Betsy Devos in Washington: School Safety & Education Reform

You may have seen that Betsy Devos has been in the news recently. The 11th US Secretary of Education has polarized Americans with her beliefs, but so far, they seem to be helping students select better schools and get a higher education where they would have been forced to go to failing schools instead. This is the goal of her programs, according to Devos, who spoke candidly in an interview with Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” earlier this year.


Much of the interview revolved around the success of new programs that Devos had placed in certain states. Much of education is still controlled at the state level, but Devos has had some success in changing school policies throughout the nation in regards to educational choice. Mostly, she wants to make it easier for students to pick where they go to school or at least how they receive their education.


The changes have caused an uproar in public school teachers’ unions, where they feel that they are losing funding because it is going to private schools. However, Devos says that is not the case. She has shown that philanthropy and not public funding has helped change the face of America’s education system.


In the beginning, Devos wanted to reform education because she had been an activist for so long. She was the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and worked hard to change the education system in her home state. She even proposed the “Kids First!” Coalition bill in the early 2000s. However, she was unsuccessful. Now she has had some success with her latest run in Florida and Louisiana.


She hasn’t been given much time to change things, but she has been appointed to handle much more than just education reform. She has also been in charge of school safety reform. After the school shootings in 2018, President Trump appointed Betsy Devos to head up the school safety reform movement. Over the summer of 2018, many schools made updates to their policies and evacuation routes in order to have more security on campus without more firepower. So far, there haven’t been any school shootings in the 2018-2019 school season.


Devos is also trying to work with student aid programs and helped create the FSA student aid app, which makes it easier for students to apply and get funding for college. This has been in the works for awhile, so it’s important to see that Devos has been keeping her word on supplying more access to student aid for everyone.


Betsy has just two more years to make changes in other states, but much of education is still controlled at the state level. She will have to work hard in the next few years to ensure that schools are easily accessed by students and that she continues to use philanthropy to support educational choice programs in the United States.


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Rick Cofer Describes the Challenge Of Encouraging Recycling At Austin City Parks

Rick Cofer is an Austin, Texas-based attorney who has worked as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer. He established his own law firm, The Law Office Of Rick Cofer, in 2008 and handles cases involving things such as driving under the influence, drug possession, charges involving juveniles, and family violence.

Over the past decade, he has handled thousands of cases and has won many of them. Rick Cofer says that each case is unique and he approaches it in an individualized manner. Each defense is tailored to his client’s particular situation and the charges they are facing. He is committed to achieving the best results possible for each case he manages and is available to his clients 24/7.

Beyond his law practice, Rick Cofer has been dedicated to improving the Austin community. He has taken leadership positions with several organizations including Pease Park Conservancy, Austin Parks & Recreation, the Kind Clinic, and Ending Community Homelessness Coalition. He is also very involved with the Democratic Party and pushing its ideals and values.

Rick Cofer is the chairman of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Task Force. This task force is looking at ways of paying for more of the waste collected at city parks to be recycled. Their latest initiative is Zero Waste Plan. Established in 2009, this initiative is working to reduce the amount of stuff going into landfills by 90% by 2040.

He says that so far these efforts have not been very good. Only a few parks have recycling bins set up and the large majority don’t have any type of recycling set up at all. Rick Cofer says there are two options on the table. The first one would cost $1.3 million and take one year. It would increase the monthly clean community fee by as much as 31 cents and also rely on the city’s budget and donors.

Rick Cofer says the other option is one that would cost $802,500 and take two years. It would rely on the same budget sources but would increase the fee by just up to 16 cents. He indicated that most of the team is thinking that the second option would be the right one.

He feels that it is more realistic for the plan to take two years versus one. The money would be enough to pay for 900 recycling signs and another 800 recycling receptacles to be installed.


Fortress Investment Group are True Innovators in the Investing World

Fortress Investment Group has grown since its founding in 1998 as private equity firm. Today, as a global investment management firm, it employs 900 people and is responsible for over $43 billion of assets. Fortress is an innovative company that has had a massive impact on the financial world.

Fortress’ founders were brought with them extensive experience from some of the world’s largest financial institutions, specifically, Lehman Brothers, Blackrock, and Goldman Sachs. They were quickly successful in their goal to invest in new, cutting edge, opportunities. They were among the first alternative investment companies and they were the first such group to be traded on the stock market.

Throughout the first decade Fortress Investment Group made a host of acquisitions. These acquisitions included Intrawest, RailAmerica, and Penn National Gaming. Every added acquisition made Fortress more diverse and more valuable.

Fortress Investment Group continues to operate independently, but in 2017 they were bought by a Japanese company known as the Softbank Group Corporation. Softbank purchased Fortress for $3.3 billion. The purchase makes Softbank among the biggest alternative asset investors in the world. The new owners believe that they can double the company’s (Fortress) assets in the coming years. Additionally, they have more overreaching goals for their newly acquired company.

Softbank’s overall plan is to use Fortress in their goal to lead the charge of emerging technologies. They believe that it is an important cog in the machine that will allow them to expand and adapt, globally.

Fortress Investment Group is a history making company. They blazed a trail as one of the first alternative investing firms. They were the first such group to trade publicly on the stock market. And they were the first such group to be sold, when Softbank purchased them in 2017. Their new owners seeks to use them to build.

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Doe Deere Is A Makeup Enthusiast With Her Own Successful Cosmetic Brand Lime Crime

Doe Deere has been successfully navigating the cosmetic industry since the early 2000’s when she was also focused on the fashion industry. Today, Doe Deere is a big name in the cosmetic industry for her hit brand, Lime Crime, which features a wide range of different cosmetic products. What makes Lime Crime unique is probably the same thing that makes Doe Deere unique. Doe loves blending colors and putting vibrant colors on herself, which translates to her makeups.

The success of Lime Crime is not only because of Doe Deere’s creativity but also because she is meeting the needs of a market that is largely missing. Virtually no other cosmetic companies offer products like Doe Deere to this day and certainly, no one carries colors like Doe Deere does. Doe is always working on new colors and products for her brand and she likes to get wild with them. As most of Doe’s personal fans know, she loves the bright colors and wears them every day, usually sporting a vibrant hair color.

Poppy Angeloff is a new line of products that Doe Deere has come out with and it is focused on high-quality jewelry, especially for people with small hands, like Doe. According to Doe and her sister, it is not an easy task finding jewelry that actually compliments them or their petite frames. They got together and started of Poppy Angeloff which Doe labels as invisible boutique.

Lime Crime has become a huge success since first started up more than 10 years ago, and the following continues to grow daily, so it is no surprise that Poppy Angeloff is gaining traction quickly. Doe is very creative and has been focused on living her dreams since she was a child. Self Made Magazine even named Doe as one of the leading women entrepreneurs during her upcoming with Lime Crime.

The Chainsmokers Nab Diamond Certificaion for Album

New York based EDM duo the Chainsmokers can now add diamond certification to their ever widening list of accolades. The duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart first appeared on the mainstream in 2014 with hit single “#Selfie”, now four years later they have a diamond certified single to their credit. The single, “Closer” was the duos first smash hit. A catchy song featuring up-and-comer Halsey the single made a huge splash on its initial release. The single first graced the public in 2016, since that time it has sold around 10 million units.

Pall and Taggart revealed the covetous accolade through Instagram, joining pictures of them holding matching plaques. The pictures were joined by images of Halsey holding a plaque of her own. This momentous award comes on the heels of five hit single releases for the group this year, as well as their first album “Memories… Do Not Open” nabbing the third longest-running none-consecutive album slot. “Closer” which collected a huge smattering of awards in its initial debut is also a title holder. It is the fourth longest-running No 1. in the history of the U.S. Now that it has gone diamond, which essentially is ten time platinum, the duo and lead singer can make congratulatory rounds.

The Chainsmokers have always sought to set themselves apart. Never adhering to the standards for typical EDM DJs, Pall and Taggart have created their own niche. Whether it is their live mix performances, self-written lyrics, or Taggart on lead vocals, the Chainsmokers are always pushing EDM boundaries. The success of Closer is indicative of how well this choice has paid off. In an interview Pall decried that one of the biggest hurdles the band faces is staying relevant. Diamond certification is a clear example that they have nothing to worry about.

The track also got the duo nominated for a Grammy, although they did not win that year. As for Halsey the diamond certification is a thrilling feather in the cap. The singer was just making rounds when “Closer” came along, and it proved to be her first real hit.

End Citizens United and the Big Money 20

End Citizens United, an organization dedicated to pushing out Big money from politics after the supreme court ruling in 2010 declaring corporations as having the same rights as individual citizens when it came to donating. Since then, many candidates, particularly those in the GOP have used this ruling to collect millions of dollars for campaigns without having to actually talk to their constituents.

The biggest offenders of this are what End Citizens United calls the “Big Money 20″, “These are the worst of the worst in Congress,” said Tiffany Muller, the group’s executive director. These are mostly composed of incumbents in their respective states. Each one favoring PACS and special interest over their constituents. Therefore End Citizens United is working towards removing these officials out of office in the 2018 midterms, a year which does not look good for the GOP. View their financial information on Open Secrets.

End Citizens United is working hard to raise enough funds to contribute and endorse candidates who pledge not to accept PAC money. In line with their message, End Citizens United only accepts donations as high as $3,000 with any other donations being made directly coming from over 3 million of their everyday citizen members. The increase in membership has shown that this worrying issue of big money in politics has crossed party lines with many of their members consisting of both Democrats and Republicans along with independent alike.

A recent study to find a winning method, the organization tested both conventional messaging and campaign finance reform messaging. The most effective of these two was ultimately campaign finance reform messaging which resonated with independents and voters who do not normally participate. Favorability towards the organization and candidates being backed by them were up in the polls. This is what the organization is ready to implement during the 2018 midterms to finally remove the “Big Money 20” from power and put it back into the hands of the American people.



Jacob Gottlieb is Making His Way Back into the Hedge Fund Industry as Altium Capital Takes Shape

Jacob Gottlieb is set to return as his new venture, Altium Capital, is taking shape. He had established Visium Asset Management with an initial capital of $300 million in 2001. The hedge firm survived through financial challenges and managed to increase its worth to $8 billion. It recorded massive success with about 200 employees and offices in San Francisco, New York and London. However, the company collapsed drastically in 2016 after insider trading scandal surfaced. While the hedge fund is winding up, the investor has found his way back to the hedge fund industry. With a help of his brother, Mark Gottlieb, COO, the investor has put together a team of six people and has already started making bets on stocks in health-care sector.

According to Jacob Gottlieb, after Visium collapsed, he could not afford to take a back sit and relax. He instead worked hard for the last two years to find his way back to what he loves most, investing. He has been carefully plotting his next move. Now, Altium Capital is on its feet with its first investment being a 5.61% stake on Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. It took part in this registered direct offering together with several other investors in health-care. Oramed Pharmaceuticals is focused on transforming the way treatment is being administered. It came up with an oral insulin capsule to replace the insulin that is administered through injection. Although the use of the insulin capsule is yet to be taken up, it has a great potential.

The Oramed breakthrough will impact the lives of millions of people, especially the ones living with diabetes. The company is working to get the medical product approved by FDA. The treatment goes a long way into reducing treatment costs and reducing infection rates. Therefore, the benefits spans far beyond patient comfort. Some healthcare Chinese firms have developed interest in the Jerusalem-based healthcare company.

Currently, Jacob Gottlieb has made an entrance into the hedge fund industry with a force that is likely to shake the industry. He is now working under one roof with Stuart Weisbrod, a former colleague. They worked together at Merlin, a company they co-founded in 1998. In a statement, he said that Altium Capital embraces a strategy similar to Vision’s and it will have a special focus on a thoughtful and methodical research.

Gareth Henry: A Reputable Marketing Operations Head

Gareth Henry’s service with the Fortress Investment Group was an important part of the company’s success. Because of his contributions, the company was able to succeed in foreign markets, including Europe and the Middle East. His position as the company’s head of international investment relations made it possible for him to attract more investors to put their money into the Fortress Investment Group and see it increase. The company, founded in 1998, is now one of the largest private equity firms in the country. For 20 years, the company focused on how they can serve their clients, while at the same time, expands their influence to markets that have a lot of opportunities.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Gareth Henry moved to America after he applied for the position with the Fortress Investment Group. Before he moved to the United States, he worked for several companies specializing in business and finance. After he graduated from the University of Edinburgh, he started to look for a job that could pay him a high salary. He found himself working for Watson Wyatt, as an analyst. It was his job to provide vital statistics for the company and analyze market trends that can affect the company’s performance. He worked here for less than three years and transferred to SEI Investments where he stayed as an investment manager. He stayed here for a year before moving to Schroders Plc, where he was promoted as the company’s director for strategic solutions. His experiences from these companies turned him into a valuable company asset, and the Fortress Investment Group made a good decision in hiring him. To know more about him click here.

When he reached the United States, Gareth Henry immediately showed his strengths and weaknesses, demonstrating his strategies on how the company would succeed in foreign markets. He checked the company’s performance in Europe and the Middle East and formulated his approach on how they can reach more clients. Through creative thinking, Gareth Henry was able to develop new techniques that attracted a lot of investors and business people. Through his determination to succeed, the Fortress Investment Group managed to build their stronghold in Europe and the Middle East.

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Jason Hope Dishes On Improvements To The Airline Industry

Traveling on an airplane is a wonderful opportunity that allows anyone to see new lands, visit distant relatives, and so much more. It can be a fun and exciting experience, or a stressful and painstaking experience. Either way, there are new improvements coming to the airline industry that have to do with the Internet of Things. Jason Hope, entrepreneur, futurist, and technology enthusiast dishes on the benefits of implementing the Internet of Things into the airline industry. This includes, comfort, fuel efficiency, you baggage, safety, and customer service. Check out the cool ways inventors are kicking up your airline experience. Learn more about Jason Hope at

New technology created by GE Aviation make it possible to optimize fuel efficiency Jason Hope says. Data is collected, then analyzed to help save on fuel cost including several different factors. Since the world is becoming more environmentally-friendly, this is good news for our planet. They analysis terrain conditions, navigation routes, trajectory, and of course weather to save on fuel. When it comes to baggage, they have smart technology that allows passengers to know exactly where their baggage is. This will drastically reduce the amount of lost baggage. From dropping off baggage to receiving it, passengers can track it from their smart phones. There is also new technology that can route your bags to the nearest carousel to you. Often times, people have to get to the airport hours ahead of their flight to stand it line forever to get their ticket. With the Internet of Things, people can print out their ticket from their email 24 hours ahead of their flight, so they can bypass the long lines. They will also receive the seating arrangements at the same time so passengers will know their seat position. That really takes the stress out of flying!

Jason Hope believes this new technology also helps passengers at the airport. A wrist band or smart phone can alert the flyer whether they are walking in the wrong direction of their gate, or to book it so they don’t miss their flight. This can be incredibly helpful when people fly from a new and unfamiliar airport. Technology has created sensors on every part of the aircraft for safety reasons. They let personnel know about routine maintenance, how the airplane is performing, and so much more. They even have smart technology that checks on the safety of their life jackets. Jason Hope believes there are more innovations to come to the airline industry when it comes to the IoT.



Shervin Pishevar’s Tweetstorm Continues To Gain Traction In Reality

Bitcoin may be experiencing some issues, but according to financial experts like early Uber investor Shervin Pishevar, it may be headed for an upswing soon. While he predicts that the United States economy will fall a drastic amount, he still holds hope for the global economy. According to Shervin Pishevar, the United States’ tradition of isolationism will be largely responsible for the economic collapse.

Inflation is running rampant according to Pishevar. While the US may have been able to conceal just how bad it is becoming by essentially exporting the inflation elsewhere, the truth will soon be revealed. These predictions were released to the public by Shervin Pishevar during 50 consecutive Tweets. The 21-hour marathon that took place in February was the first that he had been seen on social media since December 2017. Truly a man of many words, these Tweets surprised even his closest followers.

While Bitcoin has been in the news lately for its substantial drop in price, Shervin Pishevar sees this turning around once the economy crashes. He believes that they will stay stable between the $2k and $5k mark before starting to rise steadily over 2 years. He also sees good things for the price of gold and expects it to rise as well. So while the Uber investor does have predictions indicating that the market will drop by thousands of points, he does see opportunities to see returns even before the economy rebounds.

In the case of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg admitted to using the data collected from users in an inappropriate way that was not agreed to. These types of abuses of power are quickly causing users to start losing their trust and potentially discontinuing the use of their services. Apple has also been in hot water over allegedly slowing down iPhones to encourage the purchase of newer models.

Since Shervin Pishevar released his Tweetstorm, his predictions have begun getting second looks by experts in the financial industry. Only weeks after his posting, the stock market did see a significant drop. With all of the similarities between reality and his predictions, his Tweetstoem may not be that far off from the truth.