Goes Beyond Online Reputation Management

The internet can be a very vicious place for people that are involved in social media. This is why it is important for people to do everything they can to manage their online reputation. For one thing, when one’s reputation is damaged, it could not only result in damages to his business, but it could also result in some attacks from trolls. Status Labs has not only provided some exceptional online reputation management services, but it has also earned its place among the Fast 50 growing companies.

There are different activities that Status Labs has helped with when it came to online reputation management. For one thing, it has come to the rescue of someone who has had a lot of personal information about her released. She was already getting harassed by people online. Therefore, she had to watch out for people that are looking to harass her in person. Fortunately, Status Labs was able to get this personal information removed so that the person can breathe a little more easily. Status Labs has proven to be very passionate about improving the reputation of clients. The experts in this company have also formed some meaningful relationships with their clients.

When it comes to online reputation management companies, people will go straight to Status Labs over other online reputation management companies. One of the reasons is that Status Labs offers services that go beyond the standard online reputation management. They are so passionate that they actually provide a lot of new innovations when it comes to online reputation management. Status Labs is one of the leaders when it comes to online reputation management.

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Medicare Advantage Plan Facts

Medicare Advantage Plan is a special healthcare program for individuals in the US. The healthcare program is also known as Medicare Private Health Plan, and it serves a substitute of Original Medicare on siemmmpresaludable.com. If you are planning to get this type of health care plan, you are required to pay some amount of money. The Medicare Advantage Plan contracts with the federal government to offer the medical benefits.

There are two parts of the Medicare Advantage Plan, known as part A, and B. Part A is designed to provide medical benefits to the patients who require in-patient hospital services. Part A, however, will not cover expenses from surgeons and physicians. Part B of the Medicare Advantage Plan caters for expenditures incurred when a patient visits a doctor, surgeon or does a medical procedure involving X-ray or ER.

Individuals planning to get the Medicare Advantage Plan in InnovaCare must understand some rules and regulations. A program will help the patient if it suits all their needs. One plan can be of great importance to an individual, but to others, it can be not. Every individual will be required to pay a specific fixed amount of money known as copayment to get the Medicare Advantage Plan.

To get the Medicare Advantage Plan of InnovaCare, an individual must meet some requirements. The first requirement is to get the Medicare Part A and B. The beneficiaries should be residing around the service plan. If you are planning to get the Medicare Advantage Plan, you shouldn’t have end-stage renal disease.

The Medicare Advantage plan can be acquired from companies such as InnovaCare Health. The institution is one of the best providers of healthcare plans in the US. InnovaCare Health has been serving the nation for many years, and it has acquired the experience and expertise required in the industry. The company offers its client with quality health services, upholding all the set regulations. The individuals working in the company are experienced and very skilled. Rick Shinto, one of the most influential persons in the healthcare industry serves as the CEO of InnovaCare Health. Under his leadership, the healthcare company has done very well.

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Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer in InnovaCare. She has worked in the industry for a long time too.

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Burying negative comments about your business

Businesses are negatively impacted by poor online reviews and bad press. More so than ever, the presence of these online articles and reviews can be a game changer for a business due to the high volume of customers that will first research a company online before they decide to buy from them. Due to the ease of researching a customer’s brand reputation online, a simple check of their reputation is a standard process for many customers.


Negative reviews and commentary will have an outsized impact on the ability for a company to attract new customers and to build repeat sales with customers. Businesses that have bad reviews and commentary visible on the internet will often be shunned by customers and the business will instead shift to their competition. Businesses that receive negative reviews and comments from sources will experience very real financial consequences associated with the negative reviews.


Companies that have negative reviews are increasingly trying to bury negative articles and poor reviews online. The volume of information on any decent sized company is often challenging for customers to filter through and reviews are often viewed through a summation of the customer ratings to come to a combined rating for the company online. In order to effectively bury poor press a simple increase in the number of positive reviews in order to improve the overall score of the company.


Even when the overall rating score of the company is positive, certain negative reviews and commentary can have a big impact on a company. Examples can be situations where the reviewer is particularly notable in the community, such as on a major review website or the creator of a meaningful blog or website.


A site that allows a company to take care of the removal and burial of bad reviews is Bury Bad Articles. Not only will they bury poor reviews and press but also to bury bad search results which should serve to create a more positive favorable first impression. Online reputation management companies help to not only bury negative press but to create a more favorable face to new customers which will make them more likely to buy from your business without requiring management and other internal personnel to have to constantly monitor your online reputation.

Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms: Beauty Never Looked So Good

When it comes to smooth, soft, kissable lips, women are obsessed. We adore products that deliver true moisture, excellent protection and a yummy scent or flavor.
Say hello to Evolution of Smooth lip balms!

Need we say more? The brand has been a huge favorite among celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Maybe it’s the adorable design of these spherical balms sitting in their spherical little pots. The look is genius, and the round ball of conditioning balm glides on, reaching every part of your amazing mouth.

It could also be the incredible, soothing organic base of shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Natural pureness for your lips is essential, and this brand makes it happen.

Pampering your lips isn’t an option, ladies. You need to apply lip balm often during the day and when you go to bed at night. No one likes dry, chapped lips, but that happens when you ignore this part of your face. Evolution of Smooth features one of the gentlest and hydrating balms on the market. Celebrities have fallen in love with EOS lip balm, because they work extremely well.

We are addicted to Evolution of Smooth’s Sheer Pink lip balm, but it’s temporarily out of stock due to high demand. It’s easy to see why; the balm has that signature moisturizing base.

The EOS Shimmer lip balm delivers a delicate and oh so pretty sheer shade of pink luminosity for your lips. When you don’t want a heavy lipstick/gloss, this one does the trick. It’s a natural sun-kissed pink that looks gorgeous all year round. Evolution of Smooth lip balm are available on Walmart. It can also be purchase online via Ulta.com or eBay.com.

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Securus Technologies Helping Modernize Correctional Facilities Via The Latest Technological Advances

Leading corrections technology provider Securus Technologies is helping correctional facilities modernize the way inmates make requests. Through ConnectUs, inmates in jails and prisons automatically make requests digitally, instead of using paper forms. This saves the guards from having to distribute paper forms, collect them, and then file the forms; tedious paperwork that takes them away from their real job. ConnectUs is customizable; correctional facilities can choose what inmates can access. ConnectUs is available on the iPhone inmate terminal hardware, which is also revolutionary since it is powered by facility’s existing copper wire, instead of AC power. View the company profile on Linkedin.com.


Securus Technologies makes acquisitions, nine so far, in order to offer the latest technology to its customers. When Securus Technologies acquired JPay Inc., the company gained access to JPay’s software for inmate tablets, which, like ConnectUs, helps prisons run more efficiently.


Innovative technology that allows inmates control over submitting grievance forms and helps acquaint inmates with the latest educational apps helps promote a safer corrections environment. Inmate’s families also benefit when jails and prisons implement Securus Technologies communication equipment, including video visitation and telephone call services.


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