Can End Citizens United Fight Big Money?

It isn’t going to be too long before we have another big election day in America. November is going to bring so many incumbents up against newcomers that we are bound to see some serious changes.

End Citizens United, a PAC created to combat the effects of the Citizens United Supreme Court case, is doing everything it can to help these newcomers take on the incumbents and fight against the dominance of big money. We’ve seen corporations control politics for far too long and we need to do something about it. Now is the time to finally do something about it.

You can say plenty of things about End Citizens United but you can’t say they haven’t been active. They are providing financial support to many of the most tense elections we’ve seen in a long time across the country. An example this can be seen in the recent special election held in the 18th district of Pennsylvania. That’s why there are so many people hyped up when they talk about this fall. It’s going to bring lots of changes and it will serve as a test of Trump’s presidency. We’ll learn the truth about how people feel about him when they cast their ballots in this midterm.

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There are always going to be those who look at the results of the recent special elections and doubt that they mean anything. That’s going to be proven wrong when we finally see a change for the better as incumbents are removed and the fight against big money in politics becomes much more serious according to Most people want to see their interests represented in politics rather than those of corporations. They are willing to do what is necessary to see this happen and they certainly want to do everything they can to become part of the solution. Politics doesn’t always go the way we want it to but we always have a chance to make a difference.

End Citizens United was created as a PAC designed to fight the influence of big money in politics. They have focused on this midterm election season because it will prove to be a pivotal point in our country’s history. We are going to see the first chance to strike a blow against the corporations who have decided to dominate politics. It will help to bring one of the most unfortunate chapters in American history to a close.

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