Mighty Fortress Church: A Dynamic Place of Worship

Mighty Fortress Church is a dynamic church located in Minneapolis Minnesota under the leadership of the man of God Bishop Thomas Williams. It has the vision to build a multi-dimensional church in the Northern part of Minneapolis. They welcome people from different cultures and ethnicities. The atmosphere is always right for worship and to usher in the presence of God through their dynamic praise and worship. Mighty fortress church has a heart for the lost and to make disciples of Christ through the life-changing teaching of the word of God. Mighty Fortress church believes the bible in its entirety. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at mightyfortress.us.

Mighty fortress church is committed to treating every individual with respect and dignity, teaching and preaching the word of God powerfully without compromise, encouraging, training and empowering believers to live an overcoming life in Christ Jesus. The church has a heart for the issues that concern the city and fostering ethnic diversity for teamwork.

They believe in God, Jesus Christ, holy communion, salvation, holy spirit, baptism, and eternity. The mighty fortress church has the vision to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. The Church has the heart to reaching out and supporting other ministries across the nation and abroad. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

The focus of the church is to elevate God’s kingdom in every aspect and to prepare believers for their calling in Christ Jesus. Mighty fortress church is striving to become a powerful voice all over the world through the preaching and teaching of the word. They want to be able to empower and encourage people across the country and all over the world

Mighty Fortress church is founded by Bishop T.R Williams. Bishop Williams has been in the ministry for over 30 years, teaching and preaching the undiluted word of God. Bishop Thomas Williams is anointed and highly respected in the body of Christ. Cross-culturally he is helping to bridge the gap. He preaches the message of hope and upliftment to all people.

People are curious, and they want to know if they can come to church just as they are, what is unique about the church, the atmosphere and what to expect from God’s word.

If you are looking for a church home where you can hear the dynamic word of God and to meet loving and caring Christians, look no further, Mighty Fortress church is a place for you. The life-changing teaching will empower you to accomplish God’s purpose for your life.

Visit: https://www.manta.com/c/mmf9dvz/mighty-fortress-church

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Shiraz Boghani: Leader In Hospitality

Shiraz Boghani is the founder and President of the Splendid Hospitality Group, one of the most successful chains of hotels and restaurants all over the United Kingdom. Mr. Boghani started this successful company that led him to receive the Asian Business Awards 2016 for his excellent performance as a leader and his successes within the company.

The values of Splendid Hospitality Group reflect Mr. Boghani’s vision for the company. He believes that the knowledge, skills, and passion of the people behind his team is the secret to the success of their group. Mr. Boghani has entrusted his trading hotels to dedicated employees right from the senior group up to the hotel workers. Splendid Hospitality Group prides itself on genuine service that has a world-class standard.

Along with Nadeem and Salima Boghani, Shiraz Boghani started Splendid Hospitality Group with a big vision in mind. They decided to create a food and beverage company that holds four main values: top-class service, endless creativity, international branding and the best standards of work conduct as well as servant-leadership.

At present, Splendid Hospitality group has acquired several hotel properties all across the United Kingdom. Mr. Boghani along with his team now holds 20 hotel chains including the world-renowned Hilton branch and Holiday Inn.

Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur with a dynamic trait. He is highly regarded in his role, after being awarded as the “Hotelier of the Year” during the aforementioned Asian Business Awards of 2016. During the early 1990s, he was one of the pioneer hoteliers to start developing budget hotel service branded from known luxury hotels, and he is currently supervising and successfully established 25 projects.

Being the current chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, Mr. Boghani is able to develop and implement strategies for growth and inclusion of projects in the future. The business, along with his team, is consolidated with a clear mission and vision statement covering a wide variety of establishments. The Group’s 20 trading hotels have provided them with an immense amount of profit and overall customer satisfaction for people looking for quality limited service hotels.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is very much committed to developing his community as well. He leads roles in many charitable organizations in the community and hosts voluntary events. Throughout his career, he was able to hold several positions for to help the Ismaili Community. He became a member of the National Council, and also a chairman of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board and Resource Development Convenor for the Aga Khan University.

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How Boraie Development Is Helping Ease The Housing Crunch In New Jersey

There are areas in the state of New Jersey that are facing housing shortages. Many people in these areas are not selling because the value of their homes keeps increasing due to these shortages. There are also homes that were foreclosed on a while ago but the banks who now own them continue to sit on them rather than sell. This probably won’t be fixed soon or easily because housing permits have been dropping in these already heavily populated areas.


Other areas of New Jersey are doing fine, though, especially those close to mass transit location. These areas are also very desirable to move to but because they feature great available housing inventory their markets are doing fine and home prices are not shooting up. People moving to these towns are also helping create new jobs which leads to a better job market, and therefore housing market, which is also increasingly making these places desirable.


According to NY Times, Boraie Development, LLC is a New Brunswick-based firm that builds residential properties in New Jersey. Their specialty is building residential towers in urban settings. Their first tower was in downtown New Brunswick and it was completed in the 1980s. Since that time they have developed a number of other towers around town. They are also building an apartment complex in Atlantic City as that city has once again become a good place to live after years of difficulties brought on by many casinos closing their doors.


When Boraie Development completes a new building they then manage the property in-house. They handle their own marketing and sales as well as property maintenance. They are very experienced at identifying professionals in the industry, such as architects and contractors, that they want to be involved in building their urban towers. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to see more.


Beyond residential properties Boraie Development also has built other types of properties including retail, offices, hotels, and student housing projects. One of the latest projects this privately held company completed was a luxury tower called The Aspire which is located in downtown New Brunswick. It is 17 stories high and located right next to the New Brunswick Train Station. It has 238 units which are a mix of studio, one, and two bedroom apartments. It offers the top amenities in the city such as a 24-hour doorman service to its residents. Another highlight is a private parking garage which has an elevator that goes directly to the lobby.



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Organo Gold The Winning Beverage Company

Organo Gold is a global network marketing company, which is a leading producer and seller of premium coffee and tea. Their products are aimed to change people’s lives through helping them achieve a new level of freedom, balance, and well-being. Organo was started by Richmond, B.C. in Canada in the year 2008. At the beginning, the small coffee shop only had three employees, while today it has hundreds of employees and their products being enjoyed in more than 50 countries, by independent distributors. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Their products are available through ORGANO™, through which customers can receive samples, automated shipping options, individual product sales and discounted sales from the Organo Gold distributors, using the preferred Customers program.

The company is known for its commitment to promoting health and well-being, through the ingredients added in their products that boost the immune system, fight harmful free radicals and increase antioxidants levels.

Organo Gold products

Other than beverages, Organo Gold offers body management and personal care products. This company responsible for the manufacturing of organic coffee has quite a number of beverage varieties, with a touch of different ingredients from Ganoderma, arabica coffee, green tea, grape seed oil and others.

ORGANO™ products are considered special because of the presence of Ganoderma lucidum, “the Gold behind Organo”. This is a type of a mushroom that grows in the tropical regions of Asia, and for years have been used as a herb by the Asian communities, especially for its health benefits.

ORGANO™ sources its fine and natural Ganoderma from China’s Wuyi Mountains, found in the Fuzhuo region.

Learn: http://www.didyouknow.it/coffee/organo-tells-history-coffee-international-coffee-day-approaches/

They transform the product to powder and incorporate it in their diverse products such as some varieties of coffee and the organic green tea, as well as on their personal care products and also in their Nutraceutical products as vegetable supplements.

ORGANO™ business opportunities and promotions

Organo Gold company has distributors of their products in different countries in which they operate and there are always open chances to become one in any of the 50 countries. As a distributor, making an extra income is not a hard task, and the company gives payouts to those in business with them in seven different ways.

These ways include:

  • Retail profit, a 50% profit gotten from making sales to retail customers, paid daily or weekly.
  • Fast track bonus, for selling any of their promotional product pack.
  • Dual team bonus
  • unilevel bonus, earned from a group’s generated product orders and reorders.
  • Unilevel matching bonus
  • generational bonus and
  • global bonus pool.

They also offer discounted monthly shipments to their customers in the Preferred Customers Program which is available in Africa, Europe, Oceania, America and Asia. Watch this video on Youtube.

San Diego-Based Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid Guides Patients In Their Physical Augmentation Journeys

Plastic Surgeon Mark Mofid MD has been helping his patients obtain optimal plastic surgery results at his San Diego office. A graduate of both Harvard and John Hopkins Universities, Dr. Mofid’s techniques have been recognized for their outstanding quality by his colleagues and patients, who describe them pensive, sound and well executed. Prior to performing any surgery, every patient is given a comprehensive, personalized consultation that involves the use of the latest morphing technologies, showing the patients their before and after procedure expected results.

Patients may be unaware of the long term consequences of going with extremely oversized gluteal implants, for instance, and Dr. Mofid’s expertise, resulting from his performance of the procedures, allows him to walk through the technical and time-related aspects to assist his patients with their decision making.

Dr. Mark Mofid stresses the importance of patients’ knowing all of the parameters associated with their medical procedures. He begins with the credentials of the physician, who Dr. Mofid emphasizes, should be board certified, be competent performers of the procedure being performed and perform the procedure in an accredited ambulatory facility for the patients’ safety.

The surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid adds, should be transparent in their dealings able to produce reputable testimonials. The augmentation being performed should be in the top 3 procedures that the plastic surgeon regularly performs. The patient should be confident with the physician and able to speak to her regarding medical issues without reservation. The patient and their doctor have a recovery plan that includes 24 hour access to a doctor or registered nurse in case there is an emergency. Patients should be made aware of what to expect during their recovery from the surgery.

At times Dr. Mofid can find himself at odds with patients who want to exceed reasonable parameters with their requested augmentations. However, to such patients, Dr. Mofid is patient and confident in his medical reasoning and explanations, going over the cons of exceeding the limits of what he will perform on medical and ethical grounds. As a member of both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid’s commitment to the highest standards in his field of practice have produced excellent surgical results.