknowledging the importance of safeguarding of Intellectual Property (IP). IP is anything that is created by the human imagination. It could be anything from business ideas, business secrets, trademarks, to organization logos. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) leads the international community in celebrating the World Intellectual Property Day on 26th April. Kamil Idris, the former Director General of WIPO and renowned IP rights activist, points out that it is essential to commemorate this day and honor the creative individuals responsible for innovations that have enhanced the quality of society.


Professor Kamil Idris suggests that IP is a source of wealth to countries and this is one of the reasons that IP matters are currently defining trade relations among states. The United States and China are on the brink of going into a trade war because China has allegedly engaged in IP violations. China is accused of unlawfully obtaining technology from American firms by forcing them to share their techniques with Chinese firms to have access to the country’s market. China is also accused of manufacturing fake products using information stolen from American manufacturers and selling these products in the international market at a lower price than the original American manufacturers. This has cost the United States economy loses of over $500 billion.


Recently, President Trump announced that the United States would impose stiff tariffs on Chinese goods. According to Kamil Idris, this move is aimed towards resolving the IP problem with China, who have been reluctant in honoring agreements of IP protection they have previously entered into with the United States. Although some trade analysts are skeptical about Trump’s move and warn of retaliation from China and its trade allies, Kamil applauds the president’s move.


Kamil Idris is a Sudanese diplomat, author and international law expert whose tenure as the Director General for WIPO lasted eleven years. He believes in peaceful resolution of international conflict and is a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration which works to resolve international disputes. Professor Kamil Idris has a PH.D. in international law, several honorary doctorate law degrees and LLB honors in Law.

Michel Burwell – The Power Of Being Relentless And Being Positive


Michel Burwell believes in the ability to being an excellent listener to build your business network, and he is Wills Tower Watson Chief Financial Officer. Burwell has over 31 years of immeasurable proficiency and understanding working at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers Company servicing in different sectors. Michael Burwell prides of 11 years of being part of the company assurance practices of the business advisory section, and in 1997 he became the company partner working on its Detroit transaction center.


Michel Burwell took over the management of the US PwC central transaction business where he created a huge impact, and in 2009 he became the company Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial Officer. Michel became the company Global vice Chairman in 2012 and also the U.S Transformation advisor and helped to expand and also build the internal shared services of PwC’s

Michel Burwell went to the University of Michigan States and graduated with Business Administration boasts of being named the Alumnus of the Year in 2010 and a certified public accountant. He states that his typical productive day starts with simple and yet fulfilling accomplishments like making of his bed, waking up before 5 am and taking an afternoon ride with his Peloton bike. Riding is Burwell way of reflecting on his day achievement and others ways of fulfilling his goals and believes for any ideal to flourish it needs proper evaluation and light. He thinks that the digital ninjas are becoming the world secret weapons and his favorite trend is the InsureTech that makes it easy for surfacing the marketplace though starting points B to C.

Michel Burwell states that mind and technology are ways that make him more productive and he keeps on sharing apps that keep him moving to his friends, clients, and family. Additionally, he asks others of the technology apps that keep them productive hence creating a chain of productivity.


According to Michel, he would advise a younger self to known that collaboration is not always a way to reaching an equal consensus and reaching for an agreement all the time means getting lower common denominator. He also states that making everyone happy is nice if you have the means.


Michel Burwell trusts in Micro-communities and believes in their continued growth and the use of technology to offer them stronger support. The platforms of micro-communities will evolve with the power of like-minded people linking together reaching out to others.


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Many people, in today’s world, are drinking more bottled water than ever before but may not know that all bottled water is not created equal! You may be at the store, confused about which water is best and end up picking out a random brand. You don’t know where it came from or if it’s worth the price!


A company to “check out” is Waiakea Water, a company you can trust for the best bottled water on the market! Waiakea was founded in 2012 by CEO Ryan Emmons. Ryan grew up in Hawaii and California and experienced a clean environment while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Right in his uncle’s back yard was a huge body of water at the base of a volcano named Mauna Loa, which means “broad waters.” The water is loaded with volcanic water benefits.


Some of the many Hawaii volcanic water benefits are:


  1. Great tasting
  2. Pure
  3. Sufficient supply without great impact to the environment
  4. Naturally alkaline


To explain some of the benefits, your body needs to have a neutral PH balance of 7.4 to be considered healthy and not too acidic. Many brands of water are from 4-7 on the PH scale, but Waiakea water PH is 8.2, which keeps it from being in the acidic category and helps you have a more healthy body. There is an abundant supply of water because it rains in the area 360 days a year; therefore, there is no danger of running low on this amazing water.


Another added benefit is that the constantly flowing water goes through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock for a one-of-a-kind natural filtration system. This is what makes it the perfect Waiakea water PH, keeps it fresh and full of magnesium and calcium that is great for bone density, and is ready to be bottled!


Waiakea is also a giving company that helps the global water crisis by donating a portion of water to communities in rural Africa.


For great tasting water and a more healthy body, Waiakea Water is the way to go!



Some Insights On The Life Of The Brazilian Rally Driver-Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned rally driver in Brazil. He has a passion for rally driving sports. It is something that he carried on from his father. At an early age in his life, he was introduced to the sports sector by his father who was a professional basketball player. He chose to venture in sports car racing with his brother Michel. Since then he has earned a lot of fame and popularity in this field.




Rodrigo Terpins has impressive skills as a rally driver. His expertise has enabled him to participate in the national racing event commonly known as the Serteos Rally. This event usually attracts car racing enthusiasts and even fans. To further his interest in this field, Terpins has formed a team with his brother Michel and other two members. This group competes under the name Bull Sertoes, and the members have been together since 2015. This is a team that is very popular in the country and the experience and skills they possess in rally driving have earned the team members awards.




Notably, Rodrigo Terpins and his team use a very powerful vehicle. The vehicle, T-Rex, has a V8 engine and was designed by MEM Motorsport, which also acts as the sponsor of the Bull Sertoes team. The T-Rex can be driven through rocky places without much struggle. You can visit their website rodrigoterpins.com





Besides being a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins is also a successful entrepreneur. He has a Business Management degree from St. Hilaire College. Due to his expertise in business, he has held various positions in big companies. For instance, once he graduated from college, he worked in Lojas Marisa, a Brazilian based company. This company deals with the production of female clothing. He acted as the President of this company for fifteen years until 2006. He has a lot of experience in the business world even to lead such a big company in the country. After moving from this company, he formed his own which is known as T5 Participacoes. He has been the director of his company since 2008.




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Expansion and Global Growth of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is currently at the peak in the world market as food processing and provider. It has over 100 years in the industry, and all through has been offering quality services to the clients. OSI has expanded its services to various countries approximately 17 where more than 20,000 employees have been employed. The beginning of OSI Industries was humble and has been able to grow and develop to its current corporate state. OSI started as a retailer meat store, and as time goes, it scaled to opening larger wholesale for meat production.

It is significant to understand that the current OSI had a different transition from the family business that was wholly managed by family members to be controlled by other people. And it was in 1975 when the management changed since there was a great advancement in technology in OSI to fit the needs and market nature. Since the initial founders of OSI were retiring, Sheldon Lavin joined these industries as a partner because he was working with them as the firm investment consultant.

Lavin was the 1980s appointed to be the CEO and chairman of the firm. The contribution that he had in the OSI industries was attributed to his experience in the executive positions in the banking sector. Therefore, he used the skills and experience he had to transform the company enabling it to be leading in the market. The Forbes listed OSI among top 100 companies in the United States that have recorded sales of over $6.1 billion.

In order for a given company to effectively serve their customers, they need to consider strategies to implement to reach their customers. Therefore, OSI ensured that it is exploring the world market for meat products by opening lots of offices to ensure convenience to customers. That was a grand strategy towards taking the competitive advantage in the industry.

Furthermore, there are lots of food companies that OSI industries have acquired such as Baho Food amongst many more. The acquisition is timely and beneficial to the development and growth of OSI since it explores new markets easily without struggling. Also, there is a record of winning awards such as California Green Business Award that is given by British Safety Council. It is an award that is honored to companies that have better management of their environmental risk. The largest and leading corporate company, OSI, is impacting and challenging other competitors in the meat products industry due to its fast growth.

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Alex Pall Discusses His Career with the Chainsmokers

Nobody is quite sure how the Chainsmokers managed to go from obscurity to widespread fame in such a short period of time but they have nevertheless become a staple of pop culture. Now that they’ve permeated the cultural zeitgeist, Alex Pall sat down to discuss the origins of the DJ and production duo and where they plan to go in the future of their career. Mathias Rosenzweig recently asked him how the Chainsmokers came to be and how they’ve handled their fame and fortune over the years. The two first met in the big apple when Taggart was attending the local university and Pall was taking various DJ gigs throughout the city. It was Pall’s manager who first introduced them and, from there on in, they started working together on a daily basis.

Really happy!! These sort of days mean the world to me!

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Within a few years, they had released their first hit single, Selfie. One hit single led to another and, before either of them knew what was happening, they had achieved widespread success. What’s unique about them is the fact that Alex Pall actually sings on their own songs but he insists it’s necessary to capture the essence of the mood within the track. He then went on to discuss their collaborations. He was particularly happy collaborating with Halsey, stating she’s a unique artist with a strong sense of individuality. She’s the type of artists with whom they would prefer to work with on future tracks and albums.

He then went on to discuss their audience. While their demographic used to be relegated to college students, it has since widened to include people of all ages and they don’t take a single bit of their fame for granted. As for their live shows, they’re constantly changing and evolving alongside the music industry. He’s also particularly proud of the fact that, unlike some singers, they actually do sing live during their concerts. And, rather than taking a hiatus, they fully intend to continue making music for as long as possible as they realize it wouldn’t be the same otherwise. So we wish them the best of luck in their future.


How To Win In Commerce With Vijay Eswaran

Mr. Vijay Eswaran is widely popular throughout southeastern Asia, Indonesia, and Malaysia as a serial entrepreneur. Some estimates suggest that the net worth of Eswaran’s estate totals some $500 million, a mark only people who dominate the world of business can attain.

Vijay Eswaran has unarguably reached the pinnacle of success in commerce as the QI Group’s founder and executive chairman. Unlike many people who achieve similar marks in their lines of work, Mr. Vijay Eswaran is more than willing to share his secrets to winning the business world over to beginners, semi-hardened businesspeople of intermediate level, and even some experts across the business realm.

Though none of these strategies listed below are purely related to business, one doesn’t have to think very long to understand how each of them is, in fact, directly linked to success in the commercial, corporate, or small-business-like capacities.

Change yourself before changing other people or things

Not all businesses or organizations are completely efficient. For that matter, very few things across planet Earth aren’t even mostly efficient, especially as it concerns human behaviors and innovations made by humans like businesses and other organizations.

As such, when managers, executives, and owners look to the internal ranks of the entities they serve in attempts to try to cut out problems, bottlenecks, and other inefficiencies, they typically look to things and people that could be slowing things down other than themselves.

Changing one’s self is almost always easier than even attempting to change somebody else. Mr. Vijay Eswaran makes sure his readers and listeners know that leaders should always – if doing so is even possible in the slightest degree one can possibly imagine – make serious efforts to change themselves prior to trying to change others.

Louis R. Chenevert: Leading the United Technologies Corporation

Louis R. Chenevert is an influential executive who served as the chief executive officer of the United Technologies Corporation from 2006 to 2014. He was born and raised in Canada and spent most of his childhood and teenage living in the country. He went to the University of Montreal in college, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. After he graduated from the university, he looked for opportunities in the United States and migrated to work for General Motors where he was hired as one of their corporate employees. He spent 14 years with the car manufacturing company, and after he resigned, he transferred to the Pratt & Whitney and served for six years. He worked hard to increase his quality of living, and when an opportunity for him to work for the United Technologies Corporation came, he informed the executives at Pratt & Whitney about his plan and left.

Working with the United Technologies Corporation changed his life for the better, and Louis R. Chenevert was promoted several times because of his skills and expertise in managing the business. In 2006, he was appointed by the board of directors as the newest chief executive officer of the company, and he is one of the reasons why the United Technologies Corporation grew tremendously. He also led several reforms that benefited the company’s employees and their clients. One of the most significant changes that he introduced was the creation of scholarships that were given to their employees, and many were given a chance to go back to school to study and gain degrees that would help them advance their careers.

Louis R. Chenevert also maintained a close relationship with their clients, especially the United States Military. Because of the positive reputation that the company has, more and more clients started choosing them to provide for their technological needs. Airline companies and government research facilities are some of the institutions which have benefited a lot from the products that are being sold by the United Technologies Corporation. Louis R. Chenevert was given a lot of recognition from various award-giving bodies, and he finally retired in 2014.