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Randal Nardone
Fortress Investment Group was founded by Randal Nardone, Peter Briger and Wes Edens

Randal Nardone is the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Principal at Fortress Investment Group. Apart from this position, he has been associated with BlackRock Financial, and he has been a partner at a law firm; Thatcher Proffit & Wood and as well worked at the Swiss Banks. While working as a lawyer,Randal Nardone realized that this field could inter-relate with the financial sector and it was from there he gained the confidence to venture into business. In that case, it means that he gained a lot of experience with finances despite having ventured into law initially before getting into entrepreneurship wholly. Irrespective of being aware of the competition he was going to face in the business world and precisely the field he chose, Randal Nardone was not afraid as long as he knew how to handle the challenges he faced. With his experience and expertise from his previous affiliations with financial institutions, it was easy for him to deal with clients efficiently to their satisfaction and therefore became repetitive customers hence the rapid growth of the company. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science from the University of Connecticut and Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Boston. His switch from the legal field to the working in the financial industry did not disappoint him which is evident in his current achievements.

Randal Nardone ranks number 557 in the Forbes Billionaire list which explains his wealth to the extent of being recognized worldwide. His stake in Fortress Investment Group is where his wealth is linked to, and his net worth is said to be $1.8 Billion while he has earned other cash compensation to the tune of $100,000,000. Under his remarkable management as CEO of Fortress Investment Group, the company received the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year award. Additionally, the company was awarded the Management Firm of the Year, and it has as well been acknowledged and commended by the institutional investor as the Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the year in 2012. Consecutively as well, in the year 2010 and 2011, the company was recognized as Credit Focused Fund of the year. With these kinds of awards, it is evident that Randal Nardone’s contribution in the company has been substantial over the years. Under his management as well, the company has managed to get acquired by SoftBank Group for $ 3.3 Billion which is a massive achievement for all those involved and more

Anthony Petrello’s Path In His Career

Tony Petrello as a student.
He was brought up in Newark, New Jersey. He enrolled in public schools for education. In high school, he was excellent in mathematics. Yale University soon took notice of Tony and offered him a scholarship and an opportunity to have Serge Lang (a Yale math professor) as his mentor. It is at Yale that Tony received his bachelor’s and master’s degree. It is the same place that he met Cynthia, his wife.

Tony Petrello then joined Harvard Law School. It is thought his personality influenced his take on joining a law school. Probably he was not comfortable with a quiet life of study even with his great brilliance in mathematics. He graduated from Harvard in the 1970s.

How Tony infiltrated the business world.
Anthony Petrello joined an American law firm by the name Baker & McKenzie as business law specialist. As he worked in this line, he developed a passion for business. He became a managing partner of the company’s division based in New York.

It was at Baker & McKenzie that Tony Petrello met the Nabors Industries who were one of the law firm’s clients. It is a company that provides equipment for geothermal, natural gas and oil drilling activities. It is the largest land drilling firm globally.

Tony Petrello’s services to the drilling firm did not go unnoticed. The company sought to hire him. He joined them as an executive (Chief Operating Officer). He later took a seat on the board of directors and the board’s executive committee.

Due to his excellence, he later became the firm’s president (1992). His strategic moves in business have placed the company in its current position in the world. For example, with the aim of expansion, Petrello directed the Grace Drilling purchase at $32 million as well as Superior Well Services. Tony is now the CEO of Nabors Industries from October 28, 2011.

Tony’s philanthropic activities.
Apart from carrying out activities in his successful business career, Tony Petrello is also a philanthropist. It came about after he and his wife Cynthia bore a child (Carena) who had a cerebral palsy condition. Carena’s ability to swallow and experience other sensations were affected. She could not eat food till she was seven.

As a result, Tony has engaged in activities to help children with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. He donated $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital and took a seat on its board of trustees.

Paul Mampilly, A Successful Investment Expert

Paul Mampilly is a popular investor guru and a former manager of the hedge fund. Paul is the founder of a well-known investment newsletter called Profits Unlimited. In this newsletter, he utilizes his knowledge, experience, and skills to guide over 90,000 of his subscribers into the stocks expected to shoot higher. Previously, Paul also managed finances for Sears, a private Swiss bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Paul Mampilly has been featured on Bloomberg TV, CNBC and Fox Business News. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Paul has written a lot about stocks especially with new technologies and apps that emerge, and one of the articles he has published at Banyan Hill is on Bitcoin. He admitted that when Bitcoin was entering the market a couple of years ago, it was a good investment at that time, but currently, he is saying that you should probably avoid it as an investor. The reason Paul recommends investors not to purchase Bitcoin stocks is due to its high popularity that drove the prices of stock much higher than it ought to have gone. Mampilly noted that the DotCom bubble followed the same trend in 1999 followed by the housing market back in 2008. While the price of Bitcoin is not anticipated to happen at a fast boom pace, the flop seems to be an inevitable conclusion.

Paul Mampilly’s investment advice is not only trusted because of his long-standing resume of managing significant investments for prosperous clients but also due to his long record of correctly predicting how some firms would perform in the future. Paul came to the United States in the late 80’s and joined Montclair State University, where he studied economics and finance and also attained his MBA from the Fordham University. Mampilly started portfolio management in 1991 at Deutsche Bank where he worked as a research assistant. He became so skilled in predicting where different markets were going and it landed him senior management positions in a couple of other big banks. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

Paul reached the highest level in his career when he got an appointment with the Kinetics International Fund executive board. He assisted in raising the assets of the hedge fund from 6 billion dollars to 25 billion dollars and the firm was recognized by the Barron’s as one of the fast-growing hedge funds with almost 43% in returns. In 2008, Paul Mampilly participated and emerged the winner of Templeton Foundation investment after investing stocks amounting to $50 million which later turned $76 million despite the economic crisis being at its peak.

Visit: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/paul-mampilly-struck-gold/

The overwhelming growth of the OSI Industries

OSI Industries is food processing company based in Aurora, Illinois, U.S. .it was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky and has over 20,000 employees worldwide. The company has an unwavering dedication to customer service. This has made it the worlds leading premier global food provider. Its clients trust the OSI Industries to deliver the best food solutions for product development and processing needs. These solutions offer quality, quantity and modern processes as it reduces costs. The company has Sheldon Lavin as their CEO and Chairperson and David McDonald as its president.

The OSI Industries started as a joined venture with McDonald’s fast foods. It was first named Otto & Sons company. Ray Krock; the owner of the McDonald’s restaurant had a handshake with Otto’s sons- Arthur and Harry – to be the first franchise supplier of ground beef. This made Otto $ Sons the priority of McDonald’s. Otto & Sons got the pressure of producing consistent, affordable and consumable products that could be carried for a long distance and stay fresh for a longer period. As McDonald’s grew, Otto & Sons did too. The company later changed its name to OSI Industries and became the largest companies in the U.S. It was ranked #58 in 2016’s Forbes magazine list of firms with over $6.1 billion in sales.

The company has outlets in many countries like Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Mexico among others. It partnered with Nation Pizza and Foods and had other clients apart from McDonald’s. These are; Papa John’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Yum, Subway among others. In the 1990s, the OSI Industries expanded to Australia, China, and India. For the past decade, the company has continued to supply products like sausages, pizza, hamburger patties among others.

It has partnered with JC Comsa; a Japanese company dealing with dough products, it also has opened a poultry products line in Weihai, China. The company has also focused on Europe. It has opened a beef production company in Ostroda, Poland. Another joined venture was created with Pickstock and Germany in the U.K. OSI has also acquired companies like Basho foods, Tyson Foods, and several others.

The company has focused on sustainability in food products. It uses new technology in food safety and production. As it partners with clients, the company aims at developing new and best products that ensure good consumer feedback. The OSI Industries has won many awards due to their environmental protection policies. Some other awards are; California Green Business awards, Globe of Honor, Environmental Recognition Award among others.


OSI CEO, Sheldon Lavin Extends its Reach into Europe

Many people have eaten the food provided by the Aurora, Illinois privately held OSI Group whose CEO is Sheldon Lavin. They have enjoyed their chicken, pork or beef products as well as their extensive line of vegetables and breads. Recently, OSI Group had to expand production facilities because of the growing demand for chicken in Europe. OSI expanded their Toledo, Spain plant in order to reach the production levels needed.

Now, the Spanish plant can produce 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork yearly. OSI completed its 17 million Euro expansion of the Spanish plant in 2017. 22,600 square feet of work space was added and 20 new workers including one manager was added. Part of the manager’s responsibilities will include improving existing products and developing new food items.

OSI is attempting to meet the demand for food by expanding its production facilities and its reach. In the last few years, OSI has acquired three new food lines to add to its repertoire. OSI led by Sheldon Lavin purchased a controlling stake in the Dutch company, Baho Food in August 2016. It also bought Flagship Europe that same year. OSI didn’t stop there, it also purchased a Tyson plant that was about to close in Chicago and saved at least 100 jobs, because the plant will continue to operate as an OSI production facility.

Sheldon Lavin and his leadership team are working hard to keep OSI Group among the leaders of its many competitors. OSI not only expanded its influence over the world’s food production, it has expanded the types of foods it now produces. OSI has traditionally invested heavily in learning the tastes and preferences of the local market. Now that it has expanded its influence through multiple businesses, it will continue its usual practices and develop new foods to meet the needs of its new patrons.

OSI will continue to employ its production standards, including its focus on food safety and quality. Their use of technology and continued product development continues to give them the edge they need to deliver products that stay in high demand. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin has insured that the company doesn’t just take from the community; it also gives back through its community improvement efforts. It works closely with Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America. Now that its international reach is so extensive, OSI will surely extend its community focus to Europe in the near future.


Barbara Stokes Helps to Create Environmentally Friendly Homes for Displaced Families through Green Structure Homes

There may be a handful of people who can say that they have never been affected by a natural disaster, while others have experienced multiples. Distress and challenges are always faced when a natural disaster occurs. Some families have lost everything from their home, their jobs, their life investments, and more. Death tolls also accumulate during a natural disaster, which can easily add to the challenges and mental clarity which comes with a natural disaster. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Green Structure Homes, a company based out of Huntsville, Alabama, helps to reduce the stress of families attempting to figure out their next move to obtain the stability that they once had by providing off site manufactured housing solutions that can be easily relocated and set up at any destination. These structures are not trailer-like, or considered a mobile home, they are small homes that are built to the customized needs of the family, which can include one, two, three, or more bedrooms. These solutions came to life from a dream that Barbara Stokes and her husband dove into in 2011. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

As a 2001 Mercer University graduate, Barbara Stokes had concentrated on obtaining a biomedical engineering and physics degrees. However, there were other areas of interest that she studied such as management, thermodynamics, technical communications, and manufacturing. With the information and skills brought about by these studies deeply engraved into her, she held jobs with Boeing and Pisces Corporation that gave her the experience in management, manufacturing, and working side by side on government contracts.

All of Stokes’ experience and expertise with previous positions and studies brought about the idea of creating a solution for a growing, unavoidable, issue – natural disasters. Although it will not prevent future disasters from occurring, Green Structure Homes, or GSH, will be able to provide families who have suffered great losses from such disasters with affordable living arrangements that they once again can call home.

Know more: https://about.me/barbarastokes

Launching the political campaign by the use of NGP VPN

Before the launch of any campaign, they need to be the process of preparation so that to make sure that the campaign will have a strong start because launching something is a huge thing. The whole process of the campaign is important but the most vital one is the launch day, and it should be the biggest part. So many companies have a plan of winning big in 2018, and to win big then the democratic and progressive fundraising campaigns have to be the strongest. The preparation of the launch day will depend upon the foundation that someone will create.

Create a commutation plan

On the day of the launch day, compared with other days will be the day that you will get the free press, so make good use of it. If the local news requests that they interview you make sure that you have time for them because most likely that chance will not come up again. So before the day be prepared to answer any questions that they may have.

Get the website

Create the website so that to get the word out about you’re fundraising. People will be happy to sign up and make the payment you should make it easy for them by linking the sign-up email by use of NGP VPN with the website. Don’t wait until the launch day to get the website up. Have the website working few days before the announcement. NGP VAN has tools that will help in tracking the online activities that will give you the chance of knowing what is happening n the website.

Hire the CRM to manage the data

There is no place that you can afford to lose the information on the day of the launch. That’s why you will need the help of NGP VAN’s Digital 8. So many companies have trusted NGP VAN over the years. They will have all the tools that will make the work easy on the launch day.

Have a brand identity

The logo that you will use should be in the form of vector format. That will make the logo not be pixelated or stretched. What will help in the formation of the logo is having one that has a transparent background. That should be the in the form of content format and with the assistance of NGP VPA that is a simple thing. They will be useful in social media account in getting the word out about the launch.





Southridge Capital Is Connecticut’s Power Bank

Are you aware that Southridge Capital now offers structured and advisory finance to public companies? With respect to financial services Southridge caters to the needs of a variety of business clientele and is more than able to satisfy their needs. Southridge Capital employs an outstanding executive team that understands all the nuances to offer ingenious, financial answers to meet the demands of their clientele. In addition, to all the other financial services they provide, Southridge Capital has provided balance sheet management and financial solutions for over 250 public companies.

Some of the financial services that Southridge Capital offers are,structured finance, financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, equity purchase agreements, bankruptcy advice and legal settlement services that decrease both cost and time by their clientele. One of the great things about the Southridge Capital executive team is that they don’t just follow the traditional lines they also use a great “out of the box thinking” that many other financial institutions do not provide. Another great thing about Southridge Capital is that they bring others under their umbrella such as companies’ creditors straight in to the equation to get rid of debt in exchange of common stock to help bolster the company’s creditworthiness. A company can benefit when Southridge Capital provides a structured solution. The executive team takes into account the company’s common stock liquidity without a minimal market impact and a registration statement. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Southridge Capitals’ management team consist of Stephen M. Hicks (Founder & CEO), Narine Persaud (Controller & CFO), Laurande J. Ditkoff (Director of Research, CPA, CFA), Henry B. Sargent (General Counsel, CFA, JD & COO), Linda Carlsen, portfolio management team member.

Since 1996, Southridge Capital has supported middle market companies with its structured finance team customizes financing plans for current and prospective clientele. Southridge Capital has made over 1.8 billion into growth companies world-wide via direct investment. Advisory services and direct investment is Southridge Capitals’ specialty.

Southridge also is also known for their social responsibility, their management team engages in philanthropy via both informal and formal means. The management team fosters community leadership by highlighting how improvement may be made about how their decisions impact the community and society globally. You can visit their Facebook page.

Click here: https://twitter.com/southridgecap

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Jeunesse Global Takes On Energy Drink Business

It is a good time to be an energy drink consumer. You have your pick of the kind of energy drink beverage you would like to enjoy to say the least. There are plenty of brands out there competing for your dollar. How you respond to all of that is entirely up to you. What is interesting about how the market is structured at this point in time is that there is a newcomer with a real shot at disrupting the industry because it is doing something different.

The newcomer is called Nevo and it is produced by Jeunesse Global. That is a health and beauty company that might not expect to have anything to do with energy drinks. However, they viewed the market has lacking a beverage that really hit the spot for consumers without all of the additives that most people simply did not want. They decided as a company that they could do things better. They decided to go after the big brands and see if they could actually do one better than them. That has been their mission ever since.

Nevo does not have any artificial flavors, colors, or additives. It has caffeine in just the right amount to give you the kick of energy that you are looking for. At the same time, it weighs in at just fifty calories per can. You know when you are drinking this one that you are not tearing down your diet at the same time. Just sip on it and enjoy the sensation. That is what Nevo and Jeunesse Global are all about at the end of the day. They want to make sure that those who would like to get their energy boost can make sure to get it without all of the extras that come along with the popular energy drink brands.