Skout Survey Reveals All About Online Global Friendships

Skout is one of the top dating apps in the online friendship community. Sometimes, the word dating overtakes the word friendship. The truth is a lot of people look to meet others strictly for friendship, conversation, and online interactions. Millions upon millions of people have fairly good friends they know through the internet. Amazingly, three out of four people with really good online friends have never met each other in person.

Skout produces an amazing global app that allows people from all over the world to meet one another. Skout recently promoted an “International Online Friendship Day” survey, and it is this survey that reveals 75% of people with online friends never met in person. The survey shows 76% of Americans with online friends in other parts of the world have never met their internet buddies in real life. The survey also shows 80+% of people with online friends do want to meet those persons one day. A bit of traveling may be required to do so, but that is part of the fun.

People do love to meet others from around the world. When someone is unable to travel, access via the internet brings everyone a lot closer together. One reason Skout is so popular is the app is perfect for people who want to meet others in different regions of the globe. Skout’s community comprises 180+ countries. The service can be accessed in 16 languages further expanding the ability to meet people. Upon looking at how easy it is to met others online, no one should be surprised that global friendships are growing the way they are.

Another things that should not be considered surprising is the contribution of mobile devices to the grand world of online friendships. Mobile phones are always within arm’s reach. Global communications requires doing nothing more than just talking a smartphone out of one’s pocket and connecting to the internet. Ten years of so ago, a person would have to wait until arriving at home to log onto the internet. These days, conversing with people in France and China can be done on a group chat initiated from a taxi cab.

Accessing the right platform is important to the process. The size of the community, the ease of navigating the platform, and other traits contribute to the overall positive experience. Skout is popular for a reason. The app serves up a near-perfect user experience.